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Travels in Latin America
This is the map of my trip. The red lines show my journey so far, and the dotted lines show my future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of my arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all my stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

86 Stops
5th Jan 2009    Tacoma USA
5th Jan 2009    Portland USA
4th Jan 2009    San Francisco USA
4th Jan 2009    Los Angeles USA
3rd Jan 2009    Phoenix USA
2nd Jan 2009    El Paso USA
2nd Jan 2009    Ciudad Juárez Mexico
1st Jan 2009    Chihuahua Mexico
31st Dec 2008    Divisadero Mexico
30th Dec 2008    El Fuerte Mexico
30th Dec 2008    Los Mochis Mexico
30th Dec 2008    Mazatlán Mexico
28th Dec 2008    Durango Mexico
27th Dec 2008    Tequila Mexico
27th Dec 2008    Guadalajara Mexico
26th Dec 2008    Mexico City Mexico
22nd Dec 2008    Puebla Mexico
21st Dec 2008    Oaxaca Mexico
19th Dec 2008    San Cristbal de las Casas, CHIS Mexico
17th Dec 2008    Antigua Guatemala Guatemala
15th Dec 2008    Copán Honduras
15th Dec 2008    La Ceiba Honduras
8th Dec 2008    Utila Honduras
7th Dec 2008    La Ceiba Honduras
7th Dec 2008    Tegucigalpa Honduras
22nd Nov 2008    Managua Nicaragua
20th Nov 2008    San José Costa Rica
17th Nov 2008    Panama City Panama
14th Nov 2008    Golfo de San Blas Panama
11th Nov 2008    Cartagena Colombia
6th Nov 2008    Medellín Colombia
3rd Nov 2008    Santiago de Cali Colombia
30th Oct 2008    Quito Ecuador
29th Oct 2008    Cuenca Ecuador
29th Oct 2008    Tumbes Peru
27th Oct 2008    Trujillo Peru
24th Oct 2008    Lima Peru
19th Oct 2008    Cusco Peru
17th Oct 2008    Copacabana Bolivia
15th Oct 2008    La Paz Bolivia
11th Oct 2008    Rurrenabaque Bolivia
9th Oct 2008    La Paz Bolivia
8th Oct 2008    Uyuni Bolivia
4th Oct 2008    Tupiza Bolivia
3rd Oct 2008    San Salvador de Jujuy Argentina
9th Sep 2008    Salta Argentina
7th Sep 2008    Corrientes Argentina
7th Sep 2008    Posadas Argentina
6th Sep 2008    Oberá Argentina
5th Sep 2008    Posadas Argentina
5th Sep 2008    Trinidad Paraguay
3rd Sep 2008    Posadas Argentina
2nd Sep 2008    Cataratas del Iguazu Argentina
1st Sep 2008    Posadas Argentina
15th Aug 2008    Salta Argentina
12th Aug 2008    San Pedro de Atacama Chile
10th Aug 2008    La Serena Chile
4th Aug 2008    Valparaíso Chile
30th Jul 2008    Mendoza Argentina
25th Jul 2008    Córdoba Argentina
22nd May 2008    Buenos Aires Argentina
21st May 2008    Puerto Madryn Argentina
20th May 2008    Río Gallegos Argentina
19th May 2008    El Calafate Argentina
18th May 2008    El Chaltén Argentina
12th May 2008    El Calafate Argentina
11th May 2008    La Esperanza Argentina
11th May 2008    Río Gallegos Argentina
9th May 2008    Río Grande Argentina
30th Apr 2008    Ushuaia Argentina
30th Apr 2008    Río Grande Argentina
30th Apr 2008    Río Gallegos Argentina
17th Apr 2008    Puerto Natales Chile
15th Apr 2008    Puerto Edén Chile
13th Apr 2008    Puerto Montt Chile
11th Apr 2008    Temuco Chile
6th Apr 2008    Santiago Chile
7th Mar 2008    Buenos Aires Argentina
4th Mar 2008    Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
2nd Mar 2008    Montevideo Uruguay
27th Feb 2008    Paysand Uruguay
25th Feb 2008    Salto Uruguay
24th Feb 2008    Artigas Uruguay
23rd Feb 2008    Paso de los Libres Argentina
20th Feb 2008    Iguassú Falls Argentina
30th Jan 2008    Rio de Janeiro Brazil