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Debbie does...round the world
2nd Jan 2009 - Florida
Leaving Peru

Up for a free breakfast at 0900 whic was actually quite good. Asked how much it would cost to stay in my room from midday to 2000 but as it was 49US didnt bother. Back to my my room to take full advantage of it - packed again. I think I have it perfect now. Am thinking about leaving a bag at Miami airport as American Airlines charges for each bag taken on domestic flights. However as I am going to be in orlando for 10 days it will cost me 60US for storage and only 50US to take it so am not sure what I will do. On the internet now and then will go for a walk around Miraflores as my flight isnt until 2340 so have a long time to wait around yet.

Walked to the LarcoMar shopping centre which was a 25 minute walk away. It is set on the cliff above the sea and has the most marvellous views. However very misty and foggy so not much of a view. Had a quick look around and sat and had lunch - not too much as very expensive but did have a proper coffee. Then wandered around and had a look at the shops but again very expensive and nothing that would actually fit me anyway. Sat and had another coffee at a place that looked out over the beach area and ocean and had another coffee. At this stage I was just trying to get thru to 1900 when I needed to go back to the hotel. Dcided to walk around the top of the cliff and after walking one way walked back towards the other to the hotel. Found a park seat and sat there for a while reading the Lonely Planet book. After about an hour someone else came to sit next to me and I didnt pay much attention to start with but he soon started to try and talk with me. The first thing he said in Spanish was that he had seen me and when he walked towards me it was love at first sight. I chose to ignore this and said I didnt speak much Spanish. he then changed the tone of the conversation slightly and asked general questions and established that each other was single and each had an adult child. After a while he decided to try again and said he loved bigger women and I had beautiful blue eyes and was bonita - beautiful. He also liked my arms and wanted to know how long I was staying in Lima. Then he asked whether I had hair on my legs or not as he liked both. It was about this time I decided it had gone beyond what I thought was quite funny and told him I needed to leave and did so with no problems whatsoever. Female tourists over here have a reputation for being easy and it is kinda true based on what I have seen from about half of them - maybe not sleeping around but certainly behaving very flirtaciously not that there is anything wrong with that. Anyway a 20min walk back to the hotel. Got may bags and changed into my airplane outfit and sat and read for a while longer. My taxi turned up right on time. Went thru checkin and security quickly and easily. Looked in duty free and found Estee lauder - yipee. Brought moisturiser and foundation and looked at soem of the other plces. Had a sandwich as wasnt sure whether American Airlines would give us any food or not.  I did not like them last time I travelled with them. Sitting second row to the back next to a girl who sleep the entire time. A 5.5 hr flight to Miami leaving Lima at 2340 and arriving at 0515. We were given a very bland meal - it would have been ok if it had some spice added to it. After the meal was served all lights were turned out and we were woken 10 mins before we landed so nobody had time to go to the toilet. Only one drink was offered in the entire flight. The cabin crew werent young and pretty. One had a backside the size of mine even - another wore her trousers slightly too short and had white sports socks on. Amazing really.

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Diary Photos

LarcoMar Miraflores

Miraflores Lima - note the sea mist

The park where I had my encounter

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