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I'm looking for a Jon!
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Matt (31st Aug 2007)
Get a hair cut you bum. And a job.

Miss you broheim!
Casey (18th Jun 2007)
Come home jon!
Alright waters. have you managed to find a pub called the chase (or john barras)in nz yet? you know your life is empty without it no matter how much fun you're having. p.s. nics pics, you are an attractive young man aren't you.
Niccy Noo (15th Jun 2007)
Hello brother. I hope you are well. Is there any more recent photo's to see yet?
Chritos (5th Jun 2007)
That's better
Much better jon!

Lovejoy has quit! the end of soccer am!
Craig (17th May 2007)
The odd one out
Hello matey, longtime no hear!
by the looks of your pics your having an ace time try and get in contact when you can!
your mum and dad and nic are gettin e-mails, but what about your brother in law????

enjoy it pal

Righteous P. (9th May 2007)
Read this if youre gay
Update your blog sir. How is everyone meant to know all our cool goings on if you dont tell them?
North Cardiff forever.
Matt (5th May 2007)
I'm stood next to you...
Would like to echo Jon's thoughts on Christos. Boring emails indeed.

I had curry for my dinner. Was alright.
Jon (2nd May 2007)
Re. Ella's comment
Yeh well said Ella, I did choose to ignore Christos' comment, just like everyone else ignored his boring emails last year. I chose not to send 3 page emails every other day waffling about nothing at all, the most exciting bit being what he'd had for dinner that day. Hypocrit indeed, he hasn't made a "wisecrack" in his life.
As for the dwarf comment, which one do I look like? I don't know whether to be offended or take it as a compliment?
Ella (2nd May 2007)
Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go
Just wanted to say two things - we all know we can ignor Christos' comments given his love for the email not so long ago - hypocrit. Ha! Also, you look like one of the seven drawfs in your ice climbing pics - hilarious! Ella xx
Hannah (22nd Apr 2007)
You lucky boy!
Hey Jon, just a quicky..... Glad you are having an amazing time! Looking at all of this has given me the bug again, I'm very jealous! Hoggins says hello. Hannah xxxxx