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Peter (30th May 2008)
The End
You guys rule, welcome back, when you get here! Wyo. Bob: Thanks, that makes some sense. Bob trailers can get pretty heavy and tough on rear spokes. You have to admire the fortitude to cross America unsupported!
Lori in the library (28th May 2008)
From sea to shining sea...
Thanx for the opportunity to let the 527 K-6 students at RL Stevens School in Santa Rosa, CA share in your cross county ride adventures. Your(and Herb, and Dee) photos and commentary complete the map spread across one wall of the library...Of course the younger ones expect you all to show up at Friday morning Assembly....hopefully they will settle for my brother on the recumbent...but then I hear he is royalty now. Best of regards to you both, it's been quite a ride!
T Woz. (28th May 2008)
A Roy Orbison song....
It's over... (now reach for it) IT'S OVER !
Way to go.

T Woz
Lil Bro (27th May 2008)
What to say now....
At least one armadillo is really glad you came along.
Wyo. Bob (24th May 2008)
Note to Peter
I think they are referring to the Tour de France racers who have sag vehicles hauling their gear (personal trailers) versus the Tour de South riders pulling their own Bobs. Get it?
Peter (24th May 2008)
"Riders have personal trailers but they do not tow them"

Do not get!

Nice job everyone, that is a long ride
Jan (23rd May 2008)
Hope the rain isn't too bad...
Looks like you'll be pedaling in some today. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment and thanks for taking such good care of D.O. Dog.
Dan Unger (23rd May 2008)
St Augustine FL
Hey Guys you may remember meeting I am a HS friend of Wyo Bob and live in Wash Park Denver.
I'll be staying at some place call Casa Monica in the heart of St on Sunday and Monday nights under the name of Ruth McCabe. There is a bar and I love to hear you exploits. Don't know how else to reach you so my number is 720 250 8752
Norskisis and Danskfisher (21st May 2008)
Birthday Greetings
Our very happiest of birthday greetings to you and keep safe thru the alligators and storms...hope to see you on the return in Yosemite....much love to you. Keep safe!
Barb (18th May 2008)
Oh Brother Where Art Thou
I hope you"re not a frog