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Debbie does...round the world
No Photos 26th May 2009 - 30th May 2009 - Paris
The week after Paris

Really really hard going back to work after the weekend away. I think if Sarah from Hayes had rung and said she had a fabulous job and would I consider moving then I probably would have accepted. I know i am a hard worker and I cope exceptionally well under pressure and stess but sometimes the amount of work we have to do is ridiculous and unsafe. It would help if we were allowed to work longer hours with time in lieu every now and again but again that is bad management. Its not really about the pressure and stress but rather that I want to do a wonderful job for the clients I work with rather than just a good job.

Anyway enough of that - I was so tired each night I eneded up watching another 3 semi finals of Britains Got Talent - my goodness - some really bad talent.

Saturday was hot but I deperately needed some summer tops so decided to venture out shopping on Oxford Street. Walked halfway to Kilburn to catch the bus to Oxford Circus just to do something different. The bus changed course halfway there but went close enough for me. Went to a shop called Evans which has larger sizes - tried on heaps of stuff - bit annoyed as they all has elastic in the waist or no or cap sleeves whereas I like something down to my elbow. Ended up buying 2 tops and a pait of lightweight jeans for 50 pounds.

Then on to find a shop called Anne Harvey which someone from work had told me about it - of course at the other end of Oxford Street. It was a great shop and the sleeve length was a lot better but not exactly what I wanted but had no choice. Tried on about 20 things and choose 3 tops and  one lightweight jacket thing - 70 pounds in all. Then onto one of the large department stores as needed more Estee Lauder moisturiser - they had a pomotion so that if I brought one more thing I got some freebies (which are great sizes for a weekend away). Brought a mascara as needed one soon anyway. Then caught the tube back to Willesden Green and eventually home by 1800ish in time to watch the grand finale of BTG (Britains Got Talent) - it was great and I was impressed with 8/10 of them.

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