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Harry and Judy's RV Trip

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12th Sep 2017Harry and friends
12th Sep 2017Georgia Winery
10th Sep 2017Lookouts bus
10th Sep 2017One of the kittens
10th Sep 2017Us at Lookout winery
10th Sep 2017Pizza
10th Sep 2017Flowers
10th Sep 2017Music
10th Sep 2017Veggies
10th Sep 2017Cakes
10th Sep 2017Dahlias
10th Sep 2017Tomatoes
10th Sep 2017Peppers
10th Sep 2017Farmer's market inside
10th Sep 2017Farmer's Market outside
9th Sep 2017Harry and Loouise
9th Sep 2017Harry at top of escalator at game
9th Sep 2017Part of downtown Chattanooga
9th Sep 2017Us at Tenn. River overlook
9th Sep 2017Tennessee River view
8th Sep 2017Our new friends
7th Sep 2017Slow goingI 75 southbound 64 MPH, northbound 18MPH
6th Sep 2017Goat farm at campground
6th Sep 2017A new friend
21st Aug 2017Gulf of Mexico like glass
21st Aug 2017Boat on the Gulf
21st Aug 2017Mobile skyline
21st Aug 2017Gulf of Mexico
20th Aug 2017Casino shuttle
20th Aug 2017Casino entrance
20th Aug 2017Try to pronounce this
20th Aug 2017Welcome to Mississippi
20th Aug 20176 and a half mile back up
20th Aug 2017Lake in Louisiana
19th Aug 2017Welcome to Louisiana
19th Aug 2017Overpass in Houston
19th Aug 2017Houston skyline
18th Aug 2017Swatson, the mascot
18th Aug 2017Scoreboard
18th Aug 2017All set for the lake, what lake
18th Aug 2017Texas pride
18th Aug 2017111 degrees
17th Aug 2017Cotton field
16th Aug 2017Dancers at the bar
16th Aug 2017Band at the bar
16th Aug 2017One of the grills
16th Aug 2017Nude Dancin' Only
16th Aug 201711th St. Cowboy Bar outside
16th Aug 2017Main St., Bandera
16th Aug 2017Bar at Old Spanish Trail Restaurant
16th Aug 2017The other side of the street in Bandera
16th Aug 2017Downtown Bandera
16th Aug 2017Boots
16th Aug 2017Tex Uhlin
15th Aug 2017TJs at the Forge
14th Aug 2017Cut through mountain
14th Aug 2017View
13th Aug 2017Cart at campground
13th Aug 2017Rabbits at campground
13th Aug 2017Car at campground
13th Aug 2017Chickens at campground
13th Aug 2017Border Patrol
13th Aug 2017Bridge
13th Aug 2017Welcome to Texas
13th Aug 2017Roadrunner at rest area
12th Aug 2017Rainbow and storm clouds gathering
12th Aug 2017Rainbow
12th Aug 2017Downtown Deming1
12th Aug 2017Downtown Deming
11th Aug 2017Adobe Deli entrance
11th Aug 2017We signed the wine cellar door
11th Aug 2017Adobe Deli hallway
11th Aug 2017Ribs dinner
11th Aug 2017Adobe Deli
11th Aug 2017Adobe Deli entrance to entrance
11th Aug 2017Adobe Deli deli
11th Aug 2017I am the Fly Slayer
11th Aug 2017Even Uncle Sam likes chile peppers
11th Aug 2017Roadside chile stand
11th Aug 2017Hatch, NM
11th Aug 2017Sign at rest stop
10th Aug 2017Sunset and horses
10th Aug 2017View
10th Aug 2017Lava
10th Aug 2017Lava Beds
9th Aug 2017USA RV BBQ and eating area
9th Aug 2017USA RV pool
9th Aug 2017USA RV Chess set
9th Aug 2017Hogan
9th Aug 2017Hogan and another home
9th Aug 2017Hogan 1
9th Aug 2017Sandstone
9th Aug 2017Round Rock
9th Aug 2017View 5
9th Aug 2017View 4
9th Aug 2017Fort Bluff
9th Aug 2017Navajo Twins
9th Aug 2017View 2
9th Aug 2017View
9th Aug 2017Recapture Reservoir
9th Aug 2017Wilsons arch
9th Aug 2017Jeep on roof up close
9th Aug 2017Jeep above the E on roof
9th Aug 2017Jeep rear
9th Aug 2017Me and the jeep
9th Aug 2017Jeep insides
9th Aug 2017Harry and alota bull
9th Aug 2017Hole in the rock burial garden
9th Aug 2017Hole in the rock door
9th Aug 2017Roosevelt Sculpture
9th Aug 2017Hole in the Rock
9th Aug 2017Hole in the Rock plaque
9th Aug 2017Hole in the Rock from the street (see the jeep on top)
8th Aug 2017Bike lane on byway
8th Aug 2017View
8th Aug 2017View 3
8th Aug 2017Rafter getting ready
8th Aug 2017Castle Creek Winery
8th Aug 2017Colorado River Scenic Byway
8th Aug 2017View 1
8th Aug 2017Sandstone
8th Aug 2017Harry on rock
8th Aug 2017Us on mountain
8th Aug 2017Another view from our site
7th Aug 2017Clouds over mountains at our site
7th Aug 2017View from our site
7th Aug 2017Moab Brewery outside
7th Aug 2017Moab Brewery inside
7th Aug 2017View 6
7th Aug 2017View 5
7th Aug 2017View 4
7th Aug 2017View 3
7th Aug 2017View 2
7th Aug 2017Arch 1
7th Aug 2017Arch
7th Aug 2017View 1
7th Aug 2017Us at Arches NP
7th Aug 2017View
7th Aug 2017Balanced rock
7th Aug 2017The Three Gossips
7th Aug 2017Arches NP sign
7th Aug 2017Welcome to Utah
7th Aug 2017Us at rest area
6th Aug 2017Pear tree
6th Aug 2017Peach tree
6th Aug 2017Eagle from a tree
6th Aug 2017Farmers Market
6th Aug 2017Funky Peach
5th Aug 2017Our peaches (soon to be pie)
5th Aug 2017Book cliffs go on forever
5th Aug 2017Book cliffs
5th Aug 2017Book Cliffs 2
5th Aug 2017Book Cliffs 1
5th Aug 2017Peach orchard
5th Aug 2017Varaison Vineyards inside
5th Aug 2017Palisade Fruid and Wine Byway sign
5th Aug 2017Varaison Vineyards
5th Aug 2017McLean Farms for peaches
5th Aug 2017Plum Creek Winery inside
5th Aug 2017Rooster at Plum Creek Winery
5th Aug 2017Horse at Plum Creek Winery
5th Aug 2017Plum Creek Winery
5th Aug 2017Us at lunch at Garfield Estates
5th Aug 2017Garfield Estates
5th Aug 2017Red Fox Cellars
4th Aug 2017Scoreboard
4th Aug 2017Corky the Coyote
4th Aug 2017Rain delay
4th Aug 2017Suplizio Field
4th Aug 2017Sculpture
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 11
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 10
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 9
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 8
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 7
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 6
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 4
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 5
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 3
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 1
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 2
4th Aug 2017Sculpture 1
4th Aug 2017Fiesta Guadalajara Restaurant
4th Aug 2017RV after 1
4th Aug 2017Road names
4th Aug 2017Ptarmigan Vineyards tasting room inside
4th Aug 2017Ptarmigan Vineyards
4th Aug 2017Whitewater Hill Vineyards
4th Aug 2017Hermosa Vineyards
4th Aug 2017Mesa Park Vineyards
4th Aug 2017RV window after
4th Aug 2017Truck after
4th Aug 2017Truck after 2
4th Aug 2017RV after
4th Aug 2017Men at work
3rd Aug 2017RV Window before
3rd Aug 2017RV before 1
3rd Aug 2017Truck before
3rd Aug 2017RV Before
3rd Aug 2017Truck before 1

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