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Christina's Life - Living it!
5th Oct 2011 - 17th Oct 2011 - Med 2011
Fantastic Final Fling …. Heading Home!

We weren’t wrong about the med winds not being in our favour – such a shame we couldn’t have carried on down the Moroccan coast but as we still had an easterly wind blowing we decided to cross the 40 miles north to mainland Spain heading for Benalmadena, but whoops who forgot we were in tidal waters again??!! So, battling wind and tide, with of course lot’s more amazing dolphins, exciting flying fish and all types of boats and ships travelling with us we eventually made it to Marbella, 20 miles down the coast from where we were headed – Oh well best layed plans and all that, but how lovely Marbella was. We arrived with the setting sun, lot’s of cobbled streets and alleyways, beautiful shops and plaza’s full of orange trees and at only 8 euros per night we should’ve stayed more than one but Philip was keen to get Amy back to Almerimar before the weather turned (or was it the World cup rugby calling!!) so after a late dinner and a very early start we carried on east another 40 miles.

We had the most wonderful sunrise with the sun, a golden ball nestling on the horizon and the sea so calm it was like glass – so so beautiful. No wind at all today and the sea so calm – where was that forecasted south-westerly wind?? More motor sailing needed to do the distance, heading for Valez but we arrived by 4pm so decided to continue on and see how far we would get. Another interesting fishing day too – whoops, twice the fish and the tackle were gone …. Once a seagull dived down and cut my line and the 2nd time it was a big catch, we did find out later there are lots of fishes with big teeth so a wire traces are needed to land them - Ooh not happy … this fishing lark is getting expensive, however within an hour dinner was landed – 2 good size, beautiful green and yellow fish – not sure if they were horse mackerel or Llampua but hey whatever they were they tasted delicious!

We stopped overnight on anchorage – oh what a treat after so many marinas. It was beautiful, although to start with very noisy where a hill fire was raging and helicopters and planes were circling, dropping gallons and gallons of water – fascinating to see. We enjoyed a lovely swim and snorkel just before sundown and of course our fresh fish dinner.

The next morning was our last sail of the year – heading the 50miles to Almerimar and again how beautiful it was – hot hot sunshine, not a cloud in the sky – still no wind but we couldn’t complain and the sea so calm, like glass - we could see the dolphins so clearly swimming alongside and diving around us – just magical.

We’ve now been in Almerimar a week; getting Amy all cleaned and sorted to leave for the next few months. Sails off and round to the sail makers for titivating, engine all serviced by Philip, washing done and Amy all clean and shipshape. We’ve had a week of partying too – met so many lovely people – visited lot’s of great bars & restaurants – listened to amazing live music, a good time had by all and now, well just the weekend left and we’ll be home on Monday night – so excited to see you all, looking forward to our big bed, a bath, a game of golf, ooh and my own washing machine too!!

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Diary Photos

Is is a whale we spot??

Moving along nicely

Dolphin splash

Ship Ahoy ... beautiful sailing on by

Flying fishes

Golden ball sunrise

Radiant reflection

A whapping pair!

Llampua - delicious

Anchoring sunset

Sunset on anchor

Leaving our last anchorage

Sailing into the sunrise

How clear is this water with wonderful dolphins

Clear view of dolphins

Clear view of dolphins 2

Dolphins on their way

Tranquility with dolphins nearby

Sun setting over Almerimar

Diary Movies

Dolphins on the nose

Final sail for 2011

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