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welcome to currently getting up at 5 am, to get to work for a 6am start, to sell pork pastry products to the unhealthy and undeserving, so forgive me if im a little tetchy! leave me a message, and if i can manage to stay up later than 9.30 pm i might get back to you.
My latest 5 diary entries

19th Jan 2018
Inside the zone.
so what kind of people go on holiday to ukraine, just so they can visit chernobyl you may ask yourself....well let me tell you. men in their 50s...and the odd crazy woman like me. of the 14 people on the trip. only...
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4th Jan 2018
10th january
​i have always loved hogmanay, and the new year celebrations, because, to me, they seemed optimistic, and i suppose hedonistic...leave all the old rubbish behind and lets just begin anew. look forward, not b...
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19th Nov 2017
Oh, yes, you best did!
​so...after all the negative ranting, i thought i would ameriorate the blog, by all my pet loves of the moment. actually, is that a real saying...'pet loves'. probably not unless it involves 1000 photos...
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17th Nov 2017
so how much time do you have to listen to my pet hates right now...the things that drive me MAD! ok, so you have a sock drawer to sort can do that later.....1. ok....when did it become acceptable not to s...
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5th Nov 2017
yes, we are well into the months that end in 'burrrrr!!!', and while we had an unseasonably warm october, with temperatures of about 14 C, it has now plummeted, and if you are going out to see guy ...
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