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Australia 2015
5th Jun 2017 - Grand Canaria - 2017
Home Time

Last Lunch

I had a fitful sleep and was woken at about 04:15 by Grace in China, who made a booking for two rooms in July, as the text woke me because I hadn’t turned my phone off, silly old me.

Jeepers Wendy’s curry must have been salty as I was very thirsty so Graces text gave me the incentive to haul myself out of bed and go to the fridge for a nice big swallow of cold water.  

I managed a little more sleep and then got up at 06:15, the sky was still black but light was beginning to come through to the right of the apartment windows.  I had decided to do a 12 mile run today and I was going to run in my Team GB vest and shorts, still taking my iced water bottle with me though.

I had a bite to eat and waited until the sun was just peering above the hill across the valley before leaving.  Just as I was setting off Wendy got herself out of bed and made coffee.

I was off, it was 07:30 by then and I ran nonstop for 1 hour, 48 minutes and 14 seconds covering 12.04 miles.  I felt like I could easily have done another 10 miles.  The vest is brilliant, its light and it fits snuggly and when it gets wet with sweat it sticks to you so you don’t know you have it on.  Other vests I have don’t get as close to your skin and they get heavy when they are wet.

I stopped at the beach for my now customary dip in the Atlantic Ocean and I actually used both hands to swim.  My wound, although still ugly looking was upto the clean salt water so I did a few metres of front crawl and it felt lovely to be swimming again, on the last bloody morning of a two week holiday!!!

I got back and sterilised my wound and had some more breakfast before having an hour book reading on the balcony with Wendy, getting some last minute sun.

Wendy had done most of the packing by then therefore we had plenty of time so at 12:00 we walked to Amadarous Beach for lunch.

Wendy had tuna salad and I had a swordfish salad.  Both the fish were dry and over cooked, which is such as shame.  I even squeezed the juice of my slab of lemon onto my fish and then Wendy’s as she never uses hers, but it had no effect in making it any moister.

Ah well, we took a cab back to the resort and had a last drink in the Irish Bar and one last walk up Wendy’s loathed hill and back upto the apartment. 

We found the top lift still not working so I resigned myself to humping the cases down the stairs to the bottom lift.

Cases packed, last showers taken we arrived in reception as the bus pulled up, exactly 20 minutes early, and yes it was another 19 seater bus for just the two of us.

We had a small hairy moment when we got near to the airport as some dozy lorry driver was losing large empty and flattened cardboard boxes from his trailer, it was chaos.  Thankfully our driver dodged them and tried to warn the other driver but he didn’t seem to care.

Check in was a synch and we were though security in no time at all, well I was Wendy got took aside and tested for explosive residues on her body, thankfully they only tested her outer clothing.

She’s not happy:

A – We are delayed by at least an hour and a half, and the plane is not even in yet.

B – Slightly worse there is a small child trying to blow whistle walking around.  He is making a right racket and its doing her no good, “Why on earth would anyone want to give a small child a whistle in an airport”, she says seething under her breath!!!

The new time is 20:10 which means we won’t be home until at least 06:00, she’s really not happy.

I actually don’t think it will be 20:10, I’ll keep you posted!

Made it home, it was a two hour delay due to the flight having to be diverted because the toilets stopped working!!!

Anyway we had a good drive home although the weather was a stinker, rain, rain and more rain.

Its 05:10, time for a few hours kip.

Night Night Avid Reader, until the next adventures of D&W G.

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