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No Photos 20th Jul 2012
Where can i buy AutoCAD LT 2013 for PC with cheapest price

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AutoCAD LT 2013 for PC New Features

1.Document ideas: Document your ideas and designs more accurately with a comprehensive set of 2D drafting and detailing tools
2.Collaborate with others: Create files with genuine DWG technology and share your work with colleagues and clients
3.Increase productivity: With a consistent focus on drafting productivity and intuitive interaction, AutoCAD LT is built for efficient design documentation

Why no TOC (table of contents) in the help system?

What is the rationale for removing a TOC from the help system in AutoCAD 2013? I recently went to the online version of the help to get a feeling for the new release. I was disappointed that the TOC had been removed. Over my 22 years of using AutoCAD, I usually start by going to a category in the TOC then narrowing my search; especially if I don't know the exact command or variable to take care of the problem at hand. With this new configuration that can't be done, you have to know the exact command / variable you need ahead of time.

It seems that with each new release; more of the useful features are getting removed, and more fluff is getting added to replace them. This is a truly disturbing trend in modern software. Just because it is wonderful to a team of people who created the software doesn't mean its good for the end user.

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AutoCAD 2013 is approaching the Finish Line

It's always so exciting when the next release of AutoCAD arrives - I feel like a kid at Christmas as I unwrap all the new shiny features. I thought I'd share a general overview of some of the new features you'll be seeing in AutoCAD 2013. More to come of course!

Command Line:
You Command Line fans will love the new modern enhancements to the UI. Now you can control the color and transparency of the command line. Float the undocked command line (which defaults to a single row) above the AutoCAD drawing window. You'll notice that the semi-transparent prompt history (displays up to 50 lines) doesn’t affect the drawing area.


Array Enhancements:
AutoCAD 2012 really knocked it out of the park with the new Associative Arrays. AutoCAD 2013 will take them a bit further by showing objects in a pattern faster, and with more handy grips.


The Hatch Editor ribbon tab now allows you to select more than one hatch object at a time.

In-Canvas Property Preview
Dynamical check out object properties as you select them (including transparency)! Get the right property value every time!

Point Clouds
Point Clouds can now be easily attached and managed from the External Reference Manager. The Attach Point Cloud dialog box now provides a preview and more detailed information.

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