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24th Nov 2014
Day 5 - indian martial arts training begins!

Day 5 - Training Begins

Prior to sandy leaving yesterday we had arranged that we would leave around 09:15 to be there for 10 as it was about a 35 minute drive, leaving ten minutes for traffic etc

I woke up to the sound of chirping crickets, it was my doorbell.. Oh no! I havent overslept, not today, the previous night, i had tried to email kev to get my blogs over but i couldnt seem to send it snd he couldnt seem to receive, no matter how many times i tried. 

We decided together, as time was passing by that i would upload directly if i could, as i wasnt having any trouble getting on to get jealous, i just found i wasnt receiving any mail. Strange ! I did try a number of methods like going onto hotmail, and yahoo (as i have both) website rather than the app, in hope it would function correctly, alas to no avail.

I uploaded the previous days events to get jealous, but their website is kind of annoying, very annoying. Once you upload, it seems to take all the paragraphs out, and make it one big long paragraph. I had been very lazy with my grammar, focusing on the details, as i knew kev would pick up on every mistake, correcting punctuality and making sure the story read ok, as sometimes i would insert a paragraph when i realised that i'd missed something integeral to the story. 

I read thru aftrr first uploading, and when we got to the markets and kapaparums it didnt make much sense... Oh no kev, HELP! This is a disaster i thought! I tried to edit the story online on the website.. And the app! 

You could easily change the words no trouble, after clicking edit on the page then overtyping, but each time i clicked save having spent quite a while re-jigging the paragraphs and the words within, to make them compute correctly! 

After doing this several times i began to get very frustrated as it seemed no matter what i tried, it always failed. I was up very late trying to sort it, hence i slept thru both of the alarms i had set to wake me up.

I opened the door, having first wrapped a towel around me, apologised to sandy as i had got straight out of bed yo the door, i told him i would be about 5 minutes and i went back inside to turn the shower on,

It was a good job he had come slightly earlier than arranged as we initially said 09:15 but the, ever punctual, sandy had arrived 15 mins early, so there was still no rush he assured me before the door had fully closed.

I jumped in the shower. Wondering whether todays shower would be nice, waay to hot, or basically too cold to shower in. I placed my hand under the stream of water and it was waaay too hot, scalding. 

I had a bit of an idea, at that moment. Because next to the bath, on the wall there is a seperate shower head with its own tap. I'll try this one i thought, leaving the rain-head shower running, as i opened the tap, the pressure from the rain head shower diminished momentarily as the water was diverted to the other shower head but once it was upto full pelt the rain head shower came back into action, 

Now the water had turned cold in the rain head shower but the other showr head was coming out scalding hot, underneath the cold shower i stood, with the second shower head above me too.. With the two shower heads togethet it made a perfect compliment tempering the water to perfection.

Fan-bloody-tastic, what a break through, i then noticed the temperatures swap over, so i was able to re-locate the hand held shower back on its holster for a moment whilst i added shampoo to my hair, which is becoming lighter and lighter (in colour) each day.

As i stepped back under the stream of water, Both shower heads were at a very nice warm temperatue. Great i thought if i use both i have a perfect shower, thru one way or another, either using the one to cool/warm the other, or waiting until they both stableise.

I finished washing myself, brushed my teeth combed my hair and put my contact lenses in. I can train in my glasses but occasionally they get knocked off, so took them out of the equasion.

I jumped into some clothes, i wondered whether i would be doing it in trainers or barefoot. I wasnt taking any chances, i took my most comfy trainers and after uploading socks to my feet, i put my trainers on and with that we left. 

I was telling sandy of the troubles i'd encountered with email and how i was up till nearly 3am trying to rectify the problem. Is it ok, your story, he asked me. No it's a right mess i said, bits of the story not reading it correctly, 

He said, can you not edit the story on the website to make it better, him knowing just how much the story means to me, as i have been explainjng to him, i always try to write a journal when i go travelling. I explained the situation to him regarding the website, and he offered me a golden nugget of an idea. Why dont u correct the story in its original format (ie. Notes on my phone) then re-upload it, he said. In his pigeon english. 

What an amazing idea i thought! I could do this, this would potentially rectify all the problems i was having long term, saving me the need to re-edit when i get home.

Sorted! Thats what i shall do i told myslelf. What a good idea too, hadnt thought of this myslelf.

All the way to the house where i was to begin my training, sandy was sounding his horn as he drove merrily along, each time a slight smirk washed accross his face, as he was clearly happy to have a working horn. 

Anyway we were en-route to my training and upon our arrival, we climb the concrete stairs to the flat roof, incdentally the stairs going upto the next level were not complete, it reminded me again of being in greece where they build one floor then leave all the structure in place for the next floor to be added at a latet stage, perhaps when funds allow or maybe just when there's time, out of season etc.

The first thing we did was what i likened to a bow in Kung fu! In stead of the 'right palm meets left fist' as i do in kung fu, we touched the floor with both hands as if stretching our legs, then returned to an upright position with our hands in a prayer position. Then lifting the left leg and touching the soul of the foot with the right hand. We spun around and did the same again. 

Then we began. The first thing i was to learn, was similar to my first set (form, kata etc depending upon which style you train, we call them 'sets', so from now on i shall relate them as a 'set' 

So the fist set was similar to one of my sets but completely different also. You will have to watch the videos as i shall upload them later and its way to difficult to explain. 

The training went on for 2 hours in the warm indian sun, typical i thought, for it to be really hot and sunny when i needed it to be cool. Oh well never mind, my t-shirt turning more and more sodden with each technique i was shown.

We were practicing on a concrete floor in barefoot, but all over the floor was a mossy residue, which got everyhwere, in between my toes up my legs, backs of my knees, as some of the techniques require you to stamp on the back of the knee-pit, forcing the assailant / enemy to the floor, simmililarly to how we do in kung fu also.

I have to say the training was superb, very very similar techniques to kung fu, but with different movements making each technique more complicated for me to learn, having to re-train my footwork according to their rules, forgetting momentarily the ways ive been learning for the last 8 years. #noteasy

I ate up as much as i could of what ajith, and a friend of his, who had come to assist in my training, had shown me. His friend occasionally doing the steps with me so i could watch the feet. Occasionally holding me at the end when i was in some kind of lock to ensure i didnt become injured. 

It was very good and again a similar format in the way we work. Always making sure the student, your training with, grasps the technique without injury.

I was very comfortable training like this as i quickly realised they wanted me to grasp it quickly, it reminded me a bit of the 'chi-nah' and 'dim-mak' seminars i've done in england with the kung fu legends i have been so fortunate to train with. For training purposes going soft but in reality, destroying the bones, joints, muscle, etc rather than just pretending to. 

The training ended and soaked thru to

the skin, sandy asked me as we jumped back in, what we do next? I said.. Beach. Beach. Beach, i need the sea today, i replied.. having only been for a paddle so far in the lovely warm, Indian ocean. So which beach you want Danny. The leela hotel beach i replied, we'd been there previously and i thought it would be a nice place to swim.

Now i know what ur thinking.. Howcome u'd not yet been in the sea? I had been thinking the exact same thing my self, the reasons were various, sometimes i wasnt in my shorts but maybe my light cotton trousers, sometimes the sea was too rough so swimming was fobidden due to strong undercurrents which could easily pull you out to sea, other times it just wasnt really the right kind of weather, either raining or overcast. One time i didnt even have a towel cursing myself as i had decided today was the day.

We drove to the leela hotel, where i stripped out of my tshirt layed my towell down and went in for a dip, diving under the strong surfy waves. Ahhh thats beautiful! Being drenched head to foot as the waves lapped in. The sweat now immediately having been washed from my body. 

After a little while playing with the surf, trying each time to make it further and further to shore, honing my technique as i did. I caught a really big giant wave and i surfed away, the wave was feirce and tipped me over me doing a full handstand, forced over and over by the sheer power of this gargantuan wave.

I wondered what it wouldve looked like from the shore, imagining my dad falling about laughing had he seen ! I had salt water up me nose, and i was coughing as i walked up the beach back to where my towel and sandy sat. 

Are you ok, danny? He asked slightly worried for my safety, ohh yes yes im ok. I told him how a similar thing had happened when at  avoca beach near Sydney, in Australia, and it was all part of the fun of surfing.

He said that he didnt think the waves today were good for surfing as there is too much power at the top, i concurred as i was drying myself, blowing my nose on a corner of the towell. 

I lay down soaking up the suns rays, having first applied my sun oil Spf15 giving me 15 minutes of protection.  That should do it i

thought. After 15 mins 

The whole time all i could hear was ajiths voice, his english not being particuarly good, as the three main sentences he knew, were running thru my head as if on repeat or a stuck record. The three sentences were as follows;-

'After you give me, this' meaning attack me like this, as he demonstrated which attack to use.

'Ok good yes' (nodding as he spoke) was the second, and the third sentence being; 'no wrong i show"! (This usually came with a side order of 'angry face').

As i was drying myself off with my towell, the words 'after me this', which was the shortened version of 'after you give me this'. 

Sandy was chatting away to some friends, he has friends all over the place you know.

A little while longer he chatted, both men sitting in a squat position as if they were visitig the loo, as they spoke away in malyalam. Sandy looked to me, we go now he said, interupting the man, so to speak. 

When you're ready i replied waving my hand signifying no rush! Lighting up a fag.

We left saying bye to his, friend who also shook my hand, as any friend of sandy is automatically a friend of mine it seems. I gave sandy's friend a ciggie and we left, 

Arriving back at the tuktuk, he asked so whats next. I thought for a moment, and said, maybe some yoga. Or perhaps ayurvedic treatments. His brain plotting he navigated the pot holes in the car-park, making his way to the tarmac'd road where he picked up the speed. We zoomed straight past our hotel, past where the new pavement is being laid..

I've been watching them lay the pavement all week remarking to sandy ooh look they've begun with the paving slabs now, the paving slabs being almost circular with two crescent shapes cut out each side to form an almost rectangle, each slab inter-locking with the next and last. They have now paved almost the entire street, making most of their bulding supplies at the road, i have aslo noticed. Presumably keeping costs down.

The slabs start out as sand to form the shape inside the mould, then they pour the different coloured concrete mixture in to each mould, making each brick as required. Leaving them in the sun to dry overnight, after they've been smoothed off very precisely. 

There are a group of men who make the bricks, another group of men who, lay the gravel down underneath, another group of men who lay the kerb stones, also which are man made, on site, by pouring cemement in betweek two accurately measures pieces of wood, they smooth them off and leave over night to dry, as with the bricks and slabs, they then remove the wood, smooth down the kerb-stones and move on to the next section and the next and the next..

We got to his friends 'surgery' as locals see these people as doctors almost, being able to cure most ailments as in western medicine. 

As we went in, two british types were leaving, waiting at the bottom of the stairs, allowing them to descend before me, i asked whether the treatment was any good. Marvellous she said, i feel like im floating, her husband nodding in agreememt.

The 'Doctor' came to meet me at the door, and as usual sandy did made the explanations, regarding treatments etc.

The doctor spoke english, tho his vocabulary was limited, he explained to me the various treatments he offered, explaining each one as he did, sometimes getting lost in translation, tho i got the gist.

I decided, as i only had 3 more days (including this one) i wouldnt have tome to do an entire treatment, which lasts a minmum of four days, the can go upto 7, 10, 14 whatever you like.

The prices were much cheaper than at the hotel, but i could also see that it would be very easy to spend your entire weeks holiday money on just treatments alone. 

i opted for an 'ayurvedic experience' which lasts 90 minutes and has a taste of a few different treatments.

He told me he had someone coming in shortly and asked if it would be possible to come back for 5pm. No problem i said, as it was now about 1 or 2 pm.

On the way back from fixing sandy's rickshaw last night it had begin to rain, only gently but giving sandy the perfect opportunity to try out his wipers, tho i had to prompt him to do this as he had forgotten he actually had a working wiper.

As the single wiper went accross the windscreen, it didnt really clear the water more than smudge it accross the screen. Thats no good i thought, he needs a new wiper blade.

I directed sandy to the workshop we had been before and confused he asked me why, i explained to him that a new wiper blade was needed so it worked efficiently. He said to me, danny it is not necessary, you have spent much money on me and i dont want you to buy this for me.. I buy! Ok i said but either way we're not leaving here without one.

He asked 'insence-boy' or was it 'joss-stick-boy' i cant remember, for a wiper blade and the man ran over the road. I looked at sandy raising one eye brow, and said here we go again. No no he has gone to get the part he replied laughing with me, remembering the antics of the night before.

Seconds later he had the blade in hand and was looking left, waiting for a gap in the traffic, after the last car in the line of cars coming down, he darted quickly over the road to the front of sandy's tuktuk.

He popped the blade on the top of the rickshaw temporarily while he grabbed a size 8 spanner, 7 or 8 anyway it was a small-ish bolt. He began undoing and then replacing with the new one, i asked sandy how much it was, 200 he said.. Omg £2 for a wiper blade bargain.. I thought. U have 200 ? I asked i will happily pay, he had a bit of a guilty look on his face as i knew he didnt have. Silently i took 200 out of my wallet and with his back turned to me, i shoved the £2 in his hand. 

He turned around looked in his hand, where releif flashed accross his face as i think he was asking insence boy if he could pay at the end of the week or at another time at least. Take it, i said to him. Pay the man, lets go! As if my patience were running out! They werent, i just wanted him to accept the £2

He paid, we got back in, placing the old wiper in the back as a spare.. U never know i told him as he put it in the back. Yes that is what i think danny. You never know! 

After this he began to drive away. Fiddling with his insturments as he did. Problem i asked him.

Yes danny, he replied. Clutch is gone. Oh no.. Back to the workshop! No, different one. He continued down the road riding the clutch with it slipping occasionally. We pulled up at an almost identical workshop but on the oppostie side of the road, with a shop for the parts opposite. 

Hagar-davin-deri-clutch-cable-malarhan-drasi-meri. Or something similar, he said to the chap. The man ran over the road, i was beginning to get used to this being the way now, he returned moments later with only the wire section of the clutch cable. Dont you have to change the entire thing i asked him thinking of how 'one' would do so on a motorbike. 

No need it seems as only the internal part was worn, so its entirely possible to change only this one, only this one he told me. 

30rupees later (30p) and we were once again blasting off down the road, excited as his tuktuk really was comig good now.

We came back to my room, where we sat smoking, chatting and drinking for a while i decided i wanted a shower as there was sand all over me still from the beach, and not a relaxing massage, that would make! 

I showered and readied myself, asking sandy do i wear just shorts, or maybe trousers and underwear, for the massage, just underwear should be fine danny! Errrm, im not goin down there in just me underwear, i joked, 

No danny u ask me do i wear shorts, or my underwear. You wear underwear! To be fair it was how i had posed the question initially.

Reet-ho! Underwear it is, whilst sandy sat at the table on my porch, sending texts and taking calls and listening to his indian music, i got dressed and sorted everything i needed out. The massage was going to cost me 2800rp or £28 (more expensive than all of sandy's repairs including thr new wiper blade and clutch cable) so i needed to get a bit more money changed. I had exchanged some earlier, but only enough for my training, which was £10 (same price i pay per hour at kung fu).

I got some more cash out of the safety deposit box, did a quick recky to establish how my budget was going. Not bad not bad i thought. 

Just in case i run out of sterling i might withdraw some from my english cash i said to sandy, is there an atm here. Yes, same place he said, i wasnt sure if he had understood so i repeated myself making it more clear, and he repeated the same answer, with sarcasm. Coolio i replied. Him repeating but not actually saying coolio more like 'coolaylee'. He has been trying to pick up my slang all week, 'what what' was particularly funny as he cant seem to make the 'WH' sound, turning it into a vee sound. 

Vot vot vot, he would say.. Noo 'whuh', 'whuh' i would say not with a V but a 'wh' sound, like ur blowing out a candle. That he could do, but couldnt make the 'wh' of what no matter what i tried.. Try 'whip' i asked say 'cool whip' he would say 'cul vip'. 

My mind thought back to the musical of my fair lady, "the rain in spain falls mainly in the plane". We gave up in the end accepting defeat with rauchaus laughter and as it was time to go i put me flip flops on and went to the ayurvedic place for my treatments.

As we arrived, the man was finishing up with some other patients, presumably the ones i who were coming in after i had my initial consultstion a few hours earlier.

I waited patiently outside for him to finish off when he asked me to follow him in and sit facing away from him on the stool. He began massaging me over my shirt, almost as if reading my body and discovering where he needed to pay attention to, asking at various intervals whether there was any pain. 

Afterwards he left the room and told me to remove my clothes, jewellery, socks and glasses and as i did i hung each item on the pegs prvodied.

He re-entered the room, and said pointing at my white boxers, those too! Errm.. What!? You want me to be naked? I asked with an upward inflection. 

For me is no bother, either is ok, if you are more comfortable in your underwear leave them on, but the oils i use, are all made by me, in the back, and some of them WILL stain your clothings, he added. 

For you i think is better fully nude, but i will leave for you to deciding. Ahh well in for a penny in for a pound i thought, i took them off and hanged them on the peg, returning back to the stool to begin the treatment.

Have to say i was feeling rather exposed and somewhat uncomfortable and i very nearly changed my mind, but reassuring myself that he was a proffessional and not wanting to get stains over my ck boxers i allowed him to continue, telling myself again he a proffessional, and so his discression is assured and i imagine lots of people go nude actually, especially the locals, to whom privacy is another alien concept, i reassured myself.

After the initial breif massage, he asked me to climb up on top of the massage table where i lay face down. Thats much better i thought, i dont mind my bum being exposed. I can handle that, i said to myself again.

He began fiddling with various instruments, plugging something in by my head. A brass bowl came out of his little cabinet of many items as he placed the bowl on whatever he had plugged in.

I later learned this was just an electric hob, similar to that which Tim bought from aldi many months ago, it uses magnets with which to create heat thereby heating the pots and pans u place upon them, and they are used everywhere here, to keep food and coffee warm, at breakfast.

He splashed my body with Hot oil, all over, starting with my feet, legs, bum, back, neck, shoulders, arm. Then he added more oil to his hands as if to wash them in the oil. Unnecessary step i thought, theres enough oil on me to keep italy going. I could feel it all begin to trickle down into various crevices and onto the (beaaaautiful) wooden table below.

I was now able to slide up and down the table without it causing any friction. I was slippin an sliding all over the shop, albeit only on the wooden table. I thought i bet this woukd be a nightmare on the slippy marble surfaces in my, stunning hotel. 

The man had gone to get the rest of the things he needed as i played like a school boy, now sitting up-right and slipping down and sliding back, the length of the massage table (nope, i will NEVER grow up) hehe #peterpan

The man came in mid-slide and saw what i had been doing and he was laughing at me. Slightly embarrased i laughed out loud at having been caught and then re-took my position as i was before, still chuckling away to myself as was he. 

He did tell me his name but it was one of those 3 times still hadnt got it and so i left it moments (they happen frequently in india). He did give me his business card but i have since forgotten his name again, its something like vijay, so from now on will be refered to as 'VJ' (for speed of typing) 

So vj, now ready to begin he oiled his hands once more, and began with my shoulders neck back and arms, again asking me, does this hurt.. Does THIS hurt.. As he moved to a new knotted area of my body.

The then did a full body massage before asking me to turn over, providing me with a conical shaped foil thing, to place over my [ahem] dignity.. Similar to that you might find when u go for a sunbed to place over ur eyes so they dont burn, same material same colour just in the shape of an ice cream cone, and about as tall as one. 

Having covered my manhood i felt much more relaxed as i settled in to the massage once more. Vj had been massagin for some time now talking to me asking me how was the 'Hot'. At first i thought he'd said hows my heart, so i went on to say i have no heart problems to speak of.

No no.. The Hot, how is the hot... Ohhh the heat, you mean, the temperature, yes sir, how is the temperature he said apologetically. Fine! I replied, it was actually really nice, perfect temperature.

He told me he would be only a few minutes as he left the room, to get more stuff. And he asked me to lie 'once more face down'.

I took me cone off and placed it at the head of the table before turning over to my front again as requested. 

'After me this' he came back in with what looked like a coulle of tea-bags, but in the shape of a sprigg of brocolli. He added both spriggs to the oil, turned on the burner and he promptly left again. He came in and out a few times until he was ready.

He picked up the brocolli shaped herb bags and dabbing on his hand to test the temperature he began tapping it all over my body, sure enough the hot oils and various herbs began to seep thru to my skin, the herbs feeling now more like sand, well my shower was pointless i thought as the surface of my skin began to feel scratched somewhat. 

How is the Hot Mr Danny, he repeated. I corrected him again saying 'the temperature is perfect, thanks' gooooood good' he would say, 'goooood good'.

He did my front similarly and then onto the next stage of the treatment which was the same oils being poured continually onto my 'third eye' in between my eyebrows and just below my hair-line within the area one would normally call the forrid! Lol

I was already lying on my back with my cone nicely back in place covereing my privates once more, he heated a whole bowl full of the oils whilst he placed hole of the mammary-like vessel allowing the oil to continually pour onto my head.

Now im not entirely sure what happend after this as i drifted off to the sounds of india in the background, as i lay there hypnotised by this amazing feeling and the wonderful background noise i thought about what we could do after the treatment.

Before i left i asked vj what the box was to my left pointing to it as i did. It is a steam box, he replied. I tell you what, he said, you come tomorrow and i will give, only for you, a complimentary treatment in this one! Only for you! Awww thats good hospitality, i thought. I thanked the man and put my flipflops on meeting sandy outside.

Sandy always waited outside for me, leaving me safe in the knowledge that when i needed him he would already be there. I often said when he dropped me off, if you want to go and do some business while im here, i wont object, thinking he could be earning cash as i relaxed. He always declined, no i'm happy to wait here he said, opening his newspaper and pluggin in his headphones.

After the massage had ended and i really truly had drifted off to a different plane (not the ones in spain, no). Vj directed me to an adjacent bathroom, where he fiddled with the shower trying to get the "hot" right! (Heat) without much success, he left the room clearly realising that he hadnt turned the hot water on and soon returned with a bucket with what looked like red sand inside.

He began to tell me to use the clay-like substance to wash with, it being slightly gritty with a swarfega feel to it, tho a very spicey pungent smell, which i quite liked.

I rubbed it all over my body ensuring all the oil had come off and i used a small sachet, he had provided, of shampoo to wash my hair. 

I paid the man the money and we left. When we were at the beach before, sandy pointed out a restaurant to me where he used to work, "the curry leaf" it was called. I chuckled thinking about the take-away i sometimes use with the same name. As we walked past his friend (presumably his old boss) came over to talk to him and he gave me his business card.

Very good food there danny, whatever you enjoy to eat they will make for you he said promoting their restaurant.

Arriving back down the stairs of the ayurvedic place sandy asked me where to next. I said, lets go to the curry leaf. He had told me he often takes his mom there for a birthday treat as the food is soo good.

Now dark, And having missed sunset, we trundled back to the place we were for this mornings swim where the curry leaf was.

We walked up the steps amidst the shrubs and plants only guided by a single strobe light we, high up so not providing much in the way of light, we carefully navigated to the foot of the restaurant where we were greeted by sandy's old boss with a big smile, a warm handshake as he was clearly pleased to see us, he lead us up to the first floor, where other (english) diners sat eating their supper. 

The blue and white striped deck-chair style canvas roof had very ornate lanterns hanging down piercing the canvas roof and walls and casting a very pretty shadow accross the tables yet still providing enough light to be able to see what was being served on the menu.

I have to mention, this was by far the best selection i had seen so far looking something similar to an english pub menu rather than an indian take away. The boss man came over to me as i was deliberating as to what to have,

He said to me, i have something very special just for you, i am thinking it will be perfect for you, his language skills being very smooth i remember thinking. What we have is a seafood platter.

You have the lobster, the prawns, some nice cockles we have picked especially just for you, then some kalamari, some snapper or king fish whichever you are preferring, then topped off with some nice chips and vegetables.

Cockles they have picked just for me, well thats bespoke i thought. How did they know i would he coming, much less chosing exactly what they have chosen, that was a stroke of luck i thought. I could hardly refuse they're having been picked especially just for me, i wouldnt want to waste them. Sandy chose the fried rice with veg, as he always tended to do! 

So i happily agreed to it, chosing kingfish over the red snapper. Which by the way was what the german man was eating on my first day, i have deduced.

So sandy and i sat conversing, looking out to sea, where there was a pretty fantastic view if im honest, i was dark but not so dark you couldnt see yet, tho it wasnt long before we were plunged into total darkness, with the exception of the un-natural light provided by the various means of electrical appliances.

The food seemed like it was taking rather a while to come. Tho i often find this is a sign of a better restaurant, those restaurants where it almost appears instantly mosy likely just reheating the food not cooking fresh.

It re-assured me it was to be very good, and soon enough the man came up the stairs with a tray wrapped in tin foil. On it there seemed to be an array of green dishes.

Ooh this looks like mine i thought my mouth now watering. As he approached our table confirming to my stomach it was about to get some yummy food, he placed the tray to my right with a plate infront of me, explaining as he did the various dishes i had ordered.

I realised the 'green dishes' were actually white cabbage leaves, served similarly to the chinese dish 'yuk sung' where the mince is served inside the lettuce and you eat it as you would do a wrap making a cylinder of the lettuce and adding the various components to make the dish.

As he had told me all the food was there. 4 lobsters - they were only small lobsters but 4.. Im never gonna eat all this i told sandy, eyes popping out on stalks at the sheer amount of food there was.

I began with the lobster, removing his tail and with my fork stabbing the meat, in order to pull it apart to get the tasty meat out and quickly in me gob. I then added to my plate, some chips, veg, a few tiger prawns, a few of the deep-fried battered cockles (picked specially for me remember) a bit of the king-fish, and some of the kalamari which was served in a nice cheese sauce.

Omg it was bloody gorgeous, my mouth is watering as i type actually cos its nearly dinnertime and the thought of the food is making me salavate... You too huh? Good good! 

So i ate with gusto trying to cram as much into my mouth as my stomach would allow. Sandy told me he was really enjoying his too, much better than the previous night at my hotel he remarked.

The food was nearly gone and by now i was stuffed.. There was just so much left i didnt want to waste a single morsel. Alas it did beat me and even giving sandy a lobster i just couldnt finish it.

I suddenly realised i hadnt even asked how much it would cost but it was irrelavant (no, not an elephant) cos it was BY A COUNTRY MILE, the best, no the VERY best meal i had eaten to date on my indian vacation.

We asked for the bill and checking my wallet to see how much i had, i thought 3000 should cover it! (£30) the bill came and i opened up the leather wallet thing. 4070rp.. My chin hit the floor as my mouth fell open so widely.. £40 ??? £40 ??? I reminded myself its still much much cheaper than it wouldve been, back home and to be perfectly honest he couldve said £100 id still have paid it. 

Alas i didnt have sufficient funds. I explained to sandy the situation, and he said unto me that he would sort it out and we could come back soon after getting more money exchanged. No problem the boss man said. No problem, you go and come back, take your time! He said reassuringly.. So we left the restaurant, headed directly towards where the tuktuk was parked and soon found ourselves able to walk no further..

Why i hear you cry, why danny tell us, tell us why.. Ok i was gonna keep it a secret but i'll yell ya! As its you!! We had gone the wrong way, and with the sky now pitch black (couldnt see ur hand in front of yer face jobby) we had to turn back and find a branch off the main path we were walking down which would lead us to the sea. It was all very pointless because 2 or 3 minutes later after walking down another path we ended up at the same point just a little further down. D'oh! 

We traversed once more back to the point we had met the path and tried again to find the path that lead to the sea, and to the path that would take us back to sandys rickshaw.

U wont beleive it.. I didnt, we were at the same place again, well by now sandy and me were in histerics! How can we fail three times in a row, i suggested to sandy we went back to the restaurant where we could link back to the stairs we climbed first of all. 

Sandy didnt think it would be a good idea as we had been gone now for a good 15 minutes and he might think that we were bringing the money back.. We struggled on and by the light (by the light, of the silvery moon, of the moon of the moon..... stop that.. Stop that it's silly) actually by the light of sandy's phone we managed to find our way back to the path.

Sandy shining his dim phone's screen back-light, both in front and behind him so that i could also see at various points when he had got to a point whereby he was safe, grounded, not gonna slip, unlike me who was slippin all over the place, as if i were sloshed! (I wasnt). 

We arrived safely back at the tuktuk and we jetted off (sandys rickshaw now performing better since the oil leak, o'ring change) and we were soon at my hotel, where out of the extra hundred quid i had withdrawn from the cashpoint earlier, i grabbed 2 or 3000 rupees and we set off back to the currry leaf. 

Sandy, not wanting to repeat our earlier mistake where we got lost, this time, drove his tuktuk right accross the footpath that lead us round the bit of headland to the foot of the steps leading up to the restaurant where we had previously climbed prior to eating.

I asked him was he allowed to do this?! Not looking like it should be allowed. By day it is big problem he said, but by night there are no peoples so is ok! I chuckled and we got out and walked back to the restaurant. The boss man seeing us walking up, came to meet us half way, i gave the man the remainder of the balance plus a good tip, for good service amaaaazing food and no hastle over the bill, i felt it was deserved.

We jumped back in the tuktuk, sandy did a 3 point turn very maticulously so we didnt go over the edge, and we zoomed off once again. Arriving back at my hotel, we said our goodbye's after arranging what time we would meet the following moring and with that he left.

I traversed the steeper slope and the not so steep slope unlocked my room to walk into the icy cold air conditioned room, where after a bit of faffing, sorting my clothes out for tomorrows training, writing some more blog, and then fell asleep. 

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Diary Photos

Khaladi instructors and me

Me and the tuktuk

Sunset at samadera beach

Training begins

Royal enfield motorbike. They're everywhere in India

Rose wood massage table! Very beautiful

Rose wood massage table! Very beautiful

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