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D 'n A tandem encore
26th Jun 2017 - 27th Jul 2017
Cognac to Angouleme (56 km) to Exideuil (66 km)

Monday was very pleasant easy cycling on a well posted cycle route upstream along the Charente River (which gives its name to the whole department, and was a vital transport route back in the day).  And another rambling, quirky, likeable B&B at the end of the day.  Also the day when we completed our first 1000 km of the trip!!!!!!!!

Monday was also our first properly wet day of the trip, with forecasts worsening over the next few days, so we took plotted and researched the next few days accommodation allowing us to hide indoors if necessary, and still make it to Oradour-sur-Glane, and get back onto our main route.

Angouleme’s immediate attraction is the number of murals through the old town sitting on top of the hill behind the remparts.  The town has a museum of ‘bande dessine’ (which we didn’t have time to see) and these cartoon figures are the basis of the murals.

On Tuesday we headed out of the valley of the Charente to Exideuil along the Vienne river (which river we will be following towards the Loire over several days).  Rain threatened all day and a huge deluge finally started as we passed a sports field with a very convenient shelter.  We shared the space with some woodcutters interrupted in their cutting down a small plantation of poplars and had quite a sociable half hour till the storm blew over.  These plantations are planted by local communes and get harvested every 25 years or so.  The main trunks go into the plywood industry, where they get ‘peeled like a roll of toilet paper’, but one of the uses of this ‘peel’ is to make the boxes that wrap cheeses, such as the Camembert cheeses in so many supermarkets.

Our B&B for two nights is owned by an English couple.  He is a plumber and most of his work comes from the very large number of English people who have settled in this area.  We gathered that Brexit & the pound sterling exchange rates are concerns for this enclave, many of them retirees. 

Next: Oradour-sur-Glane (76 km round trip)
Previous: To Guitres (54 km), to Barbezieux (69 km), to Cognac (33 km)

Diary Photos
26th Jun 2017  Cognac vineyards, Grande Champagne

26th Jun 2017  Precise plantation

26th Jun 2017  Port de Saintonge

26th Jun 2017  Memorial to wine making in the Charente

26th Jun 2017  Beautiful bridge

26th Jun 2017  Roadside memorial to WWII resistance fighters

26th Jun 2017  Angouleme

26th Jun 2017  Girl on the Remparts mural, Angouleme

26th Jun 2017  Mural, Angouleme

26th Jun 2017  Cartoon mural, Angouleme

26th Jun 2017  Mural, Angouleme

26th Jun 2017  Mural, Angouleme

27th Jun 2017  Breakfast in Angouleme

27th Jun 2017  Bathroom view, Angouleme

27th Jun 2017  Chateau de la Roche a Foucauld

27th Jun 2017  On road to Exideuil sur Vienne

27th Jun 2017  Harvesting Poplars

27th Jun 2017  Vienne river at Exideuil sur Vienne

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial
No Description

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Massacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Oradour sur Glane Masacre Memorial

28th Jun 2017  Thunderstorm shelter

28th Jun 2017  Bike showing signs of wear

28th Jun 2017  Ominous sky

28th Jun 2017  Clouds Clearing

29th Jun 2017  Our very English B&B in Exideuil

29th Jun 2017  Arriving in Confolens via le Vieux Pont (14 th century)

30th Jun 2017  Breakfast overlooking the Vienne in Confolens

30th Jun 2017  Rainy day in Confolens

30th Jun 2017  Pretty, wet Confolens

1st Jul 2017  Lookout over a tributary of the Vienne

1st Jul 2017  Lunch in Esse

1st Jul 2017  Our lunch stop in Esse
No Description

1st Jul 2017  The church in Lesterps, once part of a large abbey

2nd Jul 2017  Making our way along a "Google" path that became a paddock

2nd Jul 2017  Availles Limouzine

2nd Jul 2017  Lunch stop under a verandah, in light rain

2nd Jul 2017  Short section of rail trail to Lussac les Chateaux, that was a bit too rough

3rd Jul 2017  Nuclear power plant so close to the road

3rd Jul 2017  Chateau de Toufou

3rd Jul 2017  Looking at the sun

4th Jul 2017  Our Chambres d'hotes in Vouneuil sur Vienne

4th Jul 2017  Cow dung

4th Jul 2017  Emmaus: French equivalent of St V de P opp shop

4th Jul 2017  50 euros

4th Jul 2017  Pieces like this are marked 80 euros

4th Jul 2017  Drawing the crowds on a sunny Tuesday

5th Jul 2017  Impressive gateway

5th Jul 2017  34km to Tours

5th Jul 2017  Clear signs for bikes

5th Jul 2017  Whole roof is solar panels

5th Jul 2017  21km to Tours

5th Jul 2017  15km to Tours

5th Jul 2017  13km to Tours

5th Jul 2017  8.4km to Tours

5th Jul 2017  Tours!

5th Jul 2017  Arriving in Tours

5th Jul 2017  Countdown to Tours

6th Jul 2017  Train to Chateau Chaumont

6th Jul 2017  Flower border at Chateau Chaumont

6th Jul 2017  Flower Garden

6th Jul 2017  Box spheres

6th Jul 2017  Sculpture, Chateau Chaumont

6th Jul 2017  Japanese garden

6th Jul 2017  English garden

6th Jul 2017  English garden

6th Jul 2017  Korean garden

6th Jul 2017  Pond

6th Jul 2017  Rectangular pond

6th Jul 2017  Lily pond

6th Jul 2017  Chateau Chaumont

6th Jul 2017  Artist's garden

6th Jul 2017  Artist's garden

6th Jul 2017  Wall of picture frames

6th Jul 2017  Osier fence

6th Jul 2017  Osier archway

6th Jul 2017  Umbrella garden

6th Jul 2017  Leafy garden

6th Jul 2017  Chateau Chaumont

6th Jul 2017  Shade structure

6th Jul 2017  Water lily

6th Jul 2017  Glass house

6th Jul 2017  Glass house

6th Jul 2017  Drum kit

6th Jul 2017  Cyclist's tan
No Description

6th Jul 2017  A welcome cold drink at the top of a hill

6th Jul 2017  Outdoor restaurants in Tours

7th Jul 2017  Tours Cathedral is illuminated at night

7th Jul 2017  Monster place, Tours

7th Jul 2017  Tours cathedral blue/ yellow

7th Jul 2017  Tours cathedral blue

7th Jul 2017  Tours cathedral multi coloured

7th Jul 2017  Illuminated cathedral

8th Jul 2017  Bike packed & on way to Paris

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