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Foreign Fourens
4th Oct 2017 - 5th Oct 2017 - Fourens to UK, France and more
Brussels to Singapore

Whenever it's the night before a travel/connect day I don't seem to sleep,so we'll, my mind is too busy.  I'm not sure if the girls realise how good they've really got it with me paying all attention to the issues of concern while they must get a bit over my stern commands. As a good Marriner strict discipline is applied when required whilst allowing for relaxed celebratory activities when deadlines and schedules are not an issue. For instance I had to balance out the weight distribution of our suitcases. When flying international with Singapore airlines you are allowed up to 30 kg per person of booked in luggage. However because we are flying to Frankfurt from Brussels first before we connect with our Singapore flight via a smaller Lufthansa jet aircraft our book in luggage maximum weight per item is only 23 kg and because one of our cases is small complicated by the inclusion of our Spirit of Remembrance souvenir packs, it takes a bit of a balancing act. So I lay down the law on how much goes in where then weigh the baggage with our travel scales. I'm sure some of you will understand my dilemma knowing that I am travelling with three femme fatales who are challenging to manage without a rebellious tanty or two๐Ÿ™„. No stress, we got out of our room and down to the taxi on time at 0645. The taxi driver was an okay guy, a French Moroccan (very diverse over here) and we gave  him our surplus SOR packs with ponchos and booklets etc, just couldn't fit it all in. We were at Brussels airport with plenty of time to spare, which is better than the alternative as we were advised travelling to the airport from around 0800 onwards can be traffic bedlam. Our flight was due at 1005 so we had plenty of time to burn after booking in and going through customs. So we had a simple breakfast, croissant, chocolate pastry and coffee for me, gotta eat like the locals while I can๐Ÿ˜›.  Then a browse around and wait. Sue found that there were well priced Tin Tin memorabilia items for sale but I applied discipline: nice to look at but not necessary to buy. After a long wait we were advised that our flight was delayed . We changed departure gates then changed back again. By the time we boarded we were more than half an hour behind schedule which meant our connect flight was going to be tight. We took off at 1055 and arrived at Frankfurt about 1135. We were met on the Tarmac by a transit bus that delivered us with military precision via passport control to our waiting Singapore airlines flight. Now we're on board for the long haul enjoying the fine Singapore airlines hospitality. Due to the configuration of three rows of three on this flight the Fourens are unable to seat together in a row and I am across the aisle. But I've been fortunate to have a fellow traveller on the other side of the aisle from me with two seats spare between, and he loves sport. He is an Aussie of Spanish descent who exports tiles to European countries and is involved with Spanish tennis players' promotion particularly in the Australian open. We spoke of our common admiration for Raffa Nadal both liking his uncommon humility coupled with his fantastic ability and star status. Now it's time to make the most out of this long flight. So as usual out of all of us Susan slept the most. She found there were spare seats in the middle aisle in front of me and took the opportunity to lay down across them sometimes. We caught the last three episodes of the Broadchurch 3 series which was very good. I also watched the Batman Lego movie which was very funny, I really liked some of Batman's lines and anecdotes. I also watched American Hustle which was well acted and a pretty good movie. The food was fairly good and we had plenty to eat. We got into Singapore about 0630 local time after 12 hours in flight. We waited at the baggage carousel until it was bare and alas our luggage had not arrived. After a long wait at Lost and Found office we were informed our luggage hadn't made it on to,our flight and was on another flight coming in late afternoon. We were compensated $120 SP per person and caught a taxi to the Novotel Clarke Quay but our rooms aren't available before 1400 so it's a long tiring wait without our things til then. We're all a bit tired and in need of a nap. Thankfully we got a room made up for us by about 1100 so I had a shower and we all caught some Zeds then got up and out for a reccy. Settled on a meal at Chillis (Mexican) which was very fulfilling but there are beans!  Then strolled the riverside and decided to take a relaxing river cruise even though we've done it before it's just a great way to smooth on into the environment of Singapore and we love Singapore ๐Ÿ˜.  Now we're just kicking  back at a live music bar, with great music to sing along to, still waiting for our luggage to arrive. Until tomorrow - over and out!

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Diary Photos

Tin Tin's rocket ready to go

Waiting at the Novotel

Uh oh good choice?

Clarke Quay Novotel our Singapore base

River cruise sites

Skyscrapers from the river

Bronze boys jump in

Famous site from the river

Kicking back on our river cruise

Fourens relaxing at a Clarke Quay bar

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