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Memorial Ride for Cory
A Memorial Ride For Cory One of the first things that Cory's mom Michelle told us when we returned home for Cory's funeral was that she wanted us to finish the ride, and we are. The ride remains a fundraiser for Cory so that we can help his mom pay off the last of his medical expenses, his funeral and to establish a 4-H camp scholarship as one of Cory's last wishes. He always said that camp was the one place he could just be Cory and not someone sick with CF. We hope to honor that wish. Due to some route changes we will end the actual ride with fewer miles than the original 2020 miles planned. To make up the difference we will be riding the final miles along a paved bike path along the Mississippi Rive near our home in Savanna, Illinois. If any of you would like to join us for those miles please let us know and we will contact you when we have it schedules. We are off once again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"OVERCOMING ADVERSITY - A Fund Raising Ride for Cory"
by Gary & Sue ( and dad)

As many of you know from our DeVore family holiday letter we have been planning another bike ride called the Underground Railroad Bike Ride. It is a 2020 mile route that follows a series of historical paths that slaves took as they tried to escape to freedom in Canada. The ride goes from Mobile, Alabama, a historic arrival point for slave ships, to Owens Sound, Canada, a town founded by runaway slaves. We are once again working with students from various schools to learn as we travel.

However, another issue has risen that means far more to us. My sister Dianas grandson Cory Vance was born 23 years ago with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that has made him fight for his first breath and every breath since then. We have had the joy of watching Cory grow up at our camp, go through our L.I.T. training program, work as a volunteer 4-H camp counselor and then as one of our full time Camp White Eagle staff. Despite his own health difficulties Cory has always worked to help others. Cory ended his camp career with us as our administrative assist. Each day Cory gave a hundred percent. Even last year Cory volunteered at 4-H camp to the extent that his illness allowed.

The last year has been hard on Cory. His lungs have deteriorated to the point that he needs full time oxygen, pain medication and often needs a wheelchair to get around. His overall health has lessened to the point that his mom Michelle has become his full time care giver. She is the best person for this not only because she is his mom but to raise Cory she had become a self taught expert in Cystic Fibrosis. She worries about Cory, she worries about the increased medical expenses not covered by insurance and she worries that she cant work while also providing him the daily care he needs.

Sue and I would like to raise enough funds to allow Michelle to stay at home, while also having the funds to cover Corys medical costs. If we can raise $100,000 we can provide enough funds to allow Michelle to stay at home and provide for Corys care for two or three years.

We are asking all of our friends, family, camp family and others to help us in this effort. We need you all as never before. The trip covers 2020 miles. If we can raise $50 per mile we can meet our goal. Sue and I are covering all of our own expenses for the weeks of this trip. We are also pledging the first 50 cents per mile.

If you can give....
a penny a mile ($20.20),
a nickel a mile ($101.00,
or a dime a mile ($202.00),
or any amount you choose,
we would appreciate it.

Feel free to tie your donation to my miles to make sure I bike the miles!

Donations can be made to...
Corys Benefit Ride at Heartland Bank
401 W. Main St.
Lexington, Illinois 61753.

My mom, Corys great grandmother, a retired banker, will manage the account and keep track of our donors.

Please pass the word along to others you know who maybe has been impacted by our camp work, or just inspired by Cory. CORY NEEDS OUR HELP!

With all of our heart,
Gary & Sue DeVore


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How do I sign up for day to day journals?
Email Gary and let him know.

How do I pledge per mile?
Email Erin or Sue how much you want to pledge per mile. We will write your name down, and then toward the end of the trip we will contact you with the bank information.

Can I receive updates on Facebook?
Yes. I (Erin) have a group on Facebook (Overcoming Adversity) that has all the trip details, journal entries, cory's updates. You can either look through the groups or find me (Erin DeVore) and let me know you want to join.
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