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Chris & Laurie - Moonraker
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KevinWlsh (3rd Apr 2018)
Many congratulations Chris, on your amazing, epic achievement. Trruly, you have entered the Pantheon of the distinguished and highly esteemed among us. Even Sir Francis Drake required a much larger crew and a bigger boat to accomplish his feat.
Kevin Welsh (2nd Feb 2018)
Not many people know this
Did you hear about the Royal Navy troop carrier that was blown off course in a storm in the Mediterranean sea during WW2, and landed on the island of Lesbos? The crew didn't know where they were, until finally, they realised that they were in 'No-man's Land'.
Kevin Welsh (2nd Feb 2018)
Well done Captain Pugwash. Now that you have dispensed with the services of Seaman Staines and Master Bates, let's hope you can get your big canoe over to the other side of the Big Pond safe and sound.
Don and Monica Bricknell (30th Nov 2017)
Well done Chris. What now, turn round and retrace your steps? Perhaps not. Have a good Christmas under the sun, we intend doing the same not quite so far south in the Canaries through into the New Year.
Regards, Don and Monica
Don bricknell (15th Oct 2017)
Hi Chris, thanks for your birthday wishes of yesterday.Its been fantastic following your progress over the past few months, almost as if I was there with you, a once in a lifetime experience most folks will never have.Keep the monkeys out of the rigging.
Best wishes Don and Monica.
Kevin Welsh (29th Sep 2017)
Good progress
Wow! You've done well getting so far. There must have been a lot of petrol stations in the Pacific for you not to have run out of petrol.
Susan & David Simpson (17th Jun 2017)
Good progress
Good to see you are making good progress. We have read about them on Benny's Facebook. We are now in Tonga.
Have fun.
Susan and David Simpson (1st May 2017)
Arrival New Cal
Good to hear you have arrived safely in New Cal. Love the action picture of the boat, did you have hold one of the crew over the bow to get it? It looks like most of the fleet will be leaving Opua on Saturday to disperse around the island. Unfortunately our problems continue but we hope to leave by the middle of the month. Have fun!
Rob & Ann (8th Apr 2017)
From Tauranga Bridge Marina
Hi Chris & Laurie
A quick note to see how you are getting on out there in the deep blue? Push bike is still going strong. Cheers Rob & Ann
Kevin Welsh (22nd Jan 2017)
Happy birthday Captain Chris. I hope you have many more years riding on the Whale Way.