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Foreign Fourens
7th Oct 2017 - Fourens to UK, France and more
Monkeying around in Singapore

‚ÄčToday I happily surprised the team with my decision to visit the zoo. After breakfast we booked our entry on.line and taxied it out to the zoo some 25 minutes drive from our hotel. It's another hot and steamy day here so we have to keep hydrated. Lined up to claim our tickets from the machine then joined the busy crowd line to go in. Visited as many exhibits as we could and in many enclosures we were pleasantly surprised how close and personal we could get with the non too shy beasties which made it a lot of fun. We caught the trailer tram around to different themed sites in between walking about. Had lunch at one of the cafes and after about 5 hours we were ready to leave. By then at about 3.30 pm there was a tropical downpour which went on for nearly two hours. We managed to get a taxi back in heavy traffic and heavy rain having ordered it on line which was quicker than waiting in the taxi rank. I just located our taxi rego and waved him over, got in and called the girls away from the long taxi rank queue. It took nearly 90 minutes to get back to our hotel in the heavy tropical downpour and consequential heavy traffic. Tonight I took the girls out to a Burger King where they ordered takeaway meals to have back in our room.  The girls stayed in and watched a movie while Sue and I went downstairs and enjoyed a sumptuous buffet dinner with an Octoberfest theme which included roasted pork knuckles and other German dishes. The selections on offer were all tempting so keeping our choices to a modest amount required firm discipline. A very pleasant evening was enjoyed.

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Diary Photos

Singapore Zoo visit

Hanging around

I'm cool

White Rhino


On the prowl

Meer cats on the lookout


Tortoise line up

Snakes eye view of the Fourens

Lillian exhibit

Slowly slowly

Fourens catch the tram ride in Singapore Zoo

Girls in the Zoo jungle

Big green parrot?

Demure Lemur

Feeding birds

Mandolin gets close to her monkey friend

Tortoise love

Flat out like a...

End of the day Singapore

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