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Debbie does...round the world
No Photos 18th Jan 2010 - 24th Jan 2010 - London
Working and Apartment hunting Part 2

The snow is all gone now - the weather has been cold but not too bad - no sun and a bit of rain.

Work has been busy culminating with Friday and the person I am replacing actually leaving and me being dumped with a lot of uncompleted reviews and placements etc. The worst being a 7 month probationary performance review for one of my supervisees which was due Friday - they are a lot stricter here about these things and it very hard to do a performance review on someone you dont know. However will have to get on and do it. A lot of meeting new people and more and more safeguarding (vulnerable adult abuse) cases. Still the good thing about it is knowing people and some of the systems but wish I was back at PES with everyone - miss you all so much and worse this time as it is final.

Had a nice phonecall during the week from another agency wanting me to interview for a Community Mental Health Team job for 2 pounds an hour that I am getting now. Was in a dilemma for a while as it what I want to do and more money. However I feel a little loyalty to at least doing most of the contract of where I am. Everybody else says just leave and go for something else as i have to look after myself which I do agree with but I would feel ethically bad and not fair on the clients I have already met. saying that I will be leaving in 3-5 months. I was asked if I would apply for a permanent position but advised that I am definitely not interested.

Apartment hunting has been up and down. our offer for Limehouse wasnt accepted and it takes up to 10 days to get our deposit back from the agent. Andrew and Nancy continued to look and saw again one in a building called The Forge which they had viewed before Christmas and liked. We then on Thursday put an offer for The Forge (this agent didnt need a deposit until acceptance) which was accepted so we put a deposit down only to be told the next day that the acceptance had been withdrawn. We hadnt signed anything yet so appears they can do this. We were offered something else in the development but with only one bathroom which we rejected and later were offered another one which Nancy viewed - slightly smaller but a good price and we accepted the offer but the agent cant sign us up until Monday night. In the meantime another place came up in the same building in Limehouse so we will put an offer in with a requirement that we have a reply by 1600 Monday and if not accepted will sign up for The Forge. The main difference between the two is location. We also viewed another one on Saturday which was great but only one bathroom.

So tommorrow is the big day really - the other slight hitch with Limehouse is that it is not available until March but gives me more time to save I suppose although am longing to be settled and to spread my stuff around.

Went out on Friday night to the big leaving do for my colleague - home about 2200 after several rum and cokes. Home about 1600 on Saturday after coming back from Canary Wharf and spent time on the computer on Farmville. Sunday caught up on the blog, shopping for the week and washing.

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