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Debbie does...round the world
No Photos 4th Jan 2010 - 5th Jan 2010 - The Silk Road
Just in London...

had a good sleep in and then set the washing machine going. Had decided today to go to Oxford Street to buy some winter boots as had no good winter shoes and they were definitely needed. Also needed some new jeans cos although kellie had attempted to repair them they lasted no longer than another 5 days - very sad to throw them away as they have done a good job over the last 12 months and were so comfortable.

Evans had a sale so i headed there first. tried on about 20 items - very frustrating with jeans and trousers as the same size varies so much. Eventually after 3 trips back to the dressing room found jeans that fitted well - the lady said I should go a size tighter as they stretch so tried the next size down and they were really tight so chose not to listen to her - (turns out she was probably right). 2 pairs for 30 pounds so got dark blue and black. Then downstairs and tried on boots - didnt have the ones I wanted inmy size but was happy with what i got - 50 pounds so not too bad. Then off to M&S to buy tracksuit pants - 12 pounds each. Then to Anne Harveys who also had a sale - had to not let myself buy anything but was swayed by teeshirt tops for weekend wear at 4 pounds each.

Got back to the apartment about dinnertime after stopping off at Sainsburys. Scott had made tuna casserole for dinner - my favourite - actually was ok and managed to get thru it and would have it again. That doesnt mean anyone in NZ can make me eat it.

Had deided to go away for another few days as i didnt start work for another week. Whittled it down to Austria - either Vienna or Salzberg as Andrew and Nacy had been there over Christmas and absolutely loved it. Eventaully decided on Vienna as it was cheaper and then messed around deciding on a hotel before deciding they were all probably the same and went with the Arcotel Boltzmann which recommended - hiccup at payment time as wouldnt accept either my NZ credit card or my HSBC debit card so gave up at 2300 not having booked anything.

Went to the bank Tuesday to sort out why my card hadnt worked the previous evening - no particular reason so went back to the apartment and tried again. This time it worked so booked to leave the following day and it was 30 pounds cheaper. nancy rang from work for a chat - the first time I have had someone ring for a chat while i have been in England - nice.Did more washing and packing as leaving early in the morning. Supposed to snow tommorrow. Scott arrived home after a job interview and Liz not long after. Made pizza and garlic bread for dinner.

Long discussion ensued between Scott and Liz re the house key and could I have one - there is only 2 per apartment and you also need the fob attached to it to let you in the main door downstairs. I was getting back at about 2300 on saturday and they were going out. Eventually i was allowed one of their keys which I swore I would protect with my life.

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