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Liz On The Loose
Journey to the Galapagos - 20 Diary Entries
13th Aug 2018Relaxing, relaxing, and more relaxing.
12th Aug 2018Termas Papallacta
11th Aug 2018Travel Day and Things to consider when getting ready to go to the Galapagos
10th Aug 2018A Visit to the Ship’s Doctor
9th Aug 2018Tortoises! (a.k.a. Santa Cruz and the Charles Darwin Centre)
8th Aug 2018Volcanic Eruptions, Rays, and Snorkelling
7th Aug 2018Post Office Bay and Pinguino!
6th Aug 2018Snorkelling with Sea Turtles and Sea Lions at San Cristobal
5th Aug 2018Kayaking Adventure at South Plaza Island
4th Aug 2018A Frigate Good Time!
3rd Aug 2018Missed Quito Tour Information
3rd Aug 2018Quito...the first UNESCO World Heritage site.
2nd Aug 2018Heart Rate 164 bpm today!
1st Aug 2018A lovely start and end to a wonderful day in Bogotá
31st Jul 2018Ola Colombia (updated)
30th Jul 2018Capybara tracking, shopping, and a rooftop swim!
29th Jul 2018Sloths!
28th Jul 2018Capybaras
28th Jul 2018Most Awkward Cab Ride...Ever!
27th Jul 2018Embrace the Chaos
Adventure in Antarctica - 21 Diary Entries
27th Jul 2018Embrace the Chaos
6th Jan 201728 hours on the road...back to frozen Canada
5th Jan 2017Cruising the Magellan Strait
4th Jan 2017Carcass, Island Falkland Islands
3rd Jan 2017Rockhoppers and Albatross at New Island, Falkland Islands
2nd Jan 2017Off-roading to see the King Penguins at Volunteer Point outside of Stanley, Falkland Islands
1st Jan 2017Sea Day: Starting the journey north again.
31st Dec 2016Yankee Harbour
30th Dec 2016Damoy Point
29th Dec 2016Wilhelmina Bay, Cuverville Island, and the Lemaire Channel
28th Dec 2016Neko Harbour: whales, seals, penguins, glacier calving, and avalanches all in one day!
27th Dec 2016Climbing the caldera at Deception Island
26th Dec 2016Antarctica!!! (Half Moon Island Chinstrap Penguins)
25th Dec 2016Christmas Day at Sea
24th Dec 2016Cape Horn...a rare opportunity!
23rd Dec 2016Port Williams: the most southern settlement in the world (minus the Antarctic scientist stations)
22nd Dec 2016Garibaldi Fjord
21st Dec 2016Another busy travel day to Punta Arenas
20th Dec 2016Santiago HO HO
19th Dec 2016Arrived in Chile. Ola Santiago.
18th Dec 2016No road is without it's bumps...
Eastern European Express - 35 Diary Entries
18th Dec 2016No road is without it's bumps...
16th Aug 2016Rushed Rome and Home
15th Aug 2016Shkoder on a shortened day.
14th Aug 2016Mountains, Streams, and City Walking in Albania
13th Aug 2016Welcome to Albania
12th Aug 2016Budva to bus for us.
11th Aug 2016Adorable Kotor and exploring Budva
10th Aug 2016Boozing at Buza and Plenty of Fish
9th Aug 2016Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia
8th Aug 2016Burgers for breakfast and dinner in bed. Plus a trip through Bosnia and Herzogovina
7th Aug 2016My perfect Croatian day on the island of Ist
6th Aug 2016The long and winding Zadar, Croatia
5th Aug 2016Skopje to Zagreb
4th Aug 2016Getting yelled at in Macedonian...I needed to relax.
3rd Aug 2016Exploring Skopje
2nd Aug 2016Lubljanja-Zagreb-Skopje. Phew.
1st Aug 2016Ljubljana=to have love for the city...and I do!
31st Jul 2016Train Debacles and an introduction to Slovenia
30th Jul 2016Buda Castle, Fisherman's Bastion, and Parliament
29th Jul 2016Budapest. The City of Baths.
28th Jul 2016"Everything is coming up Elizabeth"
27th Jul 2016Beautiful Bratislava
26th Jul 2016"Oh, you are that crazy family!"
25th Jul 2016Beautiful Prague
24th Jul 2016Goodbyes in England. Hellos in Czech Republic
23rd Jul 2016Barbecue
22nd Jul 2016Passports and Parents
21st Jul 2016The day of Ws: Wales, Welwyn Garden City, and the Wild West!
20th Jul 2016My Perfect Welsh Day...Iechyd Da Caerdydd (translated below)
19th Jul 2016Cardiff, Wales. The Land Without Vowels
18th Jul 2016The world is a stage...
17th Jul 2016A South African Braai in Barrington
16th Jul 2016Missed Miscellany
16th Jul 2016London
15th Jul 2016A Prequel To My Trip
Caribbean Cruising - 9 Diary Entries
15th Jul 2016A Prequel To My Trip
23rd Aug 2014On Land...and it is a little Rocky.
22nd Aug 2014Homeward Bound
21st Aug 2014Cacchoben Mayan Ruins
20th Aug 2014Snorkelling With Dolphins...PHENOMENAL!
19th Aug 2014Un-Belize-able
18th Aug 2014Ola Mexico
17th Aug 2014Sea Day
16th Aug 2014Ready to Set Sail
Gorillas and Game - 27 Diary Entries
16th Aug 2014Ready to Set Sail
8th Aug 2013Videos
7th Aug 2013Home!
6th Aug 2013Hamam...oh my!
5th Aug 2013Turkish Delight!
4th Aug 201320 hours of travelling later...
3rd Aug 2013Travel (stomach) Pains
2nd Aug 2013Elusive Leopard and Sad Goodbyes...
1st Aug 2013Hippo Awesome...Kipiko Yao!
31st Jul 2013Masai: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
31st Jul 2013Up, up, and a hot air balloon
29th Jul 2013Baraka and Nakuru
28th Jul 2013Ol' Pejeta Luxury, Orphaned Chimps, and a Lion Encounter!
27th Jul 2013Giraffe Kisses and Elephant Pats, but no Cheetah Cuddles
26th Jul 20133 hours in Nairobi traffic...
26th Jul 2013Randoms
25th Jul 2013Back to Kampala...
24th Jul 2013Bwindi Orphanage
24th Jul 2013Gorillas!
22nd Jul 2013Safe in Entebbe...and off to Bwindi
22nd Jul 2013Precision NIGHTMair
22nd Jul 2013Zanzibar Morning
21st Jul 2013Zanzibar In a Blink Of An Eye!
20th Jul 2013Tarangire National Park
19th Jul 2013Jambo Tanzania
18th Jul 2013Leaving on a jet plane...three times!
17th Jul 2013I am off...
South American Adventure - 33 Diary Entries
22nd Aug 2009Home again...
20th Aug 2009Go Boca Juniors!
18th Aug 2009Iguazu Falls
17th Aug 2009Uruguay Day Trip
16th Aug 2009More Observations...
15th Aug 2009Tigre Delta and Rugby
13th Aug 2009Buenos Aires Tourist Duty
12th Aug 2009Argentine Observations...
11th Aug 2009The Paris of the South Americas...
10th Aug 2009Cafayete
9th Aug 2009What are the odds....
8th Aug 2009San Pedro De Atacama Party!
7th Aug 2009Geysers (not you, dad) and Chile
6th Aug 2009Feliz Dia de Bolivia
5th Aug 2009Salar De Uyuni
4th Aug 2009200km = 7 hours in Bolivia
3rd Aug 2009Crazy stuff happens in Potosi...
1st Aug 2009I need out of La Paz...
28th Jul 2009Amazon: Monkeys, Capibaras and Macaws...oh my!
27th Jul 2009I am a Death Road Survivor...
26th Jul 2009La Paz
25th Jul 2009Bolivian Border Crossing
24th Jul 2009Taquile and a goodbye and a hello
23rd Jul 2009Lake Titicaca, Uros and Amantani
22nd Jul 2009Planes, Trains and Automobiles...
21st Jul 2009Then why do you have a flashlight?
20th Jul 2009Machu Picchu!!!
19th Jul 2009Sacred Valley Tour
18th Jul 2009Cusco City and Ruin Tour
18th Jul 2009Random Musings Missed Due To Alcohol and Altitude
18th Jul 2009Altitude is not my friend...
15th Jul 2009We have arrived!
15th Jul 2009I am off...

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