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Lusheroo... (20th Apr 2017)
Lets hope june is the end of may!
I could have told you that... she is only five years older than me!
Gareth (18th Apr 2017)
Just discovered Theresa May is younger than me!!!
Derek (11th Apr 2017)
"just" ?

Rose was more than "just" a sister; she was a great sister and a great person. And anyone at Gregg's who thinks that a loss of a mother and the loss of a sibling lack parallels should be fired for not knowing shite. It's a sad world when people you work with day in and day out can't look out for anyone but themselves. I'll blame Donald Trump for that just because it's one more think to add to the list.

Hang in there. We are all thinking of you, as you clearly know.

Derek (20th Mar 2017)
Great pictures indeed! I agree about the kangaroo, but the one of the koala is pretty damn good too.......
Gareth (16th Mar 2017)
Oz pics
Utterly brilliant photos, including what is probably the best photo of a kangaroo I have ever seen!
Binni 'n Kim (26th Feb 2017)
Roller coaster Ride ...
Georgi ... We love you ... That simple ...
Highs and lows are indeed part of life and we feel privileged to have you as our friend ... You needed the space and time and we simply provided what we could to ease the pain of the roller coaster of the past months.
Sincerely hope you have supercharged your alarm clock girl because you will need retraining of the brain to be getting up with the sparrows for work!
2 extra days as a result of all the stuff ups with cards etc .... Enjoy them.
Ah ... That helicopter flight ... Magic and worth the wait!
Granitic tors on golden plains!
Walking the shores of the 12 Apostles without the crowds!
Bringing the rains back to Pigs all the way from Scotland! Not a day too soon!
We are so looking forward to August but are still hoping DonnieT will be gone by then...😱Xx
Derek (26th Feb 2017)
Australian tales

Thanks for this account of your adventure; I've only been on a helicopter once (over a glacier) and I loved every second of it; I can only imagine how thrilling it would have been to see a coastline that way. I can't believe you encountered snow since so much of NSW has been suffering a heat wave, but that's just a good reminder for me of how big and diverse Australia really is. Have a safe trip home, with no more travel hassles!

Binni and Kim: you have clearly done something remarkable for Georgi this month and we are all so grateful to you for that. I'll raise a hearty toast to you tonight while watching the Oscars.


Derek (23rd Feb 2017)
Dear G, B and K: I hope that you've begun your outback adventure and that the openness of the spaces and the sky is providing some measure of comfort. I've been thinking of all of you daily, hoping for tears of joy among the tears of sorrow. Derek
Derek (27th Jan 2017)
The Service

Thank you for sharing some of the details of Rose's memorial; and it's so like you to be able to see beauty amidst the pain.

Marty and I want you to know that we sent flowers to Bill's address via the Snapdragon florist on Bruntsfield; we didn't have a telephone number for him, however, so there may be a problem with delivery. If you don't get them by Saturday, you might call them. Our order number was 6917.

We know that flowers and words can't fill the void Rose has left. It's just our way of remembering her and to say we are thinking of you. Last night we opened a nice bottle of French ros´e and told stories of Rose and the laughter we shared with her.

Our thoughts are with you all.


Derek and Marty
Derek (26th Jan 2017)

It was a shock to check your blog and to find this news. I am so sorry for you, Eli, Bill and your brother, and I am sorry that haven't checked your blog in the last two weeks. I hope you know that Marty and I are thinking of you, remembering the laughs with Rose, whether they were at Point Reyes in the wind or in Edinburgh on a pub crawl. Rose's giggle gave us such joy; I struggle to believe that I'll never hear it again.

I'll call over the weekend.