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17th Sep 2017
Day 10
Day 10 - Tianmen Mountain & Cable car - Special temple blessing (17/9)So today we are going to the top of the big mountain which completely enclosses Zhangjiajie city.We began as usual at breakfast which was mor...
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16th Sep 2017
Day 9
Day 9 - Zhangjiajie - Avatar mountains (16/9)So we arrive in Zhangjiajie at 6:15am having very little, broken sleep, there was a guy in the next cubicle down from us who was snoring very heavily.We hit the ground ...
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15th Sep 2017
Day 8
Day 8 overnight train to Zhengjiajie (15/9) So today we were boarding another over night traing to Zhengjiajie - say it with me, Zheng (jang) Jia (jaah) Jie (jay). Zhengjiajie.. Our train wasnt until 9:30...
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14th Sep 2017
Day 7 - Daoist Monk - Wot no electric !! :o
Day 6 Daoist Monk. Wot no electic!?This morning we woke early showered and readied our day bags and went straight down for breakfast. The choices in this hotel for breakfast were somewhat limited, compared to the B...
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13th Sep 2017
Day 5 Wudang Mountains
Day 5 Wudang.Before i begin todays blog, it occured to me, whilst writing todays blog that i'd completely missed something (And i dont quite know how i forgot) but it's definintely something that cannot be...
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