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Derek (16th Aug 2017)
Just hoping that all of you have clear skies for the eclipse on Monday and that your road trip is full of good food, good music, and good times.
Gareth (14th Jul 2017)
Faulty pedant
Yikes! Typed "here" instead of "hear"! But perfection is, after all, only for the Gods. And this isn't my blog.
Gareth (14th Jul 2017)
The Pedants' Revolt
Strictly speaking, Derek, a compromise between 1983 and 1964 (or December 1972) wouldn't be 1999. But I here Prince rated it highly for partying.
Derek (13th Jul 2017)
OK, Gareth, how about 1999?
Gareth (13th Jul 2017)
Incoherent ramblings of a dribbling old man
... and the bit at the end of 1972 when I left school and felt like a freed slave...
Gareth (13th Jul 2017)
Derek, you helpful provider of travelling tips, please don't wish for the return of 1983 - I was a very unhappy civil servant living in the hideous town of Warrington... the very thought makes me shudder. I quite liked 1964, I seem to remember.
Derek (11th Jul 2017)
Just say it ain't so! I liked the world better when I didn't encounter my culture everywhere I went. The arrival of KFC was bad enough, but KK too?! Maybe a locally-produced craft beer is the only thing left that's unique in our globalized world. Bring back 1983 says the guy with no mobile phone!

Georgi (7th Jul 2017)
Krispy kreme
Hate to disappoint derek, but there is a kk shop on princes street...and Tesco has a stand in most stores. as someone who sells donuts for a living...I just cant believe how expensive they are. eg...a glazed ring we sell in greggs for 50p is £1.20!!!! actually..sign of the times...the Tesco beside bill has a halal area, a polish one and American stand with pretzel pieces, reeces pieces, those delicious chocolate balls with blueberry and acai and that kinda thang! yummmmm!
Derek (6th Jul 2017)
Mozzies and mounds
Hi: I don't think you'll have to worry about mosquitoes; the only exception would be if you are out in a rural area near or after dusk. The cities shouldn't be a problem. But it will be HOT and muggy. Think tropics minus the mozzies! As for food, BBQ is what stands out in my mind, but I know there are those who love catfish, corn fritters, fried green tomatoes, sausage gravy for breakfast, and fried chicken. One wonderful place (that you'll also see in North Carolina) is Krispy Kreme donuts. If they have the light flashing, "Hot Donuts Now"do stop, regardless of the day. Nothing melts in your mouth quite lie a hot Krispy Kreme donut. ANd it's great fun to watch the production as they come off the icing machine!
Georgi (6th Jul 2017)
Eclipse trip
Derek.....thanks so much for all that....really helpful. we may even try to visit Dollyworld on the way back to RDU as we pass within a few miles of it. and cant deny, im pretty intrigued by the Mississippi mound culture....don't know anything about it, and I realise its not 'ancient' but lost cultures are just so my thing!
im guessing that is going to be stoopidly hot....but how bad do you think it will be for mozzies?
and is there anything unique to eat like beignets or a muffeletta? yummmmmm!