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Comers Corner
No Photos 19th Mar 2017
Radio star in Kuala Lumpur

So today was one of those random days where things happen that you just don’t expect to happen.  It started with the mundane.  Pris has hired a car for our road trip around Malaysia as her car is 18 years old and she doesn’t trust it to get to  around the whole country.  Car safely delivered, we headed for breakfast at Indian restaurant called Banana leaf which essentially serves a thali.  Really tasty! From there is was on to the shopping mall so I could exchange a bit more money (the airport rate isn’t great) and we could stock up on items like insect repellent for our travels.

Priscilla then hd to meet some friends who were doing a live facebook broadcast.  Fro 20 years Pris used to present the traffic reports on radio for Kuala Lumpur and she was very successful at it.  Her two friends, JJ and Rudy were two of the top DJ’s on Malaysian radio.  As we drove to the bar it started to rain, really heavily! Fortunately we found a parking spot just outside the bar and we were able to dash across the road.  We got there just for the end of the broadcast, when JJ spotted Priscilla and invited her up for a chat extending the show.  Within a few minutes they had moved on to travel, Pris mentioned over landing (she has done two trips since her first with me in Bolivia in 2013), and before I knew it I was invited up tot jin them.  Completely unprepared I managed to answer questions about Dragoman for five minutes without once mentioning adventure travel!  The guys were keen to know offer advice on how to travel safely to single women, so Dragoman got a good plug! 

Excitement over, we headed to a different bar called the Lock up, where the door is hidden as a wall of lockers, but it has a really good atmosphere inside once you’ve worked out how to get in.  I met some more of Priscilla’s friends, and then we headed back to the apartment and loaded the hire car ready for an early start in the morning.  Dinner was at some local food stalls, chicken satay with peanut sauce which was yummy!  Pris then realised that I still hadn’t really seen any of the sights of Kuala Lumpur, so we went for an evening city tower when the traffic was quiet to see the impressive twin towers and the Kuala Lumpur tower.  It’s a very modern high rise city.

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