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Harry and Judy's RV Trip

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5th Jun 2018Pretty wildflowers on route 19
5th Jun 2018What
5th Jun 2018Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine state sign
4th Jun 2018Low tide
4th Jun 2018USS Alabama
4th Jun 2018Mobile, AL
4th Jun 2018Bridge in Pascagoula
4th Jun 2018Boat in MS River in Baton Rouge
4th Jun 2018Henderson Swamp
3rd Jun 2018Some kind of duck
3rd Jun 2018Ducks
3rd Jun 2018Mallard ducks
3rd Jun 2018Lake
3rd Jun 2018White ducks
3rd Jun 2018Duck1
3rd Jun 2018Duck
3rd Jun 2018Duck, bird, who knows
3rd Jun 2018Lake at campground
3rd Jun 2018Ducks at campsite
3rd Jun 2018Lake Charles and casino
3rd Jun 2018Lake Charles bridge
3rd Jun 2018Hello, Louisiana
3rd Jun 2018No!
3rd Jun 2018Houston skyline
2nd Jun 2018Home Run
2nd Jun 2018Constellation Field
2nd Jun 2018Squirrel at our site
1st Jun 2018Fireworks at game
1st Jun 2018Super hero women
1st Jun 2018Star Wars super hero
1st Jun 2018Albert Thordero
1st Jun 2018Thumbtack Jack gets what he deserves from a fan
1st Jun 2018Colin America
1st Jun 2018Denis Phlash
1st Jun 2018Mattman
1st Jun 2018Superheroes
1st Jun 2018Fire on road
1st Jun 2018Main St., Giddings
1st Jun 2018Mural in Giddings1
1st Jun 2018Mural in Giddings
31st May 2018Salt Lick inside
31st May 2018Salt Lick BBQ pit and cooks
31st May 2018Street in historic Round Rock
31st May 2018Round Rock street
31st May 2018Saloon in Round Rock
31st May 2018Main St. Round Rock
31st May 2018Sports Capital
31st May 2018Round Rock and plaque
31st May 2018Chisholm Trail marker
31st May 2018Sculpture on Chisholm Trail
31st May 2018Building in Round Rock
31st May 2018Entrance to downtown Round Rock
30th May 2018Can't see over Spike's head
30th May 2018Spike the mascot
30th May 2018Batter up
30th May 2018Big hat country
30th May 2018Grounds crew
30th May 2018Fireworks for a home run
30th May 2018Scoreboard
30th May 2018Nolan Ryan statue at Dell Diamond
30th May 2018New Tire
30th May 2018Old Tire
30th May 2018Dell Diamond
30th May 2018Snake in road
30th May 2018Purple wildflowers
30th May 2018Big ranch gate 2
30th May 2018Goat farm
30th May 2018Red and yellow wildflowers
30th May 2018Big Ranch gate1
30th May 2018Sand Mining
30th May 2018Big ranch gate
29th May 2018Dear looking at deer
29th May 2018Deer through our window
29th May 2018Welcome to the Heart of Texas
29th May 2018Rocky soil
29th May 2018View1
29th May 2018Texas Forts Trail
29th May 2018Oil holding tanks
29th May 2018Gotta move over
29th May 2018Ranch to nowhere
29th May 2018Cut through hill
29th May 2018Texas Pecos Trail
29th May 2018View
29th May 2018Oil wells and wind generators
29th May 2018March to Fort Stockton sculpture
29th May 2018Look to the East sculpture
28th May 2018Full moon over our RV
28th May 2018Sunset
28th May 2018105 degrees
28th May 2018View 6
28th May 2018Bridge
28th May 2018View5
28th May 2018View3
28th May 2018View 2
28th May 2018View1
28th May 2018Border Patrol inspection station
28th May 2018V iew
28th May 2018View of Mexico at rest area
28th May 2018Cross on mountain
28th May 2018Welcome to Texas
28th May 2018Bush at our site
27th May 2018Amaro Winery
27th May 2018Mural2
27th May 2018Mural1
27th May 2018Us at Organ Mts.
27th May 2018Organ Mts. 7
27th May 2018Organ Mts.4
27th May 2018Organ Mts. 5
27th May 2018Organ Mts. 2
27th May 2018Organ Mts. valley below
27th May 2018Trailhead
27th May 2018Organ Mts.
27th May 2018Happy Memorial Day
27th May 2018Organ Mts. ahead
27th May 2018Organ Mts. Desert Peaks sign
27th May 2018Bridge
27th May 2018Sunday Market
27th May 2018Silver store
27th May 2018Basilica of San Albino
27th May 2018Gazebo in Plaza
27th May 2018Carpets
27th May 2018Sombreros
27th May 2018Me in hat
27th May 2018Billy the Kid courthouse
27th May 2018Mural
27th May 2018LaPosta sign
27th May 2018LaPosta restaurant
26th May 2018Sunset
26th May 2018Luna Rossa patio
26th May 2018Luna Rossa Winery& Pizzeria
26th May 2018Colorful license plates in NM
26th May 2018Rio Grande
26th May 2018Roadrunner on hill
26th May 2018Recycled roadrunner up close
26th May 2018Welcome to Las Cruces
26th May 2018Dust devil2
26th May 2018Snake warning
26th May 2018Dust devil1
26th May 2018Dust storm material
26th May 2018Dust devil
26th May 2018Another dust warning
26th May 2018Pistachio grove
26th May 2018Dust warning
26th May 2018Clouds
26th May 2018Bridge
26th May 2018The Thing Billboard (0ne of 257)
26th May 2018Texas Canyon7
26th May 2018Texas Canyon6
26th May 2018Texas Canyon3
26th May 2018Texas Canyon2
26th May 2018Texas Canyon1
26th May 2018Texas Canyon
25th May 2018Fried ice cream
25th May 2018Harry at dinner
25th May 2018Mr. Trick Shot
25th May 2018Mission library
25th May 2018Mission library and lounge
25th May 2018Mission community room2
25th May 2018Mission pool1
24th May 2018At least they thank you for leaving your money
24th May 2018Casino del Sol inside
24th May 2018Aircraft
24th May 2018PIMA Aircraft
24th May 2018Old Town Artisans outside
24th May 2018Old Town Artisans inside 1
24th May 2018Old Town Artisans courtyard 1
24th May 2018Old Town Artisans courtyard
24th May 2018Old Town Artisans inside
24th May 2018San Xavier Mission
24th May 2018San Xavier Mission back entrance
24th May 2018Grotto Hill
21st May 2018Race cars at Ford
21st May 2018'46 Woody
20th May 2018Javelina rocks
20th May 2018View1
20th May 2018Cactus forest
20th May 2018View of cactus
20th May 2018View of road
20th May 2018Cactus with twisted arms
20th May 2018Blossom up close
20th May 2018Bird on cactus
20th May 2018Cactus starting to bloom
20th May 2018Cactus with many arms
20th May 2018Cactus
20th May 2018View
20th May 2018Nest in cactus
20th May 2018Nest close up
20th May 2018Cactus4
20th May 2018View3
20th May 2018Cactus (2)
20th May 2018Bridge
20th May 2018Cactus1
20th May 2018Teddy Bear cactus
20th May 2018Cactus fruit
19th May 2018Bird at our site
19th May 2018Bridge art 13
19th May 2018Bridge art 12
19th May 2018Bridge art 11
19th May 2018Bridge art10
19th May 2018Santa Catalina Mountains

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