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We make a nice party amongst other things
Our latest 5 diary entries

5th Nov 2017 - JT11-Warsaw,WeCame,WeConquered
Into the ghetto
After 11 years of touring we are back in the country where it all started in the long, hot summer of 2007, Poland.As always this part of the world doesn’t disappoint in terms of pig based meals, strong beer...
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3rd Nov 2017 - JT11-Warsaw,WeCame,WeConquered
The Second Decade Starts Here
So here we are 11 years young and ready to board our budget airline towards eastern Europe once again. Things have changed a bit over the years and the whip has even stretched to extra legroom seats. Our first cla...
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20th Nov 2016 - 21st Nov 2016 - JT10 - Touring Decadence
Forgive me father for I have sinned......'s been 10 years since my last confession and I don't know where to start.      Let's begin with your most recent sins my son and we can go from there. Ok well we awake in Leipzig to the familia...
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19th Nov 2016 - JT10 - Touring Decadence
Logistics. It's All about Logistics
10 years on and we are still going strong. A lot has changed in that time. . the jeans we wore in Munich are a touch tighter, the world has voted to hate each others differences instead of enjoying them, hostels a...
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18th Nov 2016 - JT10 - Touring Decadence
A decade of this and that.....
Russell Square, London.  2007. "The only promise I'll make ya is you'll arrive in one country and leave from another, the only condition is there's no questions asked...." "I'm in...." Who'd have t...
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