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No Photos 1st Feb 2016
Microsoft Edge is storing your InPrivate browsing history

BURGEONING ORWELLIAN nightmare corporation Microsoft has once again been found lacking in the security department, this time for the new and improved Edge browser in Windows 10.It turns out that Microsoft Edge's InPrivate browsing mode, the original 'buying presents for your wife' tool that was definitely never designed for online onanism, has been shown so far as being neither 'in' nor 'private'.Security researcher Ashish Singh has discovered that, instead of wiping browsing data as soon as the private window is closed, the information is stored in the browser's webcache file. In other words, anyone looking at the container_n table used to store web history will be able to see exactly how many packs of tissues and hand lotion the user is getting his wife for her birthday."Plenty of artefacts are maintained by the browser, which makes examination quite easy. However, there are stages where evidence is not so easy to find. The not-so-private browsing featured by Edge makes its very purpose seem to fail," explained Singh.It's not the first time that birthday-wife-mode has failed. A bug was discovered recently that stopped Incognito mode in Google's Chrome browser working properly if used with an Nvidia graphics chip, although Nvidia has since made it clear that the fault doesn't lie with its hardware.Some users, on the other hand, might be lying with their hardware. Different thing.Chrome's Incognito service borked altogether in 2013, and a similar thing happened to Firefox in 2010.Anyhow, Microsoft confirmed to The Verge: "We recently became aware of a report that claims InPrivate tabs are not working as designed and we are committed to resolving this as quickly as possible."What is slightly worrying about this is that the statement is recent, but Singh's findings date back to October 2015, meaning that the system has been broken for a long time.We know at The INQUIRER how much wives love to get surprises on their anniversaries and, as such, this breaks our hearts.In the meantime, if in doubt use another browser, or a VPN, or an anonymity engine, or don't look at pictures of nudey ladies, or don't buy your wife an anniversary present. [embedded content]

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