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No Photos 22nd May 2008
10 Ways this Differs from Le Tour de France

18. Cajun Country is not France even though folks there spice thier English in a vaguely similar manner. .
17. We only share ibuphophin - this does not improve our performance. It only tempers our whining.
16. We toast the completion of nearly each day, not with champagne but a beer or cola or more cold water.
15. We don't really "attack" hills, we just shift our gears, adjust our butts and struggle to get over 'em.
14. If our jerseys are clean, it's because we washed 'em ourselves.
13. Most folks we encounter are supportive but are clearly puzzled why we're doing this.
12. Instead of 23 Stages, there are only 7 stages including: Denial, Anger, Acceptance ...
11. The police car following is not there to escort us - and just might issue a citation if we fail to come to a complete stop.
10. Drivers honking their horns and gesturing are not cheering us on. They want us out of thier lane.
9. Some riders have personal trailers but they tow them loaded with all their gear, behind thier bikes.
8. Our training table is a picnic table and there are only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches available.
7. Cyclists in le Tour often weigh less than their bikes.
6. Occasionally we encounter riders going in the opposite direction.
5. Reining royalty participates in the ride and includes: The King of the Desert, The Queen of the Hill Country, The King of the Thicket, The King of the Swamp, the Queen of the Bayou and the Grand Emperor of the Coast.
4. We fix our own flats, oil our own chains, tune our own gears, true our own wheels, replace our own spokes, or find a bike shop or tour guide that knows how.
3. There's not a yellow jersey but a pink blouse that someone found in a second hand shop in Austin.
2. The youngest and fastest graciously accepted more group gear to carry. There was certainly no competition, general cooperation, only occasional drama but no prima donas.
1. There's no podium at the end; everyone who finishes, wins.

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