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Bondi Burrows
13th Apr 2017 - 26th Apr 2017
Granny Sue in Kangaroo Valley

With our big renovations looming Sue squeezed in a visit before we packed up and moved out of the house for 3 months. We had a few days taking Sue to the beach and snorkelling in Clovelly, and a lovely afternoon in the rocks climbing the pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to take in the views from the top.

Having spent a lovely day in Kangaroo Valley a few months earlier we were keen to go back and explore properly. With a long weekend booked off, and making the most of Anzac Day on a Tuesday we had found a lovely cottage on the edge of town and drove down on Friday evening. We spent a lovely day wandering around the town, checking out the antique shops and homeware stores, then searched for Jasper on the stoney river bank. That night we drove out to a nearby camp sight to see if we could spot wombats - we hit the jackpot. There was a big mummy wombat sitting in the mouth of a burrow, then her little baby came out to join her. As dusk gathered more and more wombats emerged from their burrows and munched away at the grass, oblivious to our delighted squeals!

The next day the nearby pioneer village was open, with blacksmiths, butter making and old style school lessons to attend. I'd read about a gorgeous road by a river just outside of the town, so we headed there for a picnic lunch, stopping by the local community hall on a patch of grass at the roadside. It wasn't the best place to stop. Within minutes our patch of serenity was filled with parking cars - a film premiere was taking place at the hall! After a trip to the stunning waterfall at Fitzroy Falls we had another dusk drive out to the countryside, this time to spot kangaroos - again we were delighted to spot a huge mob out in the field by the side of the road.

For our last day we drove out to the coast at Shoalhaven Heads for a swim at the deserted beach, some beach combing and sliding down the dunes.

It was Anzac Day when we left Kangaroo Valley, so before we departed we wandered down to the town centre to watch the ceremony. It was lovely to watch the small community come together to honour their fallen ancestors, and afterwards the bakery passed around free sausage rolls. Very special. We broke up the drive back with a stop outside Nowra to walk the Bomaderry Creek Walking Track. It looked like a simple loop on the map but after walking along one side of the creek for over an hour we decided we would never come to the crossing to come back the other side and retraced our steps. Then it started raining. We were all exhausted by the time we got back to the car!

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Diary Photos
17th Apr 2017  Clovelly Snorkellers

20th Apr 2017  Granny Sue Helps in the Garden
With the builders moving in in 2 weeks we needed to clear a few things out fo the way. Zoe and Granny were very helpful.

22nd Apr 2017  Green Diamond Python
On our first morning at the cottage we heard the birds getting agitated in the tree outside the front door. Then we spotted this! Eek! Luckily the diamond python is not venomous. phew.

22nd Apr 2017  Stone Seat in Kangaroo Valley

22nd Apr 2017  A Break from Antique Shops

22nd Apr 2017  Fossicking at Kangaroo Valley River

22nd Apr 2017  Heart Shaped Rock

22nd Apr 2017  Waving from the Bridge

22nd Apr 2017  Rocky Haul
Lots of red jasper containing rocks from the riverbank.

22nd Apr 2017  Brave Swimmers
Zoe and Emily braved the cold river water for a swim.

22nd Apr 2017  Baby Wombat!
The girls waited patiently outside of his burrow for him to come and play

22nd Apr 2017  Come out come out!
A little bit of encouragement.

22nd Apr 2017  Wombat Patting
The wombats were too busy eating dinner to be bothered by nearby small children

22nd Apr 2017  Mum and Baby
Just gorgeous

22nd Apr 2017  Fuzzy Baby Wombat

23rd Apr 2017  Picnic on Upper Kangaroo Valley River Road
Before we were descended on by movie goers

23rd Apr 2017  Rainbow at Fitzroy Falls

23rd Apr 2017  Granny and Girls at Fitzroy Falls

23rd Apr 2017  Chess in the Pub Garden

23rd Apr 2017  Kangaroo Valley Kangaroos

24th Apr 2017  Shoalhaven Heads Beach Lounging

24th Apr 2017  Stunning Seven Mile Beach

25th Apr 2017  Walking in the rain

25th Apr 2017  Bomaderry Creek

25th Apr 2017  A Much Needed Rest
Trying to decide whether to press on or turn back!

25th Apr 2017  Harry Potter Puzzle
Emily's birthday present was the perfect activity for Sue's last night

25th Apr 2017  One Missing Piece!
Disaster! Eventually we found it on the floor.

26th Apr 2017  Bye Bye Granny Sue

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