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Australia 2015
9th Nov 2017 - France, Spain, Portugal - 2017
Another Lazy Day

The Algarve

No Traveling

I tried to watch a film last night, Hatton Garden, but at 9pm I could go no further so I joined Wendy, who was spark out in bed.  I read for 30 minutes and I then had to turn in.  I had a lovely sleep and thankfully so did Wendy.

I got up at 05:30 and sneaked around and I was almost out of the door at 07:00 when Wendy woke up, well it wasn’t so much waking up, it was more like rising from the dead.

But I made her a cup of tea and left her to it.

I got back to camp at 09:00 and I had a very good idea!!! We have been chasing around for the last few days, and as the wind had got up again why don’t we have a lazy day and just hang out here at the camp site, Wendy was as pleased as punch!!!

I also had Crème Brulee, after my toast and vegemite, for breakfast which was lovely.  I know it is very decadent but I just couldn’t resist it..

So that’s what we did.  We settled into the awning which kept the wind at bay whilst taking advantage of the bright sunshine.

I read my book and at 12:00 I took my bike into the village and got Wendy a bottle of wine as she didn’t like my four bottle selection last night.  I also bought a 5 litre box as she likes that too.  I also bought her a little delight as well which got me 15 Brownie points!  Like the good husband I am, I got one of her little chocolate treats, full of sugar, which she snaffles like no tomorrow!

I biked back smartish and in time for lunch, a delight, fish curry which we ate outside in the sunshine, what a treat.

More book reading followed and then a bit of Radio 2 on the IPlayer and then a snooze.  It was lovely, no hassle, nice and quiet and apart from the odd fly buzzing me it was delightful.

As darkness came we hunkered down in the van and watched the evening news.  It seems it’s the same old same old.  If I look back 20 years nothing seems to have changed, it’s like John Majors Government with those B**tards, remember them, they were spilt down the middle, looking out for their own interests and not giving a stuff about the rest of the country.  Does anybody look out for the little man these days?

Anyway, I did have some stonking news myself though, I do love it when a plan comes together, don’t you Avid reader?

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