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Travelling Harfields
8th Oct 2017
4. Only 6 pairs of shoes - A Brit of Magic

Dear Blog

Wow the last few days have been incredible..

- Created ‘A Brit of Magic’ facebook I hope people like it. 😊

- We performed TOGETHER new routines based on classics of magic, Shakespeare and I even did a little vent… ok ok those who know about ventriloquism know I could never do it justice, but it made me laugh

- Keith and I both wore amazing shoes… this could be a running gag

- SO MANY faithful OLD friends came to see us.  One I haven’t seen since I was 8, I haven’t changed obviously

- World famous magicians, lovely couple and uber creatives Carol Massie and Joe Givan run an incredible theatre here in Castle Rock Co – Theatre of Dreams. AND they didn’t chuck us out even after the first night.

- I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t mention the weather which has been jolly hot and sunny even at 9000 ft but a snow storm is coming in. We hope to get out of Denver before it hits.

Final note dear blog – I’m humbled to perform with my hubby, proud to know so many folk in this wonderful world of Magi and to quote a great lady – I love you all

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Diary Photos
8th Oct 2017  These are his...
A running gag....

8th Oct 2017  These are mine...
A pair of show shoes

8th Oct 2017  Keith Fields doing his thing!
A true Brit of Magic

8th Oct 2017  Look who we got on stage...
Julie Beck on stage

8th Oct 2017  Can you spot Lady Sarah?
After the Vent!!!

8th Oct 2017  The amazing Joe Givan
Garden of the Gods with that God - Joe Givan

8th Oct 2017  Not my best side...
Keith Fields and Lady Sarah

8th Oct 2017  The end!

8th Oct 2017  Andy Cuz - known him since I was 8
Worlds apart....

8th Oct 2017  Old friends - well one of us isn't too old
No Description

8th Oct 2017  The clean up after the night before
Its not all lights and show

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