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Travelling Harfields
2017 - May I brag... Australia, New Zealand, China, 2 trips to CA, 4 trips to Washington DC , closed up our home and my Mothers home in England, took a trip to 'The Heads' to find that South Dakota was my favourite Dakota, watched Keith create a totally new show, made trips to Delaware and Boston and most importantly celebrated the birth of our 3rd grand-daughter. What a year and still #eccentricbutmature. Thank you to many for making it possible.
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3rd Feb 2018
Happy Birthday to Me!
There is so much rubbish on social media!  What makes us think others can enjoy our meal just from a picture?  Can we really make a worthwhile political point using a few characters?  As for...
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14th Nov 2017
A front-row seat to history - Washington DC - November 2017
Dear Interested Reader, LOOK AT THIS BLOG – I have been wittering on since 2009 some would say I’ve been wittering on for longer, but we don’t talk to those folk!It has...
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29th Oct 2017
The Last Pair of Shoes - October 2017
Dear Blog  We are at the end and so here is the last pair of shoes that I took on this 4 week tour that has taken us from Michigan, via Omaha NE; Castle Rock, Frisco and Denver CO; on to Sacramento,...
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27th Oct 2017
2nd and 3rd pair of shoes - Magic Castle - October 2017
Dear Blog2 pairs in one blog post!Here we are at the Magic Castle in Hollywood performing 3 shows a night, with various costume changes,  change of shoes (here is the tentative link to the shoe title) and perf...
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19th Oct 2017
6. Only 4 pairs of shoes left - Flipflops - must be California
Dear BlogThe 4th pair of shoes for this 4 week tour is of course THE FLIPFLOP.And why would I be wearing these?  Because we have reached California baby…(said with my best British accent)I wrote abo...
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