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Peter & Joan's Adventures
2nd Apr 2018 - 8th Apr 2018 - Adventure before Dementia Tour
Catching up with the Bouldy Crew.

Easter Monday we packed up camp in Tallangatta and followed the Murray River east till we arrived at Walwa and set up on the grassy banks of the Murray River. We were in Walwa to celebrate the wedding of friends from Central Queensland who for reasons unknown to us had decided to get married in Walwa to coincide with the Man from Snowy River festival being held in nearby Corryong. It was easy for us as we were already in Victoria but a contingent of other friends and family were making there way down for the big day. Denis and Di, from Bouldy had arrived just ahead of us and were camped about six sites up from us. Next day Gordon and Dianne arrived, as did Mick & Elaine who were staying at the Uopper Murray Cottages.

Tuesday Denis, Di, Joan and I started exploring the area. First stop was the historic village of Tintaldra. These days just a hotel and the historic General Store which has been converted to a Devonshire Teahouse and Museum. We got to met the owner of the store, the very active 90 year old bush poet Betty Walton who gave us a personal tour and demonstration of the working pianola. From here we moved onto to Bluff Falls. A short walk to a lookout and and a few stairs to the base of the falls. Unfortunately there was only a trickle of water running so not very spectacular. We returned to camp for lunch before launching the kayak in the Murray. We paddled upstream as far as a rapid before drifting back to our camp. Di had a hot seat change with Joan and we then paddled downstream towards Jingellic. Once again progress was halted by the onset of rapids distinguishing our plan of making it to the Jingellic Hotel.

Wednesday was a quiet day around camp catching up with the rest of the Bouldy crew. That night we all gathered at the Bridge Hotel in Jingellic for a meal and a pre-wedding get together. Although tables had been pre-booked, the pub was not prepared and understaffed, so order taking and meal preparation was a little chaotic, but the food and night ended up very enjoyable.

Thursday was Jody and Peter’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception. Friday Denis, Di, Joan and I headed out again. This time for Corryong to check out the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival, the weekend that the population of this small town swells from 1,200 to an estimated 25,000. The two main events on that day were the re-enactment of the namesake poem and the afternoon street parade. After seeing the line up to the re-enactment site, the sea of caravans surrounding the town and camped on every available piece of flat ground, the number of people milling around the Information Centre and the street market we decided to abandon our festival ambitions and decided to check out nearby Khancoban, home of the ‘snowyhydro’ Murray Power stations and Visitor Centre. National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) advised Murray 1 was currently closed but Murray 2 was open. We enjoyed a tour of the hydro power station, before returning to Khancoban township for lunch and a stroll around the Khancoban Pondage and spill way.

Saturday was a casual day. We broke camp and followed Denis and Di from Walwa to Holbrook, visiting the Otway submarine before having coffee and saying our goodbyes. We headed for Gundagai and Denis and Di started for home, heading for Young that night. We booked into the River Caravan Park on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. Once settled we visited the Information Centre and did some shopping.

Sunday we got our bearings, visiting both the Southern and Northern lookouts, before visiting the Dog on the Tucker Box at Snake Gully ‘5 miles from Gundagai’. Got the opportunity to replicate a photo my dad took of me at this iconic location back in 1958. Also spent some time checking out the ‘managed historic ruins’ of the Prince Alfred Bridge (921m) and the similar looking and sized Railway Viaduct. Think we are going to enjoy Gundagai and the surrounding Riverina districts.

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Diary Photos

Happy hour wth Denis & Di, Murray River, Walwa

Betty Walton, bush poet, Tintaldra

Bluff Falls, Cudgewa

Peter & Joan kayaking on the Murray River

Some of the Bouldy crew getting together at Jingellic Hotel

Peter & Joan, ready for the wedding

Denis & Di, ready for the wedding

Joan & Peter, Man From Snowy River statue, Corryong

Di & Joan, Weir, Khancoban Pondage, Murray River

Otway submarine, Holbrook, ‘The submarine town’

Our vans parked behind park in Holbrook

What a difference 60 years make.

Rail bridge next to our caravan site, Gundagai

Sturt Memorial adjacent to our camp site, Gundagai

The two wooden bridges from the southern lookout. Foreground Prince Alfred Bridge. Background Railwa

Managed ruins of Prince Alfred Bridge

Under the Railway Viaduct. Refer vehicle bridge in background.

Welcome to Gundagai

The Rail viaduct Gundagai

Yarri & Jacky Jacky statue. Great rescue of 1852. Sheridan St, Gundagai

Dad, Dave, Mum & Mabel, Information Centre, Gundagai

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