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Another Idiot Abroad
Prague - 4 Diary Entries
13th Jun 2017Back Home
12th Jun 2017Day trip to Dresden....
11th Jun 2017Czeching into Prague.......
9th Jun 2017One night in Minga.....
Slovenia - 3 Diary Entries
30th Apr 2017Nasvidenje Slovenia
28th Apr 2017Ljubljana - wetter than a fish's wet bits!
27th Apr 2017Heading East.....
South Africa - 8 Diary Entries
21st Feb 2016Time to go home
19th Feb 2016Cape of Good Hope and cricket of no hope?
17th Feb 2016Safari so good at Aquila and Paarl.
15th Feb 2016Point to point Cape Town style
13th Feb 2016Gilo, Ro and Kingy top the table
11th Feb 2016Out and about in Cape Town
9th Feb 2016England lose.....guess who's arrived in South Africa?
8th Feb 2016Planes, trains and automobiles
Australia and New Zealand - 16 Diary Entries
8th Feb 2016Planes, trains and automobiles
7th Mar 2015Back Home
4th Mar 2015Time to come home
2nd Mar 2015Half a job England fall short again....
27th Feb 2015Over the hill at Tauranga
25th Feb 2015Taken up the Coromandel
24th Feb 2015England join the World Cup party
22nd Feb 2015A tough day for Christchurch
20th Feb 2015England are a shower in Wellington
18th Feb 2015All Set Up nicely in Wellington
16th Feb 2015Melbourne - Another Fine City
15th Feb 2015Valentine's Day Massacre
13th Feb 2015Delivery for Baden Powell....
11th Feb 2015The Eagle has landed......
10th Feb 2015Ready to fly.......
10th Feb 2015Here we go...........
Australia - 18 Diary Entries
13th Dec 2013Home Sweet Home
11th Dec 2013On the way home.......
8th Dec 2013They think it's all over.......
6th Dec 2013Adelaide - It's all good; bar the cricket
5th Dec 2013English weather in an Australian summer
3rd Dec 2013G'day from Adelaide
1st Dec 2013Back on the tourist trail...
30th Nov 2013Lucky News...from Randwick Races
28th Nov 2013Good times - I'm rich!
27th Nov 2013The news from Sydney.......
26th Nov 2013The return to Sydney
24th Nov 2013Red faces all around as England capitulate
22nd Nov 2013A game of two fifths
20th Nov 2013Here for the Brisbane Roar
19th Nov 2013G'day again......from Brisbane
18th Nov 2013G'day from Sydney!
17th Nov 2013Getting there....
16th Nov 2013Here we go......
New Zealand - 22 Diary Entries
2nd Mar 2013New Zealand - What a country!
1st Mar 2013Home Sweet Home
28th Feb 2013Half way home.....
27th Feb 2013Last night in New Zealand
25th Feb 2013It's clouding I'm coming home.
24th Feb 2013Good News, Home and Away
21st Feb 2013Greetings from Auckland
20th Feb 2013And the good times just keep on coming...
19th Feb 2013Napier - A bit too Art Deco for the Barmy Army!
18th Feb 2013Day trip to Rotorua. Hold your breath, it stinks!
17th Feb 2013Another tough day!
16th Feb 2013Landed In the Bay of Plenty (Of Beer!)
15th Feb 2013Swill, Runs and Loons
14th Feb 2013FW: pics
13th Feb 2013Out and about in Wellington...eventually
13th Feb 2013It's all shaping up nicely....
12th Feb 2013Jinxed the cricket. Doh!
11th Feb 2013Touchdown!
11th Feb 2013Small World my ar$e!
10th Feb 2013Get set.......Go!
10th Feb 2013Planes, Trains and Automobiles
9th Feb 2013On your marks.....

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