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Gareth (7th Jul 2018)
Oh my God. Bill is the finest human being I have ever met, and deserves the best of everything, forever, not this. I will call and hope I can catch you.
Binni n Kim (7th Jul 2018)
Bill ...
A message for Bill please ...
Fight On Billy!
A day at a time is the only way to approach the rest of your life.
Challenge it as you have always done Bill.
Enjoy what you can every day ... take the great with the shite ... play games when up to it ... put on the VR gear and go for it! Eat what you feel like when you feel like it! Talk with friends as often as you feel you wish to! Cook another great fish pie!
What a cruel diagnosis but if anyone is up to the challenge of getting as much living out of that it is you Bill!
If we had not had a Dad we would have asked you to adopt us!!!!
Georgi will have already told you this but just to make certain you know it from the horses mouth ... WE LOVE YOU BILL and are here for both yourself and Georgi.
We would come over but the next wee while is a time a challenge and change at home re treatment regimes and all that comes with making your life at Merchi as easy as possible and a time for close friends and family that you want to be in your face all the time!
Continue laughing and cry whenever you feel you want to ...
Georgi ... we have talked to you already and you have seen and know what we feel. We are here for you Girl ... whatever you need ... if we can do it we will and more.
We are also so very sorry that we did not get to travel with Bill in USA last year ... seeing him was a huge bonus we have to say! It was a journey we were so much looking forward to sharing with The Coventry Mob!
Get Bill Home To Merchi and let it all sink in in the privacy and huge comfort of Merchi! That is the Mission for the week ahead!
Our very heartfelt love to you both and a huge thank you to Mog also.
How do you feel ... numb and really fucking pissed off we would say!
Why Bill alright !
Your room is here as always G. You know that ... for as long as you like ... if and when necessary.
Xxxxx As always ...
oh yes ... What a beautiful photo of Bill in London and all because we in Australia cannot change old GBP into useable money here in Oz! Go figure!
Derek (30th Jun 2018)
Back in CA
Back in California, the home of interrupting internet agents apparently. It's interesting what you say about London, Georgi: Marty and I had a three-day stop over in NYC on the way to Newfoundland and found it challenging. Yes, there were great views, great art, great meals, but the hassle of midtown Manhattan at lunch time on a Monday left us cold. Too many people fighting for too little space. Coming back from Newfoundland, we transferred at LaGuardia; it's was such a shock after the great outdoors of our iceberg adventure and the quiet airports of Halifax and Gander. (Do you know the story of 9/11 and Gander?)

In any case, I think we may be preferring rural vacations to urban ones. Newfoundland was very appealing. Not as many bergs as last year, apparently, but enough for us to get memorized. We sipped gin & tonics sitting in Adirondak chairs on a gravely beach outside our cabin; the bay was full of small bergs, the sun's rays dancing on them. L'anse aux Meadows was really interesting to see; my first reaction was: why here?! But the good folks at Parcs Canada explained things well and I got a lot of good photos to bore my students with in class.

Best of all the Canadians didn't take Trump's offending Justin Trudeau right before our arrival out on us. How are we going to survive 2 1/2 more years?

Georgi (27th Jun 2018)
Well, apparently they don't change overnight in snowed in newfoundland on the summer solstice for the first time in living memory. and trump says that there is no such thing as climate change!!!!
Derek (2nd Jun 2018)
Yes, it's cold, probably too much so; I wonder if the rental car comes with snow tires! The great thing about the American/Canadian east coast is that the seasons change overnight, so who knows. We'll be fine either way--especially since I can walk again.

Georgi (24th May 2018)
Nufie weather
Sorry to hear that derek...dang, we are all getting so old. don't know if you have checked the weather in newfoundland, but in gander there is 2 feet of snow! in may! I know you like the white stuff...but how much is too much???? ha?
Derek (10th May 2018)
The thing of it is, I didn't really do anything! Last Sunday, I went to the gym, didn't have any problems, came home, ate dinner, did the dishes, and then while watching TV I thought, "my ankle hurts." By the next morning, I could walk on it. Not a great story, by any means. I think's it's just revenge for getting older: I sprained it severely 5-6 times in my teens, twenties and early thirties. Now, it's payback time.

G (6th May 2018)
Broken ankle
Derek, how the hell did you fracture your ankle?

G (4th May 2018)
Do i
Well, derek, thought it did, but apparently didn't...fuck me dead, I do now...and will never again forget the the right san jose!
Derek (3rd May 2018)
Do you?

That's the kind of mistake that I live in fear of every time I book any reservation: do I have the right date? right time? right place? I'm so glad that it worked out and that you are going to be able to go where you want to go. I can't help but think of this song, however:

And B and K: it's SO incredibly embarrassing to have such an idiot as my president. In Lisbon, a taxi driver asked several questions, politely, but was certainly relieved to know that he wasn't transporting a crazy American who voted for Trump. The idea of Trump even being considered for a Nobel Prize anywhere but in his own mind is crazy.

And in other news, I have an alluvial (avulsion) fracture in my right ankle. Crutches, a boot, no driving, tedium, "sick" days. Uggh. But this too shall pass, perhaps on the way to San Jose.