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Comers Corner
No Photos 1st Apr 2017
Coconut caves

We went for an 8.00am start, heading away from Penang and down to Gopeng to visit the ‘Coconut caves’.  It turned out that there were four tours available, and we only had the time to do the shortest tour.  The others actually involved follow the caves rivers and look really good.  We satisfied ourselves with a 45 minute walk into the cave which turned out to be quite spectacular, with a soaring roof and towering stalactites and stalagmites.  Again, this was a place that Pris has never visited and we were both impressed, and left wishing we had the time to explore the cave a little more.  We did see a big monitor lizard crossing the road as we were leaving though!

The day was basically a long drive, from Penang to Melaka, and the weather was pretty bad so it was a good day to be travelling.  It also turned out to be a good day to leave Penang, as we discovered later in the day that they have had heavy rain, flash floods, and some people are cut off!  Yet again, I have narrowly stayed ahead of a natural incident.

We reached our guesthouse just outside Melaka at 5.30pm, and after a quick shower we headed into town to find some food and to visit the weekend night market on Jonker Street.  All I can say is that it was like being transported back to China, busy but not quite as pushy.  Street food, squeaking dog toys, cheap watches, charging units, T-shirts, children’s toys, you name it, they have it.  We found a Malaysian cafe to have some food, but when the call to prayer started they switched off the music in respect, and only restarted it once the prayers had finished.  It is the first time I have come across that in Malaysia.  There is also a Hindu temple, next tot a mosque, next to a Chinese temple, all on the same street which just proves that different religions can co-exist side by side, although it is rare even in Malaysia where the different religions and cultures tend to be very segregated into their own areas.

Back at the guesthouse, we headed out to the beach for a nightcap (I’m down to tonic water as the gin has gone!) and enjoyed a spectacular lightening display which was out over the sea.  Unfortunately it started raining which was the end of my sober party, as I sought refuge in my bed.

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