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Bren (2nd Oct 2017)
Scenic photos
Some of those photos are amazing. I want to get copies of the high-res originals to use as my background on the laptop.
Bec (20th Sep 2017)
More ship photo's!
I was going to ask the same as Bren! I would love to see some pics of your cabin and some more around the boat too. Looks spectacular!
Bren (18th Sep 2017)
Cabin photos
Any photos of the cabin?
BEC (15th Sep 2017)
Hi Guys!
Trip looks amazing so far! Finally got 5 minutes to read all your blog posts. Well done on the zipline!! Very impressive! I'm sure you are having a wonderful time om the cruise now.

Bren (13th Sep 2017)
Very impressed you did the zipline Mum! Would love to do that. The cruise is going to be awesome.