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Thrilling Musings
No Photos 21st Dec 2015
Longest Range Sniper Shots

With the particular coming of consistently much better rifles and also optics your record for your longest-range sniper shots of most time keeps getting stretched. Extended range rifle-armed snipers have prowled the actual battlefield since the particular 19th century. In Your course Of the particular US Civil War (1861-1865) Union General Sedgwick has been felled by a well-placed confederate sniper with a range which approximated 1,000 meters (historians argue this). at your Battle of Adobe Walls inside 1874, frontier buffalo hunter along with Army scout Billy Dixon produced confirmed hits from zero lower than 1,400-meters using a 50-caliber black powder Sharps rifle. The Particular Sharps rifle was later on produced famous inside the publications of numerous western authors also as the movie Quigley Down Under.Hathcock's 1967 ShotDixon's shot remained the particular record holder for almost any century although 1000s of snipers within 2 globe wars attempted their best to acquire over it. An Additional American, Marine Gunnery Sgt Carlos Hathcock, Sr, fired the specially transformed M2 12.7mm (50-caliber) hefty machinegun loaded with single rounds of ammunition and fitted using a telescopic sniper scope in an enemy target at intense range inside South Vietnam February 1967. Together With that will record confirmed shot he engaged any target successfully at a distance of 2,286-meters. Hathcocks normal weapon he took many his 93 confirmed kills with was a Winchester model 70 bolt action rifle.AfghanistanModern advances throughout technology, coupled with all the extreme long ranges involved with combat over the mountainous regions of Afghanistan post-9/11 resulted in exponential increases in cross country sniper kills. Within March 2002, Hathcock's 1967 shot has been bested simply by Canadian Master Corporal Aaron Perry who effectively engaged an insurgent from 2,310- meters with a McMillan Tac-50 12.7mm rifle. Perry's new benchmark ended up being itself bested inside exactly the particular same month by simply Corporal Robert Furlong, from your 3rd Battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Mild Infantry (PPCLI). Utilizing another McMillan Tac-50 Furlong engaged an insurgent from 2,430 meters.Not being upstaged by a Canadian via Newfoundland, British Corporal regarding Horse Craig Harrison engaged a couple of Taliban machine-gunners with a distance associated with 2,475-meters (1.54 miles) with 1 round each effectively in Helmand Province. While the coup de grace he then fired successfully with their particular machinegun in order to disable it. the rifle employed by CoH Harrison was obviously a L115A3 Extended Range Rifle with a Schmidt as well as Bender 5-25x56mm scope firing 250-grain .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.SourcesChandler, N.A. Lt Col USMC, (Retired), Carlos Hathcock "White feather" Iron Brigade 1997Hanlon Mike World's longest sniper kill - 2.47km twice! Gizmag may 5 2010Sheridan, Michael British - modern combat 5 cheat codes - sniper Craig Harrison (The Silent Assassin) breaks record, kills target from 1.5 miles away Ny daily news Might 3rd 2010Yee, Gary, Sharpshooters 1750-1900, Sharpshooter Press, 2009.

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