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Europe on a whim!
Just an update for friends and families while were heading round europe in our beautiful sherpa campervan! Hope to update this at each stop in a little internet cafe.....if we can find one!!
Our latest 5 diary entries

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17th Aug 2009
Day 23- Toulon
Starting the day we headed down to the St Tropez beach and had a nice refreshing swim and q quick sunbathe before heading to the backery for some fresh croissants and danish's. We then headed to EleClerc for a quick...
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15th Aug 2009 - 16th Aug 2009
Day 21 & 22 - St Tropez
Getting to St Tropez nice and early we found a large campsite practically on the sea front. So we set up the camper and headed straight for the beach to paddle in the clear blue sea and soft white sand.At lunch time...
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12th Aug 2009
Day 18 - MONACO
Monaco is a place that is exaclty how it looks and sounds on telly and in books, it breathes rich.Was pretty cool driving round it, but trying to park was, again, proving to be an arse ache.But w did end up driv...
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11th Aug 2009
Day 16 - San remo
The plan when leaving Milan was to head off along the coast, close to the border with France, destination Genova.When we arrived it was an itialian Dover, huge port town, overly busy, . and not all that pleasent...
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10th Aug 2009
Day 15 - Milan
I'll let the girls fill this in at a later date.All sam and shaun know is that we saw a bag in a shop with a price tag of 13 grand. bugger!!
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