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The Meaning of Life Explained
Abby and Sean's occasional meanderings through the World searching for the Holy Grail of enlightenment, or a good dinner.
Our latest 5 diary entries

23rd Oct 2017 - 25th Oct 2017
Iki Masho!
Konnichiwa Mina-san i.e. Good afternoon everyone – Yes, this is a belated series of blog postings for the trip to Japan that Abby and I took in October 2017.  Those of you who hang out on Facebook will r...
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11th Nov 2016 - 14th Nov 2016
The Lucky Country
One of Australia's monikers is "The Lucky Country", originally applied sarcastically in political circles back in the 60s(?), it's come to represent the sunny climate and, generally, sunny disp...
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8th Nov 2016 - 11th Nov 2016
Save the Little Devils in Middle Earth!
Most of you likely only know the Tasmanian Devil from the Warner Brothers cartoons but they are alive, if not well, in Tasmania today.  Since the extinction of the marsupial Tasmanian Tiger in 1936 the devil ...
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3rd Nov 2016 - 7th Nov 2016
Brothers and Sons
The next stop on the trek is Melbourne, Victoria, East of Adelaide, South Australia by about 725km.  Although Sydney is the iconic Aussie city, Melbourne has claims on being the cenr of culture, business, spo...
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31st Oct 2016 - 2nd Nov 2016
Koala Kuddling Time
Our time in the bush is over for now as it's time to fly down to Adelaide in South Australia to meet up with brother Des arriving from London and to visit niece Angela and her husband Mick.It's a big change ...
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