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22nd May 2010 - 23rd May 2010
Finding Nemo

Discovering a cute little family of four clown fish in a fluffy sea anemone on the reef just off the small close-to-Jakarta island I like to frequent was just the beginning of a great weekend. Along with being able to photograph these cute little fish, I was also able to take pictures of many other underwater delights, underwater photography being a new fun addition to my snorkelling and diving hobby. It was also great fun exploring the reef around the smaller adjacent island which included the sighting of a little eel and a bigger stingray. Then there was the deliciously spectacular table coral which stretched for kilometres along the coral reef where we snorkelled on the Sunday morning boat trip. Such a gorgeous expanse of unspoilt, radiant and alive coral is a rare treat to see. The one not-so-nice thing to find on this little snorkelling trip was an overabundance of the pretty-on-the-outside-but-evil-on-the-inside Crown of Thorn Starfish, a species which have been imported to the area and have the potential to slowly kill the entire gorgeous reef. We did endeavour to clear some of them, but this is a task that will take vigilance and close monitoring to ensure the starfish don’t destroy everything that makes the region so amazing to explore.

On land, other wonderful things were also found. Some great new Jakartan friends were made, for a start. There was also an abundance of laughter, sunshine, beers, delicious food and a little sunset party that led to all sorts of night-time shenanigans happening, all ready for the taking (and not so difficult to find at all!). I also found myself happily engaged in two completely relaxing and worry-free days to enjoy what I love most about life, and to remind me why I work hard each day and what it takes to pursue my dreams.

I really do feel like I have discovered more than a weekend getaway on my regular jaunt out of town, and it’s now more than a place to take my visiting friends. The small little island has become a place where ideas are discussed and formed, where new friendships are made, where dreams are hatched and beliefs are based. My little island getaway never disappoints me and the community that is developing there excites me. As always I can hardly wait to go back to find what else there is there to discover and explore.

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Diary Photos
22nd May 2010  Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo

22nd May 2010  A whole family of four- so cute!
A whole family of four- so cute!

22nd May 2010  Me snorkelling

22nd May 2010  Lunch- nom nom!
Gazpacho, salad with mango dressin, tofu and potato bake

22nd May 2010  The beach on the small island

22nd May 2010  Clam

22nd May 2010  Snorkelling friends

22nd May 2010  Snorkelling

22nd May 2010  Prett fish and corals

22nd May 2010  Spectacular underwater scene

22nd May 2010  Corals of all shapes, colours and sizes

22nd May 2010  Under the sea

22nd May 2010  Sunlight stream

22nd May 2010  Soft starfish

22nd May 2010  Sunset

22nd May 2010  Sunset party

23rd May 2010  Sunday snorkel trip

23rd May 2010  An abundance of table coral

23rd May 2010  An abundance of table coral

23rd May 2010  Starfish

23rd May 2010  An abundance of table coral

23rd May 2010  An abundance of table coral

23rd May 2010  Clearing away the evil Crown of Thorn Starfish

23rd May 2010  Crown of Thorns Starfish
It looks pretty but do not be deceived of its evil powers- destroyer of coral reefs

23rd May 2010  Angel Fish

23rd May 2010  Living aquarium

23rd May 2010  Pretty coral garden

23rd May 2010  Fish saying hello

23rd May 2010  More fish and coral

23rd May 2010  Marie in the sea

23rd May 2010  Marie and me

23rd May 2010  Me in the sea

23rd May 2010  Lunch- nom nom nom
Gado Gado, eggplant bake, spicy green and carrot soup

23rd May 2010  Bye Bye til next time and new discoveries!

23rd May 2010  Me and Marie

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