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No Photos 22nd Jul 2018
The wine was oaky with light tannins and tasted of black cherries. The Rosso del Conte's richness an

At the most recent meeting of our wine tasting group the host strongly recommended this wine. As often the case, there's quite a history to this Italian vineyard. In the late Sixteenth Century Princess Margherita of Austria, the wife of Ottavio Farnese, bought the town of Ortona for 52,000 ducats. She had built a palace that remains uncompleted and "worked" in the vineyards. These vineyards are the source of today's wine. Talk about microclimate. The Farnese vineyards lie in the valley of the Moro River tucked in between Mount Maiella and the sea in the Abruzzi region of central Italy.I did see Beard Papa, offering a limited preview of their cream puffs (coming soon to Uwajimaya). Most interesting, though, was Henry's Bento. Henry, formerly at Rocking Wok, caught my eye with some spicy slow cooker beef and vegetable curry tendon that was a winner in terms of taste and texture. We'll be checking out his new store and passing along a report before too long.It would be best to utilize genuine spices instead of going for easy to prepare, commercially available curry powder or paste. This way, you will end up cooking a spicy beef curry dish that is especially flavorful and aromatic.Beer is popular in Louisiana. A general rule is to pair a heavier style beer with a heavy dish, like Jambalaya. Spicy food can affect your palate, not allowing you to enjoy subtle flavor pairings between your beverage and food. A couple of possible beer pairings to try include Dry Stouts and Porters with hearty stews, Pilsners with spicy shellfish dishes and IPAs with spicy slow cooker beef curry/chicken/shellfish dishes. If your recipe calls for beer as an ingredient, plan to use the same beer you plan to drink with the meal.White eggplants are smaller and have firmer flesh than the purple eggplant. Their firmness makes them ideal for stuffing beef curry dinner party roasting. White eggplants have a very tough skin that needs to be removed before cooking.No wonder authentic Indian curry recipes are the most sought after. You can easily cook and enjoy many scrumptious curry recipes in my ebook. I have complied a great selection of great tasting curry recipes and will let you in some culinary secrets every food lover must know. Enjoy!

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