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Our Grey Nomad Adventures
14th Jul 2017
The Tip Adventure…..

Well we are not drowned in some river on The Telegraph Track……..

My brother, John, and his wife, Eileen, could not come to meet us due to Eileen’s nephew being very ill so we headed off early for the tip.

The internet is not that good up at “The Tip” …. So… this is the first chance we have had to do a blog…. Grab a coffee !!

We left the Atherton in rain and fog….. AND guess what ?? The rain and drizzle continued all the way to “the tip” ! So glad I bought that tent, instead of the swag. The difference being you can at least get dressed on your knees in the tent. In the swag , it would have been on my back looking like those movie stars trying to get into size 0 jeans !! LOL

The tent looked a lot bigger in the shop than it did when we finally put it up !

But, at least it kept out the rain !

We did not really know what lay ahead when we left the Atherton… but left anyway.

We hit the dirt after Laura…. FunUp (the landcruiser) is like a stallion on holidays. She is loving all these dirt roads and corrugations ! She rides over them like a dream (sometimes !)

We have had wild horses, wild cows, cane toads, snakes, kangaroos, emus and turtles to keep us entertained over the 9 million corrugations and red dirt.

We made “the tip” on 10-7-17 and you can all see the pics. I was determined to swim at the northernmost point cos I swam in the southernmost.

We had a memorable State of Origin decider in the northernmost bar in Australia.

We went to Thursday island on the one gorgeous day so far… AND  loved teal seas.

We are now in Weipa, and about to head to Chilli Beach, Cooktown and then meet Kellie, my grade 3 student of nearly 40 years ago, in Cape Tribulation.

Enjoy the pics !

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Diary Photos

At least I fit in

A double rainbow at Punsand Bay !

How big are the avocados here ?

Kenny enjoying the dawn at Mutee Heads with Tommy

Kenny says .... go north

Our newest travelling companion

Kenny checking on "how to drive The Telegraph Track" !

Thursday Island

Our mates, Pauline and Peter goes on The Telegraph Track !

THE corrugations !

More crossings to Punsand Bay

Love this anthill dressed up !

We are not going down that track darling !!

Do not fall down that hole Kenny !

Buying beer in Bamaga

Checking for crocodiles before we cross !

I will not check the depth if it goes over my new gumboots !

Our first road train


Crossing Cockatoo Creek on The Old Telegraph Track

The famous Croc Tent

These creeks are too high for my gum boots !!

Great pub in Coen

Rain and fog in the Atherton

Okay .. now we fly over them !

Aboriginal Cave drawings Laura

Our water bladder

Teaching Geoff Skipbo

McDonalds eat your heart out !

What a whopper in Coen !!

Time to let the tyres down.. dirt ahead !

Woo Hoo... the tip of Australia !

Waterfalls are fabulous when it rains a lot

Muttee Heads campsite

Swimming in Fruit Bat Falls

Frangapani Bay

We made it darling !

With a little help from the emu

Spray that surface spray to get rid of the creepies !

Going to the loo in the little tent

The famous tree at Bramwell Roadhouse

Fueling up enroute!

Gum boots and map ready !

State of Origin NIght

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