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Betty Wright (31st Aug 2017)
Loch Lomond
Enjoyed the bits about Edinburgh and Loch Lomond. Scotland is on my list but not sure when - maybe when I quit going to SE Asia. LL sounds and looks so much like our Cape Breton here in Nova Scotia. When are you going to come west to see our part of the world?
Chris and Viv (20th Apr 2017)
Blog back in Service!
Confirming that I just received your final blog in China. Got a bit of back-reading to do
If we don't catch up in UK in Jul/Aug - will see you out here, next year!
Chris and viv.
Betty Wright (15th Apr 2017)
Wonderful Post
This was a great description of your travels. Your trek sounds absolutely horrendous. Bravo for even giving it a try. I would have quit long before you did. Hard to admit that maybe our age is catching up with us, eh? BTW, you certainly deserved the splurge at MaiLu's.

Betty Wright (7th Apr 2017)
Great Pictures
Your people pictures are fantastic.
Betty Wright (4th Apr 2017)
Loved this article on your adventures in China. Oddly enough, I think I would like to give it a try. Had a 5 hour layover in Guangzhou on my way from Bangkok to Rome and was impressed with the people who worked there and the airport itself. It all had a good vibe. I can see where it's the language which is the biggest problem, but you seem to be handling it all very well.
Betty (11th Mar 2017)
You certainly have captured this part of Thailand well. I could relate to the trip you took up to Mae Salong as I had the same problem, and I only had a day to visit. Yes, Thailand is always great to return to. I just got back from Viet Nam and even though I love the Viet Namese, it's always more hectic than here.
Aditya Raj Kapoor (10th Mar 2017)
Hey guys
nice reading and knowing that you both are well. am still in mumbaii chasing visas. maybe will leave by may halk now. will take it as it cmes
'love from both of us!!!
Susan Holmes (15th Feb 2017)
Smarty pants/pescador
Great to hear about shack life! Brought it all back .Saw your photo on FB winning the quiz at the Mahal (along with 2 of our neighbours from our Zen days! We also know Beatrice (Frenchy) and her bloke as we stayed next door to them at Zen ! She'd just met him our last time there so good to know the romance is still on! Although they sound like an old married couple now !! Oh and the frustrations of the elections and dry days, we remember them well.Having a beer out of a tea cup lol. Happy Days ???
Enjoy the rest of your travels x
Betty Wright (24th Nov 2016)
Thanks for the exciting albeit frustrating story on your search for money in India. Travelling isn't as easy as it used to be. After all our tales of woe, the one thing among many that I've learned is "ya gotta have a sense of humour" which you both seem to have.
Graham Wright (24th Nov 2016)
This is one of your best blogs. Very informative. But why now would a tourist go to India if they cannot get cash from the ATM which is a must for travelers. Question if you have a credit card are you able to use. Spending my usual Winter in Florence with concerts and operas and red wine. Betty off to Chang Mai and Viet Nam . The tourist industry in India must be dropping faster then a block of cement from a 10 story building.