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Our Grey Nomad Adventures
14th Apr 2017
Hobart with Dad and Chris

We were so excited cos Dad and my sister, Chris, flew down to spend a week with us.

It was soooo good to see them. We were lucky cos Kellie, a girl I taught in Yr 3 in 1978 !!(yes that long ago !) lives in Hobart and showed us about the town. Kellie has a great sense of humour so it was sooo much fun. She keeps calling me Miss Meehan (my name when I taught her). Says she cannot bring herself to call me Kathie. She was doing a Miss Meehan on me though and always asking me my tables !! 

Kellie made Dad wear these big glasses while we toured. We even lent them to some other people at the top of My Wellington for a pic too ! Was a lot of laughing together that made our time with Kellie so memorable.

We went on the ferry to Bruny Island on Easter Thursday which was really lucky. We arrived at the ferry terminal for the ferry in both directions and got on in 10 mins. On Good Friday the wait time was 2 hours to get on the ferry ! We did everything there was to do over there: ate the oysters, the chocolates, had lunch at the winery, walked to the southernmost lighthouse.

We also went to MONA in Hobart. This is a controversial art museum located underground. Well.... the best part for us was the ferry ride there and back in the Posh Pit where they gave you as much champagne etc as you could drink in 30 mins there and back ! This must be to get you ready fpr the "art". I am afraid we all thought the art was too much: bags of coal, a goldfish in a bowl of water on a chair, plaster casts of heaps of vaginas..... We are thinking hard about what we can convince them is a good art piece and make up a good story to sell it to them.... The wine tasting we did in the middle of the day was fun. But we did not like the claustrophobic feel of the museum. Give us a good Monet anyday.

The week went really fast. The pics will tell you more ! My battery here is running our and have to do the last diary entry for you.

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Diary Photos

Goodbye Daddio

Ferry to Bruny Island

At the isthmus on Bruny Island

Champers in the Posh Pit on the ferry to MONA

Trying to find each other at Salamanca Markets

Look what we bought at Salamanca markets

Brunch on Mt Nelson

Can't you see how this art is priceless...

Took Dad to Campbell Town

Dad on tour

On tour with Kellie

Drinking from the spring halfway up Mt Wellington

Dad's wondering if this will fit in his suitcase

Dad's next mode of transport

Enjoying the oysters at Bruny Island

Happy Birthday Kellie

High Tea in Richmond

Dad on the ferry from Bruny Island

Wrest Point to try and win the holiday back

Skipbo in Hobart

More silly tourists

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