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Bondi Burrows
22nd Jul 2016 - 31st Jul 2016
10 year Wedding Anniversary

It's hard to believe it's 10 years since we exchanged vows in the middle of a thunderstorm. Where does the time go? To celebrate this momentous milestone we thought we'd throw an anniversary party. Midwinter weather in Sydney isn't much worse than the weather on our wedding day, so we cranked up the heating and attempted to recreate a marquee vibe in our lounge room. The dress code was 'your wedding' and we invited all our friends, old and new to join us in their wedding outfit, bridesmaid dress or wedding guest attire. There were photos, plenty of champagne, and Cornish pasties for all. We asked everyone to send us their first dance track and added them to the play list - it was fantastic to see each couple take to the floor to relive their wedding dance. All except Susan and Hamish, who were so excited to hear their tune that they threw each other across the room. Literally. No party at our house finishes without Singstar, so George mixed up some espresso martinis and we sang until the early hours. A really great party - almost as good as the first time.

Our actual anniversary was the next weekend and Caroline and Danny kindly offered to look after our girls while we headed down the coast to Mollymook. We were staying at the Banister's hotel, perched on the cliff above the beach. Friday night we drank beer and ate tapas in the poolside bar, and on Saturday we dined at Rick Stein's amazing Banister's restaurant. Delicious. We even got to amble around some antique stores on our way home....

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Diary Photos
23rd Jul 2016  The Happy Couple
With a bit of a steam clean the dress was almost as good as new. And George's made-to-order suit from China was almost as good as his hired morning suit.

23rd Jul 2016  Katie Briance
Katie was official photographer for the night and took all the photos of our guests in front of the chalk board wall

23rd Jul 2016  Steve and Cailie and bump
At 8 months pregnant Cailie rocked the trashy pregnant bride look.

23rd Jul 2016  Sam King
Cutting a dash in his best suit

23rd Jul 2016  Sam and Vicky
Dressed as the wedding singers. Love it.

23rd Jul 2016  Adam Foster
Adam's wife had a cold and couldn't make it but Adam didn't let that cramp his style

23rd Jul 2016  Paul and Sharon
Awesome to see a genuine wedding dress dusted off again

23rd Jul 2016  Leo and Julie

23rd Jul 2016  Graeme and Leo
Graeme's wife couldn't make it - so Leo stepped up.

23rd Jul 2016  The Curti
Delighted Flips donned her dress again - as I missed it the first time around!

23rd Jul 2016  Kate and Brendan
Another gorgeous genuine wedding frock

23rd Jul 2016  Caroline and Brendan
Mix and match husbands from Wellington St

23rd Jul 2016  Tonia and Stephanie
Undisputed winner of best dressed award goes to Stephen. Sorry, Stephanie. Outstanding.

23rd Jul 2016  Melissa and Steve
Best dressed wedding guests

23rd Jul 2016  Krissie
This is her actual wedding dress - cleverly dyed blue to wear for any occasion

23rd Jul 2016  Caroline and Danny
Caroline channelled a Four Weddings and a Funeral vibe, and Danny rocked his tartan.

23rd Jul 2016  Federico and Victoria
Another baby bump! Loving the blue suit too...

23rd Jul 2016  Callum minus Louise

23rd Jul 2016  Hamish and Susan
The second kilt of the night.

23rd Jul 2016  Andy and Anna
Another baby bump - Anna has lost heaps of weight since her wedding - but that made it the perfect maternity wedding dress!

23rd Jul 2016  Gill and Matt

23rd Jul 2016  Lili and Brad
Also celebrating 10 years this year - another genuine dress.

23rd Jul 2016  Charlotte and Arnaud

23rd Jul 2016  Nick and Beth

23rd Jul 2016  Brendan and Marissa

23rd Jul 2016  Kelda and Steve
Kelda rocking the dirty hen party look

23rd Jul 2016  Steve and Stephanie
Oh my.

23rd Jul 2016  Bride wars!
Fay gets jealous of all the attention Stephanie is getting.

23rd Jul 2016  Party in the Kitchen
Everyone knows that the kitchen is where the party really happens

23rd Jul 2016  Mr and Mrs Champagne
Peter and Denise gave us these brilliant wine bottle covers - and some bottles inside them.

23rd Jul 2016  Some Things Never Change

23rd Jul 2016  Kiran and Ruban
Not the actual Sari Kiran wore for her nuptials, but pretty awesome all the same.

23rd Jul 2016  The Brides
Love this photo - so delighted everyone made such an effort!

23rd Jul 2016  Peter and Denise
Thought they could get away without a photo!

23rd Jul 2016  Quinlan First Dance
We snuck the first dances into the playlist later in the evening and everyone did us proud by stepping up to the dance floor.

23rd Jul 2016  Curti First Dance

24th Jul 2016  The Drunken Groom Dance
Our favourite greek wedding dance, chosen especially for Peter, but it was George who got down on the floor to pick up the shot glass with his teeth.

24th Jul 2016  If I Lay Here....
You can't sing along to Snow Patrol unless you are lying on the floor.

24th Jul 2016  Espresso Martinis
Michael arrived too late for a photo - but not too late for an espresso martini

24th Jul 2016  Susan and Hamish Take to the Floor
Moments before they fling each other onto the floor. Great enthusiasm!

24th Jul 2016  Little Skye
Caroline brought our girls home the next morning. Skye was keen to still join the party.

26th Jul 2016  Awesome Hama Beads
A very excited Zoe came into our room early on the morning of her birthday. This gift from Granny and Grampy was a big hit.

26th Jul 2016  Beanie Boo!
The start of a year long obsession with Beanie Boo Owls

26th Jul 2016  Awesome Car
Super excited about this present too!

26th Jul 2016  Happy Birthday Zoe
Six today.

26th Jul 2016  Oscar and me
Zoe's giant Beanie Boo Oscar does everything with her.

26th Jul 2016  Pirate Cake
Not quite up to the usual standard - shouldn't have used the sloppy ready made icing! The kids demolished it though so it can't have been that bad....

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