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Derek (10th May 2018)
The thing of it is, I didn't really do anything! Last Sunday, I went to the gym, didn't have any problems, came home, ate dinner, did the dishes, and then while watching TV I thought, "my ankle hurts." By the next morning, I could walk on it. Not a great story, by any means. I think's it's just revenge for getting older: I sprained it severely 5-6 times in my teens, twenties and early thirties. Now, it's payback time.

G (6th May 2018)
Broken ankle
Derek, how the hell did you fracture your ankle?

G (4th May 2018)
Do i
Well, derek, thought it did, but apparently didn't...fuck me dead, I do now...and will never again forget the the right san jose!
Derek (3rd May 2018)
Do you?

That's the kind of mistake that I live in fear of every time I book any reservation: do I have the right date? right time? right place? I'm so glad that it worked out and that you are going to be able to go where you want to go. I can't help but think of this song, however:

And B and K: it's SO incredibly embarrassing to have such an idiot as my president. In Lisbon, a taxi driver asked several questions, politely, but was certainly relieved to know that he wasn't transporting a crazy American who voted for Trump. The idea of Trump even being considered for a Nobel Prize anywhere but in his own mind is crazy.

And in other news, I have an alluvial (avulsion) fracture in my right ankle. Crutches, a boot, no driving, tedium, "sick" days. Uggh. But this too shall pass, perhaps on the way to San Jose.


George (1st May 2018)
The wrong san jose
Derek....nufie is the Canadian term for a Newfoundlander, and there are a zillion nufie jokes, and who would have thought, the same jokes we tell about the irish! they have a really brilliant accent, and a very slow pace of life and thought(hahaha). I kinda always thought they were the same...but this is the thing with amenda.....she is not a nufie (though to my ears, she certainly sounded like one), she is from a completely different place, and knows nothing about nfl, well, apart from camping there once.

and the nufies...well its because its pronounced noofinland!

see those 6 months I spent in Canada obviously taught me something.

but not to book the right san the answer is, yes....I have accidentally booked a flight to SJC CA when I really want to go to SJO CR! ALAMafuckingGORDO!
Binni n Kim (1st May 2018)
She’ll Be Righted Mattie!
Happens to the best of us G.
SJO v SJC happens to many ... sadly yes they are in two very different places with a long flight to join the dots but it is workable ...
Heck you and Derek could get together for the night in SJC ... Bonus!
The hotel in Glasgow the night before Barra sounds magic and will make the trip even more like a huge getaway!
The Catio is finished and the puss cats love it !
Hello Derek ... Trump may be up for a Nobel Peace Prize we hear🤪🤫
Derek (1st May 2018)

Regardless of where Amanda lives, you've introduced me to a new vocabulary: nufies, NFL that isn't the National Football League, and the clear distinction that Labrador and the island are different places, despite sharing the same provincial name.

And what's the deal with San Jose? Are you accidently coming to California?

Nufies part 3 (30th Apr 2018)
Sorry...derek I realise that didn't really make sense, but we think of newfoundland as the whole shebang...where as amenda lives in Labrador, and doesn't know shit about NFL. she is totally, totally a labradorian....not a nufie. HA!
Me again (28th Apr 2018)
Amenda has just told me that she doesn't really know about NFL because she lives in Labrador city....but she has camped there once...
George (28th Apr 2018)
Well, derek, I have a new friend I met in Haiti who is a nufie.....her name is Amanda...but its pronounced amenda...and the way she talks is just hilarious. got to love nufies.