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Liz On The Loose
No Photos 23rd Aug 2014 - Caribbean Cruising
On Land...and it is a little Rocky.

Saturday August 23 Homeward Bound

Good Luck.  Bad Luck.

Reflecting on the week, dad and I came up with a list of good and bad luck items.

Good Luck
1) Great Food - Everything from luxury meals onboard to coconut water and meat from a cart vendor who is skilled with a machete
2) Great Excursions - Every one a winner
3) Right Place, Right Time - This refers to snorkelling near a trainer when dropped his stick and being surrounded by 16 dolphins...phenomenal
4) Great Weather - rain clouds followed us the whole trip, but we managed to speed away every time
5) Great Service - I always love seeing which towel animal greets me when I come in at night and being called Miss Elizabeth in the dining room
6) Great People - workers, tourists, locals...all of them
7) Great Countries 
8) Great Shopping Deals - Dad said, "I have never shopped so much in my life!" Haha, I don't normally shop much either, but we looked around all of the unique shops
9) Passport Stamps - One in every country, most people didn't know you could get them and were sad on the last sea day
10) Rings - Never, have I ever, found so many rings in one week!
11) Being 1st in Line to Debark - woke up early for it, but it helped us be stress free
12) Miami Transfer - Waiting in line at 6:30am due to stress from Toronto wait times, met a man who runs a cheap transfer company SAS and MJS.  So fast and the guy is from Georgetown, Ontario
13) Got 1 Good Photo Together - Man, there is a camera in your face every time you turn around...and I only liked one.  But seeing as that was my goal, success. 
14) Good Flights - Don't ask dad, he slept through most of both flights
15) TV on the Last Day - I didn't watch TV during the week, but I found a Shark Week episode being played while dad got ready for dinner.  Fabulous!

Bad Luck
1) Bingo - No Newfie luck here.  :(  Bingo is one game only, no stampers, punch holes that didn't really work and if you gather everyone for 10minutes of play, I am sure they would play more games. 
2) Toronto Airport US Customs Line Departing from Terminal 3 on our 1st Day- RIDICULOUS.  A better system is needed (Silver lining, we made our flight by the narrowest of margins)
3) Never Got Picked - Refers to prizes or interactive shows.  Silver lining, most people were made to act like morons to be picked...and these people went all out.  I wasn't going to attempt to top that.
4) Trivia Losses - Silver Lining, I was one point away most times and I was solo.  Also, plastic trophies just take up space.

Odd News

Since debarking, I have still felt the motion of the boat that I felt on the second day.  I thought that it might be better after a good night's sleep.  I am still feeling it after almost two full days off the boat.  I never have had issues with jet lag, sea sickness, car sickness, etc.  Is there such a thing as 'Sea Lag'?

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