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D'arte e Farty
16th Jun 2017
Bologna, the hot

Man it is hot here.  The temperature stays hot day and night and it is a city without air conditioning or user friendly  public transport so it's walk or else. So hot. Hard to be a free ranging tourist without loving a steady 35 or so     It is not a tourist city so there is little English but it is a city that is confident in what it is   It has a strong sense of identity and confidence in its strengths    And it has many strengths    Like it's wonderful library with the best chairs for casual computer use that I have seen   Boy they are good    And the library is built on the foundations of 1st to 3 rd Roman foundations    In fact bologna is a seriously historic city, with a gothic style which is ancient    Their university is the oldest ever and their anatomy hall dates back to the 1600,s  it's a really old, proud   We went to a photo exhibition of the city which showed the city from the start of photog until now    European cities have some complex history, especially the bombing an War and through fascist periods. Hard take in

The only seriously air conditioned spaces are the major chain  stores like Zara, H&M etc so you can see how major chains take over the world  . The coolest I have been all day is in a clothing place 

Anyway sorry to be so superficial. The food an wine culture is wonderful so that is a real evening  bonus to go out to eat The food an wine here are wow. It's a non fast food culture so the people look healthy and good food is a given. Their food is a joy and so lean and un saucy. The quality is in the ingredients.  They don't mess with them too much. 

Anyway I am at rambling stage, so that will do

Arrivadeci from Bologna  

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Diary Photos

War memorial with photos of those involved

The bologna library which has only been a library since 2010.

Under the library floor there are roman ruins dating back to the 1st century. Amazing

Roman ruins under library

Glass floor which is the floor of the library with the ruins below


Brilliant chair designed as a desk chair for computers at the bologna library

Artwork at the contemporary art gallery


Great ceilings

The university medical room dating from 1500s

Part of the university medical building of the Middle Ages


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