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The trials and tribulations of MOLI - as Mike, Oscar, Louise and Isobel voluntarily (!!!!) determine whether they can survive eachother sailing from Melbourne to Whitsundays and back in 6 months!!!!
Our latest 5 diary entries

14th May 2017
What I love!
So despite my 'What is driving me B@tshit' entry, there is no doubt that so far this experience has been pretty awesome (I'll ignore the fact that I had just finished writing this entry and the kids sta...
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No photos
11th May 2017
What has suprised me!!
1.  How much this is like backpacking!There's lots of travel time (although often complimented by great scenery or experiences - refer to radioactive dolphins viewed during night sail from Refuge Cove to Ed...
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7th May 2017
What is driving me b@tshit!!!
OK - so let's immediately dispel the notion that this experience is all about calm seas, blue skies, champagne sailing with dolphins bounding out of sparkling turquoise waves near the bow every morning an...
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3rd May 2017
Horror Stories List One
So, part of the social life of cruising is the sharing of horror stories!  It's kind of like when someone has something that smells really bad and says "Hey...smell this!!".  You don't want to, and you know you ...
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27th Apr 2017
Eden - East Boyd Bay
The Eden ShuffleSnug Cove, which is the wharf at Eden, is not protected from Southerlies.  The locals say they don't even need to check the weather on occasions.  If they see heaps of boats leaving from Snug Cov...
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