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Our holidays
10th Sep 2017
A very long Sunday

We arrived at Hong Kong airport around 7.30 am Sunday morning,after a restless few hrs sleep on the flight. We booked a hotel for the day so we could shower & rest up before the long leg of the journey later that day. The concierge directed us to the cafe on the ground floor but dad  found the club lounge in the hotel so we had a really nice cooked breakfast there & it cost us nothing.

We made our way back to the airport & I scored a pair of noise cancelling earphones as I left my other pair ( not noise cancelling ones ) at home , oops ! 🙄

The flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver was long & very bumpy. The captain apologised several times for the turbulence and he even asked the crew to take their seats on two occasions.

Didn't sleep much on this flight but arrived in Vancouver just after 1 pm. After going through customs & claiming our luggage which was quite a smooth exercise we caught a cab to the hotel in downtown Vancouver. 

Dropped our luggage off & walked about 6 blocks into the city centre which was really nice, much like Sydney I thought. I must admit I have never seen so many homeless people in any city so far. 

Had lunch & a light dinner in the city then made our way back to the hotel. 

We thought that we would get a really good night's sleep as we were both so tired so turned in around 9 pm only to wake up again just before midnight . So now we are emailing & blogging at 1 am 😩. Body clocks all out of whack !!

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Diary Photos

Breakfast on the plane

Hong Kong hotel room

Breakfast being prepared in the executive lounge

Lyn in the executive lounge

Vancouver airport

Lunch in Hong Kong

Lunch in Vancouver

Hong Kong to Vancouver

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