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Derek (18th Mar 2018)
Space aliens?
HAVE YOU SEEN ANY???? Stay away from any flying saucers of any variety....

Derek (7th Mar 2018)
Dunkirk spirit
As I read your latest post, I was thinking how absurd it was that you were open, but as I continued, I realized that Greggs had become a community center in an informal way, and that you were providing a social service of sorts. Perhaps that's part of the reason it was rewarding. From what I can tell from here, it sounds like the worst has past and that you are back to normal winter weather: cold rain. Meanwhile, California is back to a drought. We've only had one small storm since early December!

Globaltraveller (20th Feb 2018)
To be honest derek, I could live quite happily in Haiti. its beautiful, its mountainous, its got stunning beaches, its got lovely people, its got really good you know what I would miss the most living there....good bread, and any kind of proper cheese. given that this is my staple diet...its a hard one to give up!
Derek (14th Feb 2018)
Airports 2
Perhaps the real message is that you just shouldn't ever leave Haiti!

Looking forward to the photos!
Derek (13th Feb 2018)
Airports of the world
Is there anyone else who can say that they have been in the Kiev airport and the Cap-Haitien airport within a month?! I don't even think we could find a Ukrainian who could make that claim! And, yes, the hotel IN the Miami airport is a godsend.

I hope it's all a great trip!

Georgi (3rd Feb 2018)
So derek. here is a new thing I have discovered about people in their late teens and early twenties....they think that hiv, and aids have been around for, like, EV-ER! when I was talking about all the things that have appeared in my lifetime...obviously most noticeably the internet, I mentioned aids, and Chloe's jaw dropped. I could tell that kenroy didn't really believe me that I had lived through a time where there was no hiv....I mean...were we as clueless about things that only happened 30 years ago....I cant really remember being 20, but I don't think so!
Derek (30th Jan 2018)
More photos
G: Thanks for posting more of your wonderful photographs. My students liked this new set too. And so do I. Don't get me started about cell--sorry mobile--phones. I'm so glad that I don't have one. Perhaps you saw this or something like it; it made me feel so virtuous! H

Derek posture-neckpain-mood.html?emc=edit_th_180126& nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=29836920
Georgi (26th Jan 2018)

I have millenials working in my shop, and they also have never heard of the accident. I realise it was over 30 years ago....but to be honest, unless it is on facebook or youtube they don't know about it. it amazes me that all 20 year olds carry phones with more information available at the touch of a button than we could have found in a week at the library, and yet, seem to know so little about anything. but if I helped in any way to inform them of something outside of their own experience then im delighted.
btw...did you know that millenials don't use doorbells? nor do they knock....they phone when they arrive!
Derek (25th Jan 2018)

I was so struck with your pictures and words from Chernobyl that I shared them with my world history students at the end of class this morning. They were fascinated! Even the Soviet art was really quite foreign to these kids (who were born in 2000 and 2001). Us Cold Warriors remember another time, but for my students, some of whom had never heard of Chernobyl, it was an eye-opening experience. Thank you!

Gareth (10th Jan 2018)
I have just read your moving and beautifully written post about Rose. I didn't know about the events of those few days - thank you, and bless you (and you don't have to believe in God to say "bless you" and mean it).
And, by the way, I've made a mental note never to go into rehab.