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News from Bright Ayes
16th Dec 2012  A view from the top of the cliff
The pool into which we jumped begins on the lower left of this photo. To the right of the large rock was a hot-tub of foaming bubbling water created by the rock restricting the water from the waterfall. We found that after jumping, we could sit on the rock and recover from the adrenaline rush before swimming down river. Lisa’s sidekick also showed us that if you got into the hot tub, you could swim under the rock and emerge below it in the pool. Our daughter Kris, a self-proclaimed non-jumper, was unable to summon the courage to leap from the cliff, as the rest of us, all in our 50’s and 60’s, did. She was a bit embarrassed as she carefully climbed down the cliff into the water and sat on the rock. Then, she decided to get into the hot tub. One second she was there, and the next she had been sucked under the rock to emerge on the other side. No one questioned her courage after that move, which was completely unintentional!
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