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Binni and Kim (11th Jan 2017)
Rose ...
We are here if you need us Georgi.
We feel the pain ... the numbness ... the release ...
You gave everything to Rose in her lifetime ... love ... friendship ... understanding ... advice ... support ... great times ... travel experiences... hours shared in deep discussion ... dance parties in your own lounge ... laughter ... and so much more that only you know.
For Rose to have slipped away from her torment in her sleep was a blessing.
Again ... we know your pain and we know your tears.
Look after yourself Georgi and it goes without saying that we are here if you need us ... what is important at the minute is the the Coventry family spend time together and be there to support each other and especially Bill who has been most impacted in so many ways over so many years.
Rose may well be gone from this earth but Rose will be with you forever ...
Can we also say that Rose looked absolutely content and happy in Cambodia! YOU gave her that moment ... that sense of contentment, freedom and happiness that she very rarely felt in life.
Take care dear friend and we shall see you in less than 5 weeks time for another journey and THAT helicopter flight!
Our love to all Georgi. xoxox
Eli (20th Dec 2016)
Various Nightmares
May I just say that the airport issues in Haiti where I was through security on one side and Georgi in the other immigration limbo stands as one of my most panicked travel moments. And G, not applying for UVA so your trip is safe unless the GOP cut all the funding for public education and then I will be out of a job. The shenanigans in this state make me ashamed, tho' HB2 may be repealed. We share your pain Derek, the whole election has been such a nightmare, very difficult time to be in higher ed and make sure that our diverse communities feel safe and not under attack.
Eclipse tripper. (20th Dec 2016)
Aug 21st.
You betcha. not just me, but binni and kim too. we are staying in Raleigh with eli and mike, and then seeing eclipse in Lebanon s Carolina...then doing Memphis Nashville, and where you used to live...Chattanooga....
Derek (19th Dec 2016)
Eclipse Trip?
G: You mentioned an eclipse trip; are you planning on coming to the US on August 21st?
Derek (16th Dec 2016)
Hi Georgi, and Merry Christmas to all!

Strasbourg sure looked a lot different in the winter than it did when I was there for a spring break--was it four yeas ago? But having been there recently, and having flown into the same airport you did, I had a real sense for your adventure. Transfers are the hell of traveling, whether at a train station, a traffic jam, or airport customs. That just part of the reason that I never travel during the holidays.

I'd hoped to get more Christmas cards out than I did, so let me use this space to say hello and recap my 2016. Last April, I went to Hawaiʻi for the first time, but I didn’t really go for the sun or the beaches. Instead, I spent a week in the special collections library of the University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa, conducting research on a Christian missionary from the Cook Islands who travelled to many parts of the Pacific in the nineteenth century for the London Missionary Society. This research allowed me to write another chapter for my world history book, which now has 21 of 26 chapters completed—at least in terms of a first draft! While on Oahu, I also enjoyed seeing many of the sights first introduced to me by Steve McGarrett and Danno on the original Hawaii 5-0 in the 1960’s, and found myself far more captivated by the flora, topography, skies and people than I’d ever expected to be. No wonder so many like Hawaiʻi so much.

This summer, Marty and I devoted considerable time to our research projects, but we did have a remarkable ten days in British Columbia, where we visited a remote bear sanctuary. As they said at our orientation, “You will go see bears. Then you will eat. Then you will go see more bears. Then you will eat. Then you will go see even more bears. Then you will eat.” And it was true: surrounded by incredible fjords and lush forests, salmon-filled creeks and glacially-fed inlets, we observed dozens of bears by day, counted the stars by night, and ate ourselves gloriously silly in between. It was a grand escape, allowing us to return to another school year with optimism and energy.

That's too much info since it's not my blog, but I'm in training as an American for the Trump world: I get to do what I want. (I hope everyone knows that's me being sarcastic!)

Merry Christmas!


Derek (15th Nov 2016)
Hi: I see you are back in Haiti again, Georgi; I hope you enjoy yourself this time too. I'm not sure any country is going to admit me after January 20th, so I may be confined to traveling in the good ole USofA for the next four years. We are all still reeling from the election surprise. Lots of nervousness about the future, both for the U.S., but also for the rest of the world. All I can say is, I'm sorry; I voted, as did most Californians and most Americans, for Hillary. We did what could, but it wasn't enough.

Soupqueen (15th Oct 2016)
Yes...bags of soup...we do fresh soup that comes in 5lt bags....drop one of those once open and its like a massacre.......
Derek (13th Oct 2016)

10 bags of soup?! That made me smile too. Hang in there and enjoy your richly deserved day off.

Derek (23rd Sep 2016)
Thanks, Georgi, for all of the book recommendations and for waving to an old man. That made me smile. As did your ending to the return to Edinburgh entry. We are lucky; Marty has a friend who lives in LA, works for Disney, and was just given a demotion (along with everyone else in her cohort of folks in their 50's) because the Disney pension is based on the average of your last five years of salary. And her husband is bedridden. I'm not sure what she's doing to do, and that make me too feel lucky.

Derek (25th Aug 2016)
Retail rant

Now I understand why you travel; it's the ONLY way to ensure (insure?--I can never keep those straight!) that you get an escape. Binni is right, teachers do take their work home with them, but because there is a change of environs, there is a break of sorts. I'm not on ALL the time, but schools have a special intensity about them. Binni is also right: watching the bears--I do wish this blog allowed commentators to upload photos--feels like it was months and months ago, not 4 weeks.

Enjoy the time in Kas. And keep taking those out-of-country vacations to make sure that you get a break.