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D 'n A tandem encore
It's now thirty five years since Australians Anne and Declan first took their bikes to Europe for two months touring in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. In 2012 they revived the experience, trying life on a Bike Friday tandem in Germany and France. In 2013 they rode the tandem from Burgundy to Bordeaux and in 2015, via a very circuitous route from Avignon to Vichy. In 2017 the tandem will be in France again. This time their plan is to start in Bordeaux and travel down the west coast to San Sebastian, in Spain. From there, they will join the Eurovelo 3, towards Paris. Eurovelo 3 is known as The Pilgrims’ Route and Pilgrims would have traditionally travelled in the opposite direction, towards Santiago de Compostella in Spain. There are many routes that lead to Santiago de Compostella in north-western Spain. The one chosen for EuroVelo 3 starts in Norway and heads diagonally across Europe, passing through France before heading due west along northern Spain. Declan and Anne intend to retrace the EV 3 from the Spanish border as far as the Loire Valley with some deviations to take in places such as Cognac and Oradour sur Glane.
Our latest 5 diary entries

20th Jun 2017 - 22nd Jun 2017
Noillac to St Pardoux d’Isaac (43 km), to Frontenac (53 km)
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are the last of this dreadful heatwave and our strategy is two days of early starts to reach the destination by midday, and then a cycle free day.Tuesday found us in St Pardoux d&...
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17th Jun 2017 - 19th Jun 2017
L.d’A. to Bazas (68 km) to Noillac (31 km)
Saturday had a predicted 37 deg temperature and we set off for Bazas with accommodation unconfirmed and unclear where we’d get anything to eat.  This part of the Landes is very sparsely inhabited, mostly...
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14th Jun 2017 - 16th Jun 2017
Dax to Saint-Sever (52 km), to Labastide d'Armagnac (63 km), & a circuit
Most of our travelling these 3 days has been on a 'greenway', along an old railway line, the 'Voie Verte du Marsan et l'Armagnac'.  This one is well established, well over a decade old, ...
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12th Jun 2017 - 13th Jun 2017
SJdL to Urt (47 km), then Dax (51 km)
When the French talk of the Basque coast they mean from the mouth of the Adour River down to the Spanish border, and it's a mixture of steep cliffs and lovely (surf) beaches with Atlantic waves rolling in, and...
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10th Jun 2017 - 11th Jun 2017
S.S. back to France, St Jean de Luz (37 km)
Being back on the bike seems comparatively easy after 2 weeks of beginner Spanish!  Plus we are retracing our steps along the EV 1, so all the twists and turns seems familiar.  The 2 week break was enough...
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