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Lush (19th Sep 2017)
Event horizon
As usual well ahead...but I do walk over the meadows, with bunnies carousing all over at 5.30am. red leaves for 10 days now...and dark...hell...dark. I lose all sense of light, hope, life and health in the winter...fucking hate moving somewhere else asap....
Gareth (19th Sep 2017)
Event Horizon
Just seen my first red and brown leaves (though I suspect more observant observers may be ahead of me).. We are entering the Black Hole, people. Unless you live in the Terra Australis, in which case Welcome To Spring!
Still... Nibiru is due to finish us all off in 4 days' time.
Derek (12th Sep 2017)
Down South
So glad to see and read that you all had such a grand time exploring Dixie. Doesn't sound like you missed a beat, covering both the historical and the absurd. I've never seen a drive through beer store, but you found one and that's proof that you got off the beaten path and did the South your own way. ANd that feels great. So glad you liked the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and experienced your own history at the pharmacy. What a treat to meet someone like her. And what did you think of the BBQ?!

Straight-lush (6th Sep 2017)
Hair hair obviously does not want to be a natural crown of curls, as it has gone straight recently...a phenomenon of menopause, and a rather depressing one. I think, in fact, that the asymmetric hair would have suited me more had my hair been more curly...but sadly it was going straight even then. you may not have your hair...but I don't really have my own hair anymore either. its shite!
Gareth (3rd Sep 2017)
The star's corona
Sorry to be (probably) cheeky about the haircut; it's just so obvious your hair wants to be a natural crown of curls, and it's maintenance-free, too. I wish I had something to make hairstyles out of.
Hey! Forgot to mention the very appealing booze drive-thru!
And I assume all readers are aware that those in possession of special knowledge tell us the world will be destroyed on 23 September, by the secret planet Nibiru, which usually lurks somewhere near Ur Anus, and hides from astronomers. Since this will mean me missing out on my pension, I have written to President Trump, asking him to take military action against Nibiru. If no reply is received soon, I will try mentally Ill Young Kim.
Lush (3rd Sep 2017)
Yeah....I know that the haircut didn't suit me, but I just wanted something different. trouble was, you had to 'do' your hair with that cut, and I don't really have time for that. not sure I like the one I have either, but its less hassle, that's for sure. and thanks for photo comments.
Gareth (3rd Sep 2017)
Magic box make picture
Fab photos! Love especially: the soda fountains, the Alligator River bridge, Elvis's TV room (with tiny TVs), and the houses in Rodinthe (I want the one on the left with its view of the one on the right). And the fact that you've got rid of the asymmetrical haircut.
Derek (16th Aug 2017)
Just hoping that all of you have clear skies for the eclipse on Monday and that your road trip is full of good food, good music, and good times.
Gareth (14th Jul 2017)
Faulty pedant
Yikes! Typed "here" instead of "hear"! But perfection is, after all, only for the Gods. And this isn't my blog.
Gareth (14th Jul 2017)
The Pedants' Revolt
Strictly speaking, Derek, a compromise between 1983 and 1964 (or December 1972) wouldn't be 1999. But I here Prince rated it highly for partying.