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Australia 2015
France, Spain, Portugal - 2017 - 109 Diary Entries
27th Apr 2018Home Time!!!
26th Apr 2018Out!!!
25th Apr 2018Lovely Luncheon!!!
24th Apr 2018Done It!!!!
23rd Apr 2018St George's Day!!!
22nd Apr 2018Bloody Good Sleep
21st Apr 2018And here’s a Stonking Saturday!!!
20th Apr 2018Friday Stonker!!!
19th Apr 2018Back to Wind!!!!
18th Apr 2018Rif Raf!!!
17th Apr 2018Scorcher!!!
16th Apr 2018Happy Birthday Caroline!!!
15th Apr 2018Stonker, Part 2!!!
14th Apr 2018Stonker!!!!!!
13th Apr 2018A Really Lovely Day!!!
12th Apr 2018Beach Day!!!
11th Apr 2018Nightmares
10th Apr 2018More Bloody Wind!!!
9th Apr 2018Wind
8th Apr 2018Sunbathing
7th Apr 2018Sunbathing
6th Apr 2018Here we go, Again!!!
11th Feb 2018Our last day
9th Feb 2018Day5...I think
8th Feb 2018Cloudy day
7th Feb 2018Rainy day
6th Feb 2018Day trip to Mogan
5th Feb 2018Day2
4th Feb 2018Batchelerette holiday. Day one.
6th Dec 2017Home!!!
5th Dec 2017Blighty!
4th Dec 2017Sailing Away
3rd Dec 2017Sailing Away
2nd Dec 2017Santander – A Lovely City
1st Dec 2017Storms!!!!
30th Nov 2017Yet More Bloody Rain
29th Nov 2017Hail Stones
28th Nov 20175, 285 Feet!!!
27th Nov 2017Viva Espania – Again!
26th Nov 2017Bike Ride!
25th Nov 2017Hair-raising!
24th Nov 2017Wild Seas!
23rd Nov 2017Wowser Beach!
22nd Nov 2017Celebrations
21st Nov 2017Northward Bound
20th Nov 2017Busy Day
19th Nov 2017Lunch Date
18th Nov 2017Moving On, (Again)!!!
17th Nov 2017Last Day!!!
16th Nov 2017Cold Wind
15th Nov 2017Tavira
14th Nov 2017Women!!!!
13th Nov 2017Alubfeira
12th Nov 2017Easy Sunday
11th Nov 2017Back to the Heat
10th Nov 2017Time Travellers
9th Nov 2017Another Lazy Day
8th Nov 2017Barril Island
7th Nov 2017Happy Birthday Alex
6th Nov 2017It’s Even Windier Now!!!
5th Nov 2017It’s Windy Now!
4th Nov 2017Lots More Rain!!!
3rd Nov 2017Rain!
2nd Nov 2017Market Day
1st Nov 2017Bike Ride
31st Oct 2017Culatra Island
30th Oct 2017Clouds???
29th Oct 2017Spring Back, Fall Forward!!!
28th Oct 2017S.H.T.B.
27th Oct 2017Date Day!!!
26th Oct 2017Ilha Da Armona
25th Oct 2017More Exploring
24th Oct 2017Beach Day!
23rd Oct 2017Cleaning Day!
22nd Oct 2017Silly Wendy!!!
21st Oct 2017Made It!!!
20th Oct 2017Beja
19th Oct 2017Portugal!
18th Oct 2017Rainfall!
17th Oct 201713.5 Degrees – What!!!!
16th Oct 2017Storm Brewing!
15th Oct 2017Mission Success!!!
14th Oct 2017A Lovely Lazy Day!
13th Oct 2017Road Trip
12th Oct 2017Espanic Day
11th Oct 2017Viva Espania!!!
10th Oct 2017Luncheon Treat!
9th Oct 2017Sunset!!!
8th Oct 2017Exploring!!!
7th Oct 2017Brilliant Day, Stonking Even!!!
6th Oct 2017City Visit
5th Oct 2017Birthday Boy!!!!
4th Oct 2017Out of the Frying Pan!!!
3rd Oct 2017Mountain Time
2nd Oct 2017Relaxation!!!
1st Oct 2017Moving On
30th Sep 2017Rainy Day
29th Sep 2017Music Night
28th Sep 2017Circus is in Town
27th Sep 2017Paris?????????
26th Sep 2017Anniversary Day!!!
25th Sep 2017Happy Birthday Rachel!!!
24th Sep 2017The Mighty Seine
23rd Sep 2017Big Chateau’s and Great Food
22nd Sep 2017Sunny Friday
21st Sep 20173rd Time Unlucky!!!
20th Sep 2017No Loss of Suction!
19th Sep 2017Travel Chaos?
18th Sep 2017On the Road - Again!!!
Grand Canaria - 2017 - 16 Diary Entries
18th Sep 2017On the Road - Again!!!
5th Jun 2017Home Time
4th Jun 2017Last Day
3rd Jun 2017Sunny Saturday
2nd Jun 2017Boat Trip
1st Jun 2017Day One Of the At Your Own Pace Challenge
31st May 2017Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
30th May 2017Canary Islands Day
29th May 2017Port Mogan
28th May 2017Octopussy
27th May 2017Invasion
26th May 2017Sunshine
25th May 2017Overcast
24th May 2017Painful
23rd May 2017Sunshine
22nd May 2017Daft Question
Cape Verdi - 2017 - 32 Diary Entries
22nd May 2017Daft Question
4th Mar 201728 Days
3rd Mar 2017Last Day
2nd Mar 2017Thursday
1st Mar 2017Espargos!!!
28th Feb 2017Restful Night
27th Feb 2017Door Trouble!!!
26th Feb 2017Italy
25th Feb 2017Open.....
24th Feb 2017Another.................?
23rd Feb 2017Storm Doris?
22nd Feb 2017Wednesday
21st Feb 2017Injuries
20th Feb 2017Breakfast!
19th Feb 2017Normal Service Restored
18th Feb 2017Cloudy!!!
17th Feb 2017PB!!!
16th Feb 2017Windy
15th Feb 2017*********** ********!
14th Feb 2017Valantines Day
13th Feb 2017Fish?
12th Feb 2017Stop Press
12th Feb 2017Woof, Woof!!!
11th Feb 2017Phew!!!
10th Feb 2017Update from Wendy
10th Feb 2017Water?
9th Feb 2017Chicken Tonight
8th Feb 2017Sunshine
7th Feb 2017Suicide Blonde!!!
6th Feb 2017Monday
5th Feb 2017Naughty
4th Feb 2017Here we go Again - Sunshine Migration Part II
Cape Verdi - 2016 - 29 Diary Entries
30th Nov 2016Wall to Wall Sunshine, Again!!!
29th Nov 2016Wall to Wall Sunshine!!!
28th Nov 2016Sunshine!
27th Nov 2016Yet More Rain!!!
26th Nov 2016Record Breaker
25th Nov 2016Very Big Wally!!!
24th Nov 2016Sunshine
23rd Nov 2016Plonker!!!
22nd Nov 2016Lazy
21st Nov 2016Sunshine
20th Nov 2016Still Overcast!!!
19th Nov 2016Overcast
18th Nov 2016Day Trip!!!
17th Nov 2016Sunshine
16th Nov 2016More Complaints
15th Nov 2016Walkabout
14th Nov 2016Sun, Sun, Sun!!!
13th Nov 2016Calm Down
12th Nov 2016Ups & Downs
11th Nov 2016Stinker
10th Nov 2016The Sun Shines
9th Nov 2016Well Who………………………………………………..
8th Nov 2016Walk About
7th Nov 2016Tapas
6th Nov 2016Late Night!!!
5th Nov 2016Another Hot & Lazy Day
4th Nov 2016Santa Maria
3rd Nov 2016Hotel Sol Dunes
2nd Nov 2016Airborne
Australia - 266 Diary Entries
2nd Nov 2016Airborne
29th Jun 2016Integration!
27th Jun 2016Back to Blighty!
27th Jun 2016Running!!!
26th Jun 2016Last Full Day!
25th Jun 2016England – Series Win – Get in!!!
24th Jun 2016Result – Och!!!
23rd Jun 2016Referendum Day!!!
22nd Jun 2016Back to Reality!!!
21st Jun 2016Birthday Boy – Bradley Gill
20th Jun 2016Stromatolites
19th Jun 2016Fathers Day
18th Jun 2016Furthest West
17th Jun 2016Update from Wendy!!!
17th Jun 2016The Jetty!!!
16th Jun 2016End of the Tropic of Capricorn
15th Jun 2016Roadworks
14th Jun 2016Better Journey
13th Jun 2016Going South – The Coastal Route
12th Jun 2016Beach Day
11th Jun 2016Engerland!!!!!
10th Jun 2016End of the Road!!!
9th Jun 2016Rest Day!
8th Jun 2016The Indian Ocean
7th Jun 2016Back to Capricorn!
6th Jun 2016West Coast Road Trip!!!
5th Jun 2016WA Day?
4th Jun 2016Indian / Pacific Train – Day 4
3rd Jun 2016Indian / Pacific Train – Day 3
2nd Jun 2016Indian / Pacific Train – Day 2
1st Jun 2016Indian / Pacific Train
31st May 2016Winter!
30th May 2016Wembley
29th May 2016Damage!!!
28th May 2016Python!!!
27th May 2016State of Origin
26th May 2016The Great Barrier Reef
25th May 2016Much Better, Phew!
24th May 2016Not Much Rain - Phew!!!
23rd May 2016Adventures
22nd May 2016It’s Still Bloody Raining!!!
21st May 2016Raining Cats & Dogs!!!
20th May 2016Wembley, Here we Come!!!
19th May 2016Come on You Reds
18th May 2016Back in Time
17th May 2016Excited!!!!!!!
16th May 2016Car Hire
15th May 2016Consolidation
14th May 2016Back from the Tip!!!
13th May 2016Gravel Roads – No More!!!
12th May 2016SExchange Hotel
11th May 2016Happy Birthday Robyn
10th May 2016Going South!!!
9th May 2016Sailing!!!
8th May 2016Made It!!!
7th May 2016Off Roading
6th May 2016We're Off, (Again)
5th May 2016Waterfall
4th May 2016Golf?
3rd May 2016Leicester, Leicester, Leicester, Everyone is Talking about Leicester!!!
2nd May 2016Preparations!
1st May 2016Campervan - Done!!!
30th Apr 2016Last Day!!!
29th Apr 2016Decadence!
28th Apr 2016Port Douglas – Again!!!
27th Apr 2016Inner Tubes!!!
26th Apr 2016Single Track Roads!
25th Apr 2016ANZAC Day
24th Apr 2016Punctures
23rd Apr 2016The Gulf of Carpentaria
22nd Apr 2016Thats Better!!!
21st Apr 2016Gulf Bound
20th Apr 2016Old Laura
19th Apr 2016The Lions Den
18th Apr 2016Well I Never!!!
17th Apr 2016Snakes Alive!!!
16th Apr 2016Outback Once More!!!
15th Apr 2016Cyclone?
14th Apr 2016That’s Better, Much Better!!!
13th Apr 2016Day of Disappointment!!!
12th Apr 2016Breathless!!!
11th Apr 2016Green Ant Invasion
10th Apr 2016Another Easy Sunday
9th Apr 2016On the Road - Again!!!
8th Apr 2016Rain
7th Apr 2016Shower
6th Apr 2016Cairns
5th Apr 2016Mulgrave River
4th Apr 2016Disaster / Illation
3rd Apr 2016I Smell a Rat
2nd Apr 2016Willaman Falls
1st Apr 2016Day 150
31st Mar 2016Made it - The Final!!!
30th Mar 2016PB!
29th Mar 2016A Very Full Day
28th Mar 2016Stingers!
27th Mar 2016Bad Dogs!!!
26th Mar 2016Still Alive
25th Mar 2016Good Friday
24th Mar 2016Double Disaster – The Fan Again!
23rd Mar 2016Disaster!!!
22nd Mar 2016Tropical
21st Mar 2016Kookaburra Conspiracy
20th Mar 2016Grand Slammed!!!
19th Mar 2016Coral Beach Motel – Wowser!!!
18th Mar 2016Preperations!!!
17th Mar 2016Birthday Girl
16th Mar 2016Birthday Supper
15th Mar 2016Update from Wendy..........
15th Mar 2016Mileage Done – 10, 215
14th Mar 2016The Great Escape – Part 2
13th Mar 2016Grand Slam???
12th Mar 2016Made It!!!
11th Mar 2016The Great Escape – Part 1
10th Mar 2016Trapped!!!
9th Mar 2016Tropic of Capricorn – Proper, 22.50 North, (or is that south?)
8th Mar 2016Outback
7th Mar 2016West Ward Bound!
6th Mar 2016Washout!!!
5th Mar 2016Back in the Tropics
4th Mar 2016Lizard
3rd Mar 20161770
2nd Mar 2016Rum Time!!!
1st Mar 2016Ice Cream Bundy!!!
29th Feb 2016Milestone
28th Feb 2016Rugby!
27th Feb 201611, 244 Steps
26th Feb 2016Drop On!!!
25th Feb 2016Surfs Up!!!
24th Feb 2016Sat-Nav........Gggrrrrrrrrr
23rd Feb 2016Fantastic Day
22nd Feb 2016Eastbourne?
21st Feb 2016Moving On!
20th Feb 2016Twerp!!!
19th Feb 2016Chick-a-Thon
18th Feb 2016Chick Cruise!!!
17th Feb 2016Staying Alive!!!
16th Feb 2016Health Warning – Snake Photographs Attached
15th Feb 2016Sunshine
14th Feb 2016STONKER!!!
13th Feb 2016Brisbane River v City Hall!!!
12th Feb 2016Brisbane at Last!!!
11th Feb 2016Pooped!!!
10th Feb 2016Duck Tours...............
9th Feb 2016Koala Hunt!
8th Feb 2016Peace Man, No Thanks!
7th Feb 2016Good Bye Urliup Farm
6th Feb 2016Gordon Ramsay!
5th Feb 2016Friday
4th Feb 2016Cane Toads!
3rd Feb 2016An Amazing Day
2nd Feb 2016Five and Three Quarter Mile Beach
1st Feb 2016Seven Mile Beach?
31st Jan 2016Happy Birthday Ian...............51 Today!!!
30th Jan 2016Shopping!!!
29th Jan 2016Yamba
28th Jan 2016More Roos
27th Jan 2016Beach Bums
26th Jan 2016Australia Day or Invasion Day?
25th Jan 2016Burns Supper
24th Jan 2016Stonker!!!
23rd Jan 2016Storming Saturday
22nd Jan 2016Plan B Invoked!
21st Jan 2016That's Better........
20th Jan 2016Sleepless
19th Jan 2016Tyres.............and Cake!
18th Jan 2016More E's Please
17th Jan 2016Mining!!!
16th Jan 2016Queensland!
15th Jan 2016Tyre, Bugger
14th Jan 2016Blow Out!!!
13th Jan 2016Electric Fence?
12th Jan 2016Adventure
11th Jan 2016Very Hot, (Too Hot for Wendy to trot!)
10th Jan 2016Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th Jan 2016Saturday
8th Jan 2016Kangeroos, a persepective from Wendy
8th Jan 2016Hot, Jeepers its Hot!!!
7th Jan 2016Wilcannia
6th Jan 2016Outback - Again!!!
5th Jan 2016We are off again tomorrow, destination unknown, but that’s OK, it’s all part of the adventure.
5th Jan 2016Dubbo?
4th Jan 2016Day of Leisure
3rd Jan 2016Stop Press
3rd Jan 2016Road Trip Mark II
2nd Jan 2016Moving ON
1st Jan 2016New Years Day
31st Dec 2015Happy New Year
30th Dec 2015Fantastic Day
29th Dec 2015Update from Wendy
29th Dec 2015Sydney
28th Dec 2015Redemption!
27th Dec 2015Dog House
26th Dec 2015Dreak!!!
25th Dec 2015Christmas Day
24th Dec 2015Christmas Eve
23rd Dec 201523rd, nearly there!!!
22nd Dec 2015Sammy the Seal
21st Dec 2015The Longest Day
20th Dec 2015Camper Van V Caravan ???
19th Dec 2015Office Party
18th Dec 2015Wendy Update!!!
18th Dec 2015Christmas Camp
17th Dec 2015How Much!!!!!!!!!
16th Dec 2015Mr Possum
15th Dec 2015Melbourne to Canberra (Wendys Update)
15th Dec 2015Canberra
14th Dec 2015Day Trip
13th Dec 2015Sunday!!!
12th Dec 2015Sight Seeing
11th Dec 2015Its football Jeff!!!
10th Dec 2015Day Off
9th Dec 2015Love Melbourne!!!
8th Dec 2015Heatwave
7th Dec 2015Kookaburras
6th Dec 2015Sunday
5th Dec 2015Stop Press – David Attenborough, (After Wine)
5th Dec 2015Great Ocean Road
4th Dec 2015Further Wendy Update
4th Dec 2015Life on the Road
3rd Dec 2015Portland
2nd Dec 2015Easy Wednesday
1st Dec 2015On the Road Again
30th Nov 2015Easy Monday
29th Nov 2015Cricket Day 3
28th Nov 2015Cricket Day 2
27th Nov 2015Cricket Day 1
26th Nov 2015Adelaide to Darwin and Back!!!!!!!
25th Nov 2015Another Wendy Update
25th Nov 2015Breakdown
24th Nov 2015Mining Town
23rd Nov 2015Update from Wendy….
23rd Nov 2015Last Night in Alice
22nd Nov 2015Back in Alice
21st Nov 2015Another update from Wendy
21st Nov 2015Katherine - HOT!!!
20th Nov 2015Stop Press
20th Nov 2015Update from Wendy
20th Nov 2015Kakadu - Stonking
19th Nov 2015On the Road - Again
18th Nov 2015Darwin (Last Day)
18th Nov 2015Wendys Update
17th Nov 2015Darwin
16th Nov 2015Darwin
15th Nov 2015Up Top!!!
14th Nov 2015Crocs
13th Nov 2015Bush Fires
12th Nov 2015Camping - Wendys Update
12th Nov 2015A Town Called Alice
11th Nov 2015Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
11th Nov 2015Off Again
10th Nov 2015Wendy's Mud Cake
10th Nov 2015Kata Tjuta
9th Nov 2015Uluru
9th Nov 2015Kangaroo???
7th Nov 2015Sunday Morning
7th Nov 2015Gone Walkabout
6th Nov 2015The Stuart Highway
6th Nov 2015Wendys Further Update
6th Nov 2015On the Road
5th Nov 2015Traveling, What I Forgot
4th Nov 2015Adelaide
3rd Nov 2015Wendys Update
3rd Nov 20152nd November - The Day We Never Had
31st Oct 2015London
30th Oct 2015Nearly There

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