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Liz On The Loose
No Photos 18th Dec 2016 - Adventure in Antarctica
No road is without it's bumps...

It seems that as every trip nears, I get a nervous, stressful excitement surging through my body.  I can't tell you how many departing for a flight without luggage dreams I have had.  However, as this trip neared, I thought that things were going well.  Working and preparing to leave kept me quite busy and distracted.  That is, until Saturday morning.  

On Saturday morning, I was enjoying homemade egg McMuffins (thanks dad) after a small sleep in and I decided to check our cruise website to double check the packing suggestions when I come across a line that makes my heart sink..."any passengers without a signed medical form from their doctor will not be allowed on the cruise to Antarctica."  Full out panic.  I called our booking agent and indeed we needed the form that they had neglected to give us in the nine months since we booked!  By the time this was all said and done and we were emailed a copy of the forms, our doctor's after hours clinic was closed.  Mom and I were committed to wrap presents int he mall to raise money for the hospital and prayed that our fax to him (thanks Larry) would be answered.  No luck.  This all meant that Sunday was going to be chaotic and a real test for us.

Poor stressed out mom didn't sleep at all.  Our game plan was to head out to the first available walk-in clinic, before our next wrapping session and finishing our packing.  We tried out doctor's clinic and even drove around back to find an open door in hopes that he would see us and take pity on our dire situation. No luck.  Went to the walk-in clinic at the grocery store.  In getting out of the van, my travel wallet with my two credit cards, health card, insurance card, bank card, and driver's licence fell out, which was discovered as I went to check in at the clinic.  I ran to the parking lot and in the door entrance I found a lovely man who seemed to recognize my face from the cards...or maybe it was the mix of sheer terror and then relief on my face that he recognized!  I hugged him twice and he seemed overwhelmed by this, but I couldn't even to begin to imagine the horror show that would have transpired if there weren't good, honest people out there.  My thanks to him, I know that good karma is coming your way.

I registered at the clinic with my wallet clutched firmly in my fist and awaited our turn.  Finally, some luck!  The doctor there was happy to help out after he checked out our vitals (two of the three of us had high blood pressure from stress, feel free to guess which two).  We had signed medical forms in hand and headed out to home.  Mom and I dropped of dad and were headed straight back out to wrap presents for three hours.  During this time, the annoying tickle in my throat that I had been battling, because a raspy whisper of a voice.  (I have been trying to preserve what I have left and am drinking copious amounts of tea).

After wrapping, mom announced that we were getting our trip pedicures.  To be honest, I just assumed that it wasn't going to happen.  However, where there is a will, there is a way.  We had dad drop off flip flops for us and with lovely blue sparkly toes, I went home with a new "I can do anything" feeling.  I quickly packed the remaining items I had and was ready to go...but not our plane.  Our flight was delayed three hours.  

My sister drove us at our original time despite the delay, as who really wants to get someone to the airport for 3am.  We said our goodbyes and breezed through check-in and security.  Just past security was a passenger requiring assistance and mom asked if we could hop on the sup'ed up golf cart for a ride with them.  This cart was lovely with eight leather seats and we smiled as we cruised past everyone walking with their carry-ons.

The new waiting area at Pearson airport is quite lovely.  Really comfy chairs around a private table with ipads, charging stations, wifi, and table service (should you choose, not required to sit in the seats).  I settled in with a coffee, tea, and water (all for my throat) and started to blog.  

Needless to say, it has been a hectic two days.  I am proud of how much we achieved and handled our 'bumps in the road'.

I hope that our flight does leave at 3am.  Stay tuned.

I will write again soon.  

PS Please note that due to the lack of internet in the Antarctic, most blog entries will be posted at random times and all at once. 

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