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25th Sep 2017
Day 18 - First full day in HK
Day 18 - 25/9So Today is our first day in Hong Kong, After getting back last night we arranged to meet in the lobby at 10:30 so we had a bit of a lie in which felt very luxurious, didn't even bother to set an ...
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24th Sep 2017
Day 17
Day 17 - 24/9 Leaving China.So today we are leaving China there’s only a few more days before our trip is over (booo) but we are heading for the beautiful harbour town of Hong Kong.Before i go into todays blog...
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23rd Sep 2017
Day 16
Day 16  - (23/9) T.V. Debut in China, Hong Kong & Usa Tv Documentory. Learning Double daggers So today’s the BIG day, the opening of the school, well no, not the school but the rest of it exc...
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22nd Sep 2017
Day 15
Day 15  22/9 First day of trainin with Sigung Mark Hougton. Long hard slog! So today as you might recall from yesterdays blog we are in a place steeped in Chinese Kung Fu history, a place called FoShan, ...
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21st Sep 2017
Day 14.
Day 14 Cheng Du to Foshan. (21/9)So this morning we had substantial lie in, we decided last night as today we were flying out of cheng du we'd have a bit of a lie in, so we all met down at the car park at...
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