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Derek (13th Dec 2017)
High numbers
Just after I last posted, I saw the numbers and understood what the context was. I think I'd vote for relieved over disappointed, but I understand.....

Lush (8th Dec 2017)
Derek....I had to look that up. obviously in the old days, I would have got out my huge dictionary, now, I just googled it. I know the thing, but I didn't know that is what it was called.
and yes bill is a legend. if you look up the website of nuffieldhealth at the Omni centre in Edinburgh, and put in splash some cash for bill you will see the photos and blurb. what a guy!
and derek, I know my friends read this tosh, but if you look back at the last few entries, hundreds of people have read it....that is what is weird. now its just back to the usual handful...don't know if I should be relieved or disappointed. hahaha!
Derek (7th Dec 2017)
Swimming away
I finished reading one of my student's papers on the wayang a few minutes ago, which means that I read your last entry, G, with the right sensibility: balance in all things. It felt "quite right." And, if you don't know why people read your blog, you should: because we care!

Great to hear about Bill's swim. I'm so impressed. If I'd known in advance, I'd have contributed. Now it'll have to be 8.5 hours for 85 years. Given that Marty's mother (who is 87) does nothing but watch Fox News and complain all day, it's so important for me to be reminded that aging does not have to end in bitterness and feebleness. So three cheers for Bill and three more for you!

Privatelush (19th Nov 2017)
Gareth, do you really, for even one second, think that I would tie my blog into my facebook page! for a start, I only have about 65 friends on fb, as I only accept people that I really know. and of those only 2 know where my blog is. I'm not a sharing type! thought you of all people would have known.....hahahaha!
Gareth (19th Nov 2017)
Oh, hang on.. just noticed the high readership goes back over several entries, so it's not triggered by a single subject..maybe everyone who knows you on Facebook reading it more than once? Perhaps forwarding/sharing? I'll go back to my sock drawer.
Gareth (19th Nov 2017)
Glad you got the rant off your chest. Would many of these offenders be at the younger end of the age spectrum? Of course they would. And the rise in number of readers - I wonder if some sort of Google search might be leading people here? Time for advertising?
Lusheroo... (18th Nov 2017)
Is it my imagination or are there suddenly hundreds of people reading my blog....? and if so why...and more importantly WHY?
Lush (9th Nov 2017)
Hi d. cant just go to Chernobyl, or pripyat on your own. there is a company called Chernobyl who do trips from kiev, but in fact, im going with explore, who offer it as a 4 day weekend trip, with a day either end in kiev, as you are only allowed to spend 2 days inside the exclusion zone. I have to say, that it is not really the site of the reactor that im am as interested in, as the ghost town of prypiat, the abandoned cars, the ferris wheel, the houses just left, the childrens play park...that sorta post-apocalyptic thang. at this precise moment, not sure if I have to wear a hazmat suit and carry my camera in a plastic bag which I then have to destroy or what. I'll let you know.
new mexico is in march...we were going to meet in kerala, the other way round the world half way inbetween the uk and oz...but NM just looks fab, we are meeting up in Albuquerque and doing a loop of taos, santa fe, white sands, area 51, badlands, pueblos and back to abu...but not necessarily in that order. we are staying in a couple of adobes, and will be heated by khiva fireplaces. cant wait. so two cold trips for me, following 2 hot road trips. such larks. its good to be me.
Derek (7th Nov 2017)
Upcoming trips

So two questions from you last post:

1)how did you learn about a trip to Chernobyl? Did you just find it on your own or say I want to go there, or did you find it or hear about it some other way. The pictures I've seen in books and National Geographic make it seem science-fiction-y, which I'm guessing is part of the appeal. These works also gave me the impression that it was pretty much off limits. In any case, I look forward to he pics. Just don't drink the water.

2)When is the NM trip?

We turned our clocks back too, so there is more darkness here as well, but unlike you, I love it. For me, in these global warming times, any day that is cool is a good day and darkness brings the coolth. But of course, I'm in ever-sunny and increasingly hot California, so I understand that our contexts are different.

Lush (19th Sep 2017)
Event horizon
As usual well ahead...but I do walk over the meadows, with bunnies carousing all over at 5.30am. red leaves for 10 days now...and dark...hell...dark. I lose all sense of light, hope, life and health in the winter...fucking hate moving somewhere else asap....